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Awareness Journaling Method – Free Yourself From Fear, Illusion and Suffering With This Journaling Process


Awareness Journaling Method

This method is a continuation and intro level to the core Awareness Freedom Method that is about to launch in immersive course form, This technique consists of both a meditative and written journaling practice which focuses on resolving & neutralizing polarities (aspects of energy one is resisting or attaching themselves to). This supports in the opening of and release of energy built up on the body on various levels and gives one an opportunity to experience deeper peace, contentment and surrender within life.

The Journaling Process

  1. Sit in a comfortable posture with a pen/paper or notebook in front of you.
  2. Take a moment to close the eyes if you like and simply watch the breath and slow down the rhythm of breath, mind – coming to a rest in the simplicity of being.
  3. Let the mind settle and allow for the naturally arising thoughts, feelings and sensations to arise.
    1. NOTE: There may be a topic already on the mind that you would like to address – which naturally can be focused on.
  4. Whatever is present for you here, begin to write about it. Describe the present experience along with describing the topic that is arising and the corresponding thoughts, beliefs & feelings associated.
  5. Continue to feel into this topic while writing out the layers of topics that are revealed.
    1. NOTE: This can cover various bases – Sometimes this will reveal where this energy / or pattern is sourced from ( a past memory, unresolved trauma or topic) there is no need to go deep into anything, simply writing and bringing attention to what is naturally revealing itself. We are staying fluid with what is naturally present and arising.
  6. You may take a moment if you like to focus upon an inward meditation to allow for the natural processing and revealing of these layers to come to the surface, or to reveal themselves in other ares of the body.
  7. Continue to acknowledge them by simultaneously feeling into the arising experience, while if helpful, writing out the perceptions that are coming
    1. Note: The writings may be small words, sentences or even paragraphs. It does not need to be completely coherent to the mind, though naturally it may come out fluidly as you get clearer and clearer about the topic.
  8. There is a recognition of any and all naturally arising attachment or resistance to any topic – seeing clearly where there is a call for neutrality and silent witnessing of the topic or feeling that has arisen.
    1. We are revealing here what we are attached to in any way – or what we are resisting – naturally in either of these cases we are remaining OPEN to receive the potentially “opposing view” or opposite polarity to what we are attached to or resisting (ie. can we let this thing go that we think we cannot – or can we accept something that has happened when we feel like we cant) – You are exploring the POTENTIAL of its opposite – which brings a lighter approach and a deeper willingness of mind to at-least entertain what it is – naturally we feel into the arising feelings that come up in this practice.
  9. Any of these steps can be repeated until a feeling of completion has arisen within any single topic. Naturally there may be a flow of moving into another topic that may arise in that moment, or simply a closing in silent meditation focused upon the heart.


The Suggestion is to practice this for 12 days straight!

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Awareness Freedom Method Course & Upcoming Training

This practice as mentioned is a part of a complete system that will be launched in coming weeks as a full program for one to be initiated into the core Awareness Freedom Method and have the tools to completely innerstand the movements of energy, healing, transmutation, alchemy and the like.

This course is a revolutionary system in which will give you the tools to be your own healer, guide, master and reader. Developing the energetic abilities that are latent and natural to you already, bringing them to the surface and showing you a completely new world of navigating this process of awakening, healing and bio-Genesis.

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1 ON 1 Awareness Session Support

I have spent the past decade supporting 1000’s of individuals with their journey of well-being, awakening and coming into alignment with their natural self.

I  Innerstand how challenging the process can be alone, or naturally the desire to have guidance to make the journey more efficient.

1on1 support, specifically that of facilitating the quicker release process of stuck energies in your body, is a vital tool, and one that supported me deeply from my teachers and mentors.

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