10 Day Dry Fast (No Food or Water) Complete Review + A look at the past 10 Years of Healing.

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Its been over a month since the end of the 10 day Extended Dry, so I felt like giving an update and more perspectives on integration + next stages.

The overall 1 month cycle of fasting was:

10 days liquid

Apprx 5 days break

10 days dry (no food/liquids)

5 days liquid

Apprx 25/30 Days Dry or Liquid Fast.

It was timed specifically to be through the 12 days of Krystmas and then through the yearly Festival of Light (Jan 2nd).

Dry Fasting is the master healer. Healing (specifically physically) happens when fasting, thought not something to be rushed into. Many years of preparation led to this, and I also am more of a fan of smaller back and fourth cycles (from fasting to eating) for the vast majority of people.

My intention originally was to keep quiet on this fast until the end. In the Gospel of Peace it speaks about being only with God, letting no man or woman know about your intentions. This was pretty much the case until day 7 when I made a post about my back healing, it was a profound series of events as I have lived with this back injury/pain for almost 17 years now. Nonetheless the intention was in being silent with self, and bringing God-Source into all cells, to further purify and “let the light shine”. For those unaware, all spiritual/religous based fasts were primarily Dry Fasting.

The goal was only set around day 7, to do 11 days (as per Dr. Filinov’s protocol), didnt quite make it. Main focus was to take it day by day, attaching to no specific length. I started the fast in a poor way, as my last meal was vegan sushi, without cleaning the colon, so this made me nauseous by the end. I likely would have very effortlessly gone far beyond. After breaking the dry, I was still purging for 5 days. I did about 8 enemas, and had all kinds of stuff coming out. (I have done around 150+ Days of extended juice fasting and more – cleaning out colon/Gi tract many times). It felt like sludge was coming from every crevas of the body, pouring out acid waste along with old plaque. What looked like parasites came out of nose (likely in brain) as well.


Some specific notes on healing & experiences that occured

  • Digestive system is now at a whole new level of efficiency
  • Broken Ankle & torn ligament injury from the summer sits around 90% as does my spine – still some inflammation in both, During the fast they were pretty much completely gone (food is inflamming).
  • Body silence (cellular peace) was very prominent in the initial days after the fast, meditations were deep 1-2 hour sessions like full on psychedelic trips with many visions etc.
  • Had some profound experiences around the slowing of time, where through meditation I could focus healing in a very profound way.
  • Emotional balance, equanimity, humility, compassion, all key words that do explain the further integrations that have been occurring
  • 2 Smaller acid purges did occur, but they were moderate – the colon holding waste made it a bit more difficult.
  • All mucus, dry skin,itchiness in scalp, hair loss, toungue/teeth purge – all disappeared – Teeth got more white, Toungue looks amazing.
  • last 3 days, slept 3-4 hours, wide awake by 3am or 4am
  • Had to keep moving, stagnation was revealed very quickly due to body pains. A reminder that life is perpetual change & movement!
  • Realized that I had already been teaching a pranic breathing process that was downloaded months prior. It was a key element.



For context. This is what I’ve healed overall from the past 10 years through moving through the detox spiral in a cyclical (2 steps forward 1 step back) manner., emotional /energetic resolution efforts, and a devotion completely to GOD-Source and this path of healing:

  • Moderate Asthma
  • Moderate Acne, dandruff and various other skin ailments
  • Severe Cat and seasonal allergies (still partially underway)
  • Chronic IBS , constipation, regular UTI’s and other bowel issues
  • Moderate chronic Anxiety, depressive tendencies
  • Moderate PTSD (From Mixed Martial Arts and some cataclysmic psychedelic experiences)
  • Psychedelic induced Kundalini syndrome type effects (aggrivating “mental health” challenges)
  • Moderate “bi-polar”,manic and Narcissistic tendencies
  • 3 Spinal Disc Herniations Since 15yrs – then endless muscles spasms – some lasting for months on end (still underway)
  • Extreme nervous system, spinal and brain overload as a whole
  • Ankle break & severe ligament tears (with no medical intervention)
  • An array of various addictions from psychedlic use, sex, gambling, food etc.


This was a product of the progessive movement and cycling through the detox spiral (graphic in next slide developed by Vanessa Lekun from our Awaken To Freedom Detox & Healing Course). While we dry fast everyday when we sleep, extended journies of this are not necessarily for everyone, healing can happen regardless.

For most of my life, consumption was a Standard “Canadian” Diet – Then progressing into extended periods in all of the layers of eating…

“Heathy” Fitness Diet




Plant Based Vegan

Raw Vegan

OMAD (one meal a day / intermittent dry windows)


Liquidarian/Solid Food Vacatian

Pranic/Dry Fasting Cycles

See next slide for example of this Detox Spiral which illustrates the efficiency levels of detoxification, healing & purification.

Focus For Next Cycles of this lifestyle…

Each fast is a devotion to source & A development of further intimacy within the connection to all/self. These would be the things still underway with physical healing :

  • Bringing eyesight back to 20/20 or even beyond if possible (I am supposed to wear glasses)
  • Completely healing a viral/fungal infection from a previous V@x
  • Completely healing back pain from mainly scar tissue (last 5-10%)
  • A few muscle/bone pain areas from previous sport injuries.
  • Rejuvenation of nervous system and hormonal balance.
  • Rejuvination of Pineal/Pituitary connection for ESP activation
  • Kidneys / liver in particular still healing.
  • Last bit of candida that is quite stubborn – connected to other fungal elements that are felt under the scalp as well.
  • Specific emotional trauma points / sexual trauma points.

I am confident all of these things can be healed in further unfolding cycles of this lifestyle.


Anything can be healed. I have seen it all, and I have expereinced my fair share. None of this is a medical recommendation or advice, its a documentation of lived exerperience.

Essentially every one of the chronic health issues I faced through this life was primarily healed through:

1) Energetic & Emotional stagnation/trauma resolution + Quieter Mind / being/cells

2) Less is more diet + Extended periods of cyclical fasting.

3) Balanced connection to Elementals

4) Living a life of Virtue.

I have quite a few resources/courses on all of the above, along with recommendations of other individuals or resources with great wisdom.

This Course here is a great place to start

Also Follow the page @awaken.kitchen for more specific shares.

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