The Revival Of The Alpha Male & the Balancing of Soft & Tough Love.

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The collective topic of beta and alpha males I feel is much related to the topic of soft & tough love and our viewpoints about them. The misconstrued idea of what beta and alpha male attitudes looks like I feel often holds similar distorted views on what soft and tough love look like. These distortions are both in their process of healing at present as the inner feminine and masculine polarities are being harmonized.

I watched two movies yesterday (lol just got in the mood…) and both were on the the dynamics of Scotland/England and the rebellion/uprising of the Scots within the Tyrannical Rule of England. The first was Outlaw | King, and second was Braveheart. Aside from the blatant violence, which may not be as representative of today – Both of these movies, through the main character, represented much of the qualities of a more authentic Alpha male dynamic. So it was a synchronistic flow amidst writing this post which I have been recently attuned to.

Nowadays much of the male population are acting out more “beta” / feminine attitudes and likewise we could say that “soft” love (kind, nurturing, gentle) is the default version of love that we tend to come back to as a collective population. It carries the least conflict, and since our relationship with tough love has often resulted in trauma, it is less explored (even when required).

Love comes in many forms… ever see a mother bear protecting her young? As is outlined in freedom teaching material – Tough love is kind, but assertive & direct. Its called upon naturally when boundaries are crossed, as an innate and natural response. The ideas towards tough love are often imbalanced because we have been traumatized through imbalanced ways of receiving/delivering tough love. Tough love isn’t harmful when expressed organically, its quite the opposite.

Similarly the idea of the “alpha male” has been distorted due to wounded feminine dynamics, forcing males to act disproportionately to their environments and those around them. “Success at any cost” – “bigger, faster, stronger” – the love for “power” to name a few of these archetypes. This naturally results in aggressive tendencies, narcissicm and pathological behavior – tendencies that have been made normal – then shamed. So its like a double wammy, which keeps most men in endless loops of despair of confusion.

Of course, this is not what true Alpha qualities look like. Ever see a wolf pack? The dynamics of the alpha wolf actually are similar to what a servant would look like. A servant to the community, to the pack. Not in a martyr like fashion, but coming from a place of true responsibility, compassion, leadership. Blazing the trail forward, or returning back to the slowest/weakest members of the pack to make sure they are safe and cared for. Leading by example…

The alpha male paradigm has been squashed due to the imbalanced relationship with so called “authorities” and the perpetuation of victim/victimizer dynamics. This is found in many sectors, and also found within the intimate dynamics with ones father. The current authorities as the powers that be are well involved in this distorted programming and have made very clear efforts to dismantle and distort our admiration and reverence for the alpha male attitude & qualities.

The rebalancing and healing of the feminine principle is what is bringing these topics to the surface. Like every healing theme that is currently underway, the various egogic lenses of collective perception tend to distort it to fit personal agenda or dogmatic programming. In this case, this topic being co-opted in modern politically backed feminist movements that look to make out males as the enemy, and force them into submission through adopting beta male tendencies. Amidst a myriad of other distortions, this results in defaulting to “soft love” exclusively and forgetting that boundaries crossed are of a great disservice to all parties… including the females that these men associate with.

Feminism in a balanced sense is very necessary, but not as a dogma or a political movement, rather a reverence for the feminine within and without. A healing of the perpetuated misogyny that has run rampant on this planet and has resulted in this very distortion with the topic of Alpha male attitudes. The healing underway will continue the swing of the pendulum of the associated mind programs that crystallize these challenges, though we must not get caught up in the waves, and instead come back to what is most natural and inherit to our being. As we have seen with the simple animal examples given, we can surely learn alot from these beings that in some ways have been programmed less then we have. Then using our intelligence as a human to navigate this with sound logic and rationale.

Nevertheless, the reformulation of the collective view points on both of these of topics is currently underway through the healing process we are all undergoing. Specifically with men, the revival of alpha male attitudes, not necessarily as a “position within the pack”, but rather an essence or energy that is eternally carried. This is very much a requirement for the navigation of freedom, peace, and sovereignty within this dimension 3 plane during this time of transition.

(this also may be helpful to deepen into this topic…) I’ve found personally that much of this is a topic that revolves around the healing of the “father wound” – which can be applicable to both men and women. I’ve written an extensive guide on this topic with an exercise that I feel anyone can practice you can access that HERE

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