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Awaken To Your True Self & Unleash Your Creative Potential.


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Purification, Detoxification and Fasting Guidance

Purify mind, body and soul through the journey of juice fasting, breath and alignment with nature

How To Heal Anything With The AWARENESS Energy Healing Method

Learn to heal anything with this revolutionary energy healing awareness method. A created form by Sheikh after almost a decade of exploring many forms of energy healing practices.

Human Design & Soul Purpose Guidance

Align with your soul’s purpose & unlock your human design.

Awaken To Abundance Manifestation, Money & Purpose Video Course

Step into your creative purpose + Learn the principles of manifestation, money & abundance for the New Paradigm and step into abundance yourself!

A Way Through – The Path Of Awakening During These Times Of Transition – 2020-2023

A 2 Part – 6 Hour Immersive workshop covering the entire spectrum of topics regarding this year of 2020 and how we are to navigate our path of awakening.

How To Open Your Throat Chakra, Heal Sexual Wounds & Activate Your Creative Potential

An experiential immersion into one of the most important topics for our overall fulfillment, well-being and alignment with true purpose. Open the channels of your creative power!

Access The Full Spectrum Awakening Teaching Database

I have brought together quite an extensive array of teachings in both written, audio and video format within a core database. This is reserved for those dedicated within the community willing to actually put the work into practice!

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Human Design & Soul Purpose Reading

Spiritual Guidance & Heart Embodiment Training

Detoxification, Cleansing & Fasting Guidance

Energy & Emotional Healing Process

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