A trans-formative retreat experience for individuals seeking change, truth and transformation.

EXPERIENCE a full 3 - Day inner exploration retreat event. A Uniquely designed educational & experience weekend immersion that brings together healing, higher education and awakening. 

This event is for heart centered individuals looking to connect more deeply with the inner self of truth. To connect and BE in this space of inner purpose and power,creativity and freedom.


This Retreat will assist you with:

  • Connecting more deeply with your heart space and inner awareness.
  • Releasing from perpetuating negative cycles causing difficulty and suffering in your life
  • Understanding deepened spiritual teachings in a practical and pragmatic way
  • Expand into a life of more freedom, love and abundance
  • Creating a lifestyle aligned with your heart space and highest joy
  • Expanding your circle of like minded friends and mentors
  • Get ready to experience a weekend of absolute transformation and abundance.

A Special space of healing nature. Located on a 100 acre lot of wilderness, nature and grounding opportunities. A special space that gives one the opportunity to dive deeply within, without the distractions of the modern world.




Meditation is the most powerful tool for introspection, transformation and finding deepened clarity. An ancient practice taught in a modernly applicable way. Learn the art of meditation and the techniques in which are best suited to your own personal needs.

Experience the depth of introspection through the experience of deepened inner emotional healing and release. Using the breath, dynamic movement and sound we will dive deeply into the inner shadows and release from detrimental patterns, beliefs and attachments.


Experience the importance of authentic connections with a community of like minded individuals first had. We all long for deepened connections in our relationships. Open up to this possibility with guided games and experiences in a non judgemental and safe space.

This is what we will experience at the retreat.

  • Guided Meditations and Inner Awareness Exercises
  • Guided healing journeys using sound, breath and intention
  • Group authentic relating and communication exercises.
  • Transmission discussions on topics in which are in most intuitive resonance with the group
  • Q&A SatSang Session with a chance to directly ask your spiritual and personal development questions to get answers along your path.
  • Key personal growth exercises and tools to allow you to sink deeper into your truth self and have concrete plans on next action steps in your life


COREY SHEIKH - Meditation, Spiritual and Energy Teacher

A 26 year old young spiritual visionary entrepreneur, healer and guide. After co-founding the Ottawa Lifestyle Center at the age of 20, Sheikh faced countless business obstacles leading to a profound spiritual awakening, opening into a world of expansive esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual study & introspection. A process in which led him to uncovering his purpose as a bridge of the old and new worlds, and to become a wayshower in the realms of heart centered entrepreneurship, holistic healing and a new model of self realization in which he calls the INFINITE Teachings. Sheikh has moved forward to provide 1-on-1 sessions, workshops, and retreats for individuals needing assistance through their process of inner and outer transformation.


BRIAN TOHANA - Facilitator, Speaker, Coach

Brian believes we can all get more of what we want - freedom, connection, acceptance, growth – by learning how to relate to ourselves and each other. His practice of authentic relating facilitation and personal development coaching have connected him with the struggles we all endure in our journey towards realizing our most authentic self and following our calling in entrepreneurship as students of life.

A Special space of healing nature. Located - 60 Minutes from Otttawa on a 100 acre lot of wilderness, nature and grounding opportunities. A special space that gives one the opportunity to dive deeply within, without the distractions of the modern world.


Retreat Details

June 2-4, 2017

Arrival Time: Friday 6PM - Leave Sunday 6PM

453 Dobbie Road,
Lanark, Ontario
(613) 259-0255


Retreat Pass Includes

3 Day - 2 Night Stay at Retreat Location

Full Infinite teachings - awaken your potential workbook

5 Vegan / Vegetarian ORGANIC meals

Access to all activities during retreat

$500 All INCLUSIVE ( Workshop, Food, Stay)

$250 - Camp Out - Bring Own Food


**No Refunds Available After May 10th**

Take the step deeper into your journey, awaken your potential and transform your life.