Connect With Your Natural & Authentic Self. Experience the Direct Path to Endless Peace & Eternal Bliss Among a Heart Centered Community

The end of searching, seeking and striving is here. Embrace your natural self, natural home, and natural purpose. Celebrate among a gathering of other truth seekers, desiring to be of service to the world. Coming from all walks of life, we are the leaders, change-makershealers, visionaries, teachersyogi'sentrepreneurs and truth seekers.

Coming together at a pivitol time of change, transformation and abundant opportunity. This experience is designed to bring you through a journey of body, mind and soul.

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Choose Your Experience. 

A lineup of specifically designed sessions to take you on a complete expereince through your time gathered among this high vibe space.

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Guided Kriya, Breath and Energetic Activation Sequences and Meditation Sessions

Intimate Connection, Open Heart Communication & Authentic Relating Experiences

Creative, Project and Entrepreneurial masterminding sessions

Balancing of ones inner Yin & Yang, Elemental & Nature connection and integration time

Open Heart Purifying Transmission of Grace sessions

 DJ'd Ecstatic Dance & Sacred Movement Experiences

Sound Healing, Toning and Mantra sessions 

Guided emotional release completion process sessions


    Experience a 5 Day Gathering & Transformational Journey through an array of specifically curated and developed body, mind, soul transformation sessions. Come together with a community of those who make you feel at home.

    • Receive the teachings of the most cutting edge practices and methods of rapid spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

    • 5 Days of a nourishing environment of high quality organic vegan & vegetarian food, along with a space immersed in a natural healing environment.

    • Connect with a community of heart centered leaders from around the globe. Open yourself to intimate connection with new friends and co-creators.

    • Understand the balance between ancient spirituality and modern science. Embrace..

    • Receive personal guidance on the best meditation, breath, inquiry and contemplative methods that best support your lifestyle.

    • Dance the night away in nightly celebrations and expressive ceremonies to make you feel ALIVE and in your power.

    • Receive a direct healing transmission that has the power to transform you instantly.


    Choose the Fuel for your experiences. A unique individual approach to detoxification, nourishment and personal alchemy.

    Providing the highest quality organic, detoxifying and super-food packed meals, snacks and elixirs. All designed to provide for a deeper experience throughout the immersion.


    Supported By an Elixir and Remedy lineup that brings back ancient alchemy in modern form.

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    Each person within them desires to do good, and live by the golden Rule. This IS living through the heart.

    What are the Qualities of A Heart Centered Leader?

    • Desires to know truth, to answer the question WHO AM I and to rest in a deep, unwavering state of happiness, love and peace amongst all that arises within day to day life. 

    • Looks to full-fill their purpose in a means of service to others. Supporting others in also fullfiling this inward intention of abiding happiness, peace and love. 

    • Have an appreciation for soulful music, dance and its relationship to life. 

    • Understands that they are more than just a body and mind, that they are connected to something greater, thus their power to love is limitless. 

    • Understands their capacity to share, inspire and motivate those who need this most. That each interaction is an opportunity to bring love and to improve anthers life. 

    • Is not interested in dogmas, idealism or just holding onto “ideas” about spirituality, success or service. Rather a desire to become a living embodiment of these ideas, looking to only find that in which is practically useful in their everyday experience. 

    • Has A desire for Nourishing relationships in which provide fulfillment to the desires of authentic connection, intimacy and open, flowing communication. 

    • Desire to create from this foundation of inward clarity, flow and revelation. Living life surrendered to the naturally flowing river that breeds effortless action and manifestation.



    There is a power of community in which acts as the vessel from transformation within these gatherings. Simultaneously the power of guidance and leadership within this gatherings is an important element to provide for a safe trans formative space for all. Here are some of the core facilitators who will guide this experience.

    COREY SHEIKH - Meditation, Spiritual and Energy Teacher

    Sheikh is a modern spiritual teacher, speaker, healer, writer, meditation & movement instructor. Sheikh has one singular mission. Supporting those who are willing to the realization of eternal peace, limitless creativity, balanced wellness and unconditional love for life & all others.

    In 2016, Sheikh Founded his second wellness venture, INFINITE Life, which is a central hub for supporting individuals in the realms of heart centered entrepreneurship, holistic healing and a modern model of self realization in which he calls the INFINITE Teachings. A method in which draws on his direct experience in the fields of Advaita vedanta, yoga, tantra, energy healing, nutrition, neurology, movement, sound healing, martial arts and meditation.

    Learn More About Sheikh and his Teachings HERE.


    BRIAN TOHANA - Facilitator, Speaker, Coach

    Brian believes we can all get more of what we want - freedom, connection, acceptance, growth – by learning how to relate to ourselves and each other. His practice of authentic relating facilitation and personal development coaching have connected him with the struggles we all endure in our journey towards realizing our most authentic self and following our calling in entrepreneurship as students of life.


    "One of the most beautiful holistic immersive spaces on this side of North America"

    A Special space of healing nature. Located - 60 Minutes from Otttawa on a 100 acre lot of wilderness, nature and grounding opportunities. A special space that gives one the opportunity to dive deeply within, without the distractions of the modern world.


    A life without suffering is the only way to live. If this is desired. Take the step.

    The Daily Schedule:

    Details on exact schedule of sessions to be released soon!

    7:30AM - Morning Activation Session

    9:00AM - Breakfast

    10:00AM - Scheduled Session

    12:30PM- Lunch

    1:00PM - Connection and Chill Sessions

    3:00PM Scheduled Session

    5:30PM - Dinner

    7:00PM - Evening Session

    9:30PM - DJ'd Ecstatic Dance and Lounge Parties


    An all inclusive stay of accomodation, food and session experiences. Registration includes:

    • Accomodation in Single, or shared cabins

    • Vegan & Vegetarian Detoxifying foods

    • Elixirs and Juices available throughout

    • Access to the various workshop sessions.


    50% SOLD OUT OF CABINS - EARLY BIRD PRICES - Available Until Dec 15th

    Complete Immersion 1on1 Support + Shared Room- 5 Day - $795 (+ HST)

    Shared Room 5 Day - $655 - 3 Day - $395 (+ HST)

    1on1 With Sheikh - $175

    1on1 Massage - $100

    Winter Camping -  3 Day $325

    Financial Assistance in the form of "Pay What You Feel" is available for anyone who is desiring to attend and in a situation that needs this support. Please fill out the application and leave a comment. Limited Spots Available.