A 1-on-1 Immersion  To Align You With Your Soul’s Path & Highest Potential.

This is for YOU if you are looking to take the next step in inner-standing the path of awakening,  unlocking complete wellness, creative flow and self-mastery.

A direct, to the point series of 1on1 Sessions that will support in accelerated wisdom, personal healing, and release from the areas of your life that are causing suffering.

This Message Is For You..


Hello Friend,  name is Corey Sheikh, I am grateful you are here on this page exploring yourself in a deeper way.

I’ve spent the past decade after my initial awakening experiences, exploring the greatest mysteries, secret teachings, and transformative tools in which this planet has to offer.

Diving into the full spectrum of approaches & teachings that can help one become whole again, return to theie natural self, living at peace in this life, expressive in their creative gifts, and simply living health, happy and free.

Having walked this journey myself (and continue to), I’ve devoted my life to  assisting individuals connect with their purpose, unlock their potential and step into a world of peace, love and awareness.

This can happen with you as well.

This Activation First step, is the way in which I can use my gifts most effectively to get an energetic read, birds eye view and piercing perception on you and what can most support you on the path.

Simply mirroring back what you likely already know…

… As Chances are, you already know what you need to be “doing”, though having the clear systems, tools, guidance and support to ignite that inspiration is really where the value in us connecting lies.

I am not your guru, master or whatever other term we have come up with in this world.. I am simply someone who can support you in pointing to what has worked best on my path, and likely can support you… saving you years of effort, thousands of dollars and much suffering.

I am here.

Step Into Your Highest Self With This Activation 1-on-1 Immersion

LEVEL 1 : A 1 or 3 session Activation program that will go through all of the core foundational components to awakened living, finding peace & contentment  and highlighting your natural gifts to live your aligned purpose.

LEVEL 2: A deeper dive into a more long term process of transformation, using the initial tools as stepping stones into deeper mysteries and tools that can radically shift your life experience.

AWAKEN RETREAT: A 3 & 5 Day Immersive experience in a luxury nature environment. Connecting with like minds on a similar paths with an array of facilitators leading the way.


This Will Include:

Individual Meditation & Energy Cultivation Guidance For Expanded Bliss & Mental / Emotional Clarity

Specific individuated guidance on meditations and processes that are best suited for each individuals present needs and current place on the path. There are literally thousands of types of meditations, to know which is applicable at each moment is both an act of inner exploration & guidance from an experienced teacher.

An Energy Healing Transmission to support in accelerated clearing of emotional & karmic blocks

sing a renowned method I have developed over many years of working with students – a very direct approach to emotional and energetic healing. One in which gives you back the power to heal all that arises and feel safe to move into the aspects of pain, suffering and trauma that may have been present for many years.

Activation of Creative Soul Gifts and Path of Purpose To Unlock Deeper Fulfillment and Feeling of Contribution

Receive an in depth scan and reading on your personal human design chart along with your current energetic state and trajectory. This will act as a tool of reflection to mirror your present state of opportunities, challenges and ways forward. Practical guidance and steps to move through just about anything.

An introspective look at your flow of consumption (diet, media, teachings), providing clarity on detoxification in order to feel lighter in both body & mind.

Guidance along the detox process of physical, mental and emotional toxicity. An opportunity to be supported in the clearing of the pathways to health, well-being and vitality. Re-align into total well-being and be provided the tools to step into a lifestyle of Plant Based detox.


All sessions can be booked my first selecting the session – once payment is complete an email will be sent to setup booking time.

For those with financial difficulty a “Pay what you feel” approach can be discussed case by case 🙂

  • 1 Activation Session
    • 1 60 Min Transformation (Or Human Design) Session
    • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group
    • Access to Shield Meditation Technique
    • Pay What You Feel Option For financial Difficulties
  • Activation Program
    • 3x Full Sessions
    • Follow up email and communication as needed
    • Access To How To Heal Anything Training Course
    • Access to Healing Webinar Bonus Video
    • Pay What You Feel Option For financial Difficulties
  • Health/Detox Consult
    • 1x Overall Health Consult Intuitive Reading
    • Access To How To Heal Anything Articles
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