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What Is The Awaken To Freedom Purification Course?

This course will give you the step by step tools to begin the purification journey of detoxification, cleansing and healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It gives you a simple yet very effective process to begin to change consumptive patterns into creative ones, release from stuck energies & traumas, and step into further clarity on your path.

This program is broken down into some key video workshops + an extensive written guide with a supporting photo database of additional tools.

Because each individual is so uniquely different, the process is guided on a 1on1 basis by Sheikh, where there is a deeper individual look at your unique path, journey and trajectory.

What Are The Potential Benefits You May Experience?

  • Become free from consistent cycles of anxiety & stress in mind & body
  • Heal Skin & Hair Issues
  • Heal digestive & endocrine system Issues
  • Find a natural & balanced body weight & figure
  • Deepen connection within subtle energies & ability to process emotions
  • Deepen connection to source/consciousness and Higher self
  • Open physical body to higher energetic frequencies
  • Align multidimensional anatomy for more expanded awareness

What Are The Steps To Take Within This Program?

Initially we start with the foundation of the food/liquid intakes, and from there will dive more deeply into the mental & emotional structure of the body as well.

Here are the steps for the initial aspects of this journey:

  1. Join the Telegram Group to access the freely available resources and community discussion HERE
  2. Watch the VIDEO Course with step by step guidance – Access Below.
  3. Read the written guide that goes through these foundational principeles and the key stages within the physical purification process.
  4. If looking for individual support Book an Initial 1on1 Session With Sheikh by emailing awakensheikh@gmail.com
  5. Watch the previously recorded Workshop on the foundation of the purification process.
  6. Print out food combination chart within the photo database to put on your fridge along with any of the other photo resources that may support as reminders.
  7. Choose a Package below to continue deepening into this process of healing & purification.

Additional Resources Below

Below includes the written plus photo elements of the fasting protocol, as well as the options for further 1on1 support within this foundation program for health and well-being.

Previous 3 Hour Workshop + Presentation on Healing, Detox & Fasting

AWAKEN TO FREEDOM – Heart Centered Detox, Purification & Healing Video Course

This video course breaks down the entire process of purification in both general overview form and detail to the specific elements that will support you on the path.

Here are the Main Lessons In The Video Course:

LESSON 1:  Introduction to Purification & Detox – Returning to Source Energy through the Elementals – The Full Spectrum Diet
LESSON 2:  Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Less is More – Becoming Light By Becoming Lite – The Return To Our Natural State
LESSON 3:  The Stages of Purification & Consumption – An Overview & Assimilation of The Many Different Approaches To Purification
LESSON 4:  The Golden Elixir – An Introduction To Urine Therapy – Balanced approaches to understanding the pharmacy within.
LESSON 5:  The Process Of Purification and Healing – The stages, the cyclical & phased approach for long lasting results
LESSON 6:  The Emotional Healing Process throughout Purification
LESSON 7:  The Simple & Practical Steps to Multi Layered Purification
LESSON 8:  The Sexual & Creative Force – How to cycle & Move this energy through our body, breath, relationships and creative pursuits.
LESSON 9: The Keys to the movement & healing of energy through Breath & Awareness
LESSON 10:  Navigating the journey through a lens of compassionate discipline – the proper foundation for long term results.
LESSON 11: Redefining detox symptoms, facing the healing crisis and navigating challenge.

COMPLETE Video Course + NEW Written Guide

  • The resources on this page + Additional Video Course Series + Upcoming Ebook Guide
  • Access to Telegram Community Group

Video Course Only

Video Course + 2x Private Group Q&A Calls

1on Program Packages

NOTE: All packages have these suggested exchange amounts, those with financial difficulties can discuss a “pay what you feel” option / or payment arrangement. Anyone who is willing to put in the effort to apply this work will be considered 🙂

You can also simply start with these free resources – if you feel called Join A Patreon Membership HERE


  • An initial consult session to see what initial steps can be made and potentially further 1on1 support
  • 1x 1on1 Initial Well-Being Analysis & Guidance Session ( Additional 1on1 Sessions at Regular Price)
  • Telegram Group Access


  • The resources on this page + Additional upcoming exclusive video & ebooks.
  • Full Video Course
  • 1x 1on1 Initial Well-Being Analysis & Guidance Session ( Additional 1on1 Sessions at Regular Price)
  • 1 Month Access to email / Social media Q&A follow-ups
  • Access to Telegram Community Group


  • The resources on this page + Additional Upcoming Ebooks and Exclusive Videos
  • 1x 1on1 Initial Well-Being Analysis Session
  • 3x 1on1 Guidance Sessions
  • 3 Month Container access to email / Social media Q&A

6 MONTH COMPLETE PACKAGE (Most recommended due to the layers of healing that can occur) Includes:

  • The resources on this page + Additional Upcoming Ebooks and Exclusive Videos
  • 6x 1on1 Guidance Sessions (one of which can be a Human Design & Soul Path Reading)
  • 6 Month Container access to email / Social media Q&A
  • Access to Telegram Community Group

Contact Us

Sheikh will get back to you as soon as he can. Leave your questions and comments here!

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