The Natural Person, The Legal Fiction, & Knowing Who You Truly Are (and how to be far more effective in “fighting for rights”)

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(Apprx 9 Min Read – worth it! this was eye opening for me)

Just as in spirituality, when we do not know who we are, we suffer. It is the same in Law, when we do not know who we are, and where we stand, we suffer. Rights and freedoms in my view is pretty simple. Though we are generally not taught how we exist within the world of our natural self and the legal fiction and how knowing the key difference / the roles we play will determine the outcomes that we experience. So much of this was eye opening to me and really connected puzzle pieces as I explored the work of the law of nations, dean clifford, ricetv, and even the bible which points to many of the workings we are still dealing with today.

When it comes to law, we exist in 2 worlds, we exist as a natural person and then we exist within the legal world as the legal fiction. The legal fiction is all that is comprised of our name in capitals namely the birth certificate, sin number and all registrations that follow, generally with the foreign corporation that resides & governs the land we are (potentially) indigenous to. What you were likely not taught, is that the land you were born on, you are indigenous to, and hold the natural rights of. This is of course why the indigenous are always one of the most suppressed people, because this is widely known among the elite, and less known among all others.

Based on natural law, we all naturally have the freedom to do as we please as long as we are not harming anyone. This has been outlined in various forms of expression like in spiritual traditions, or in the constitution in a bit more detail. Though it really does come back to some very natural and common sense elements. Now, these natural rights and freedoms apply to our natural self, though when we enter the realm of the “system”, “public” or to “conduct commerce” it is different. Our legal fiction, which is made up of our birth certificate, sin number and all the other registrations we willingly take part in, is technically subject to different laws, that of which is dictated by the foreign entity called our Countries.

What our parents were not told when we were registered through the birth certificate is that this birth certificate acts as a trust, issued as property of the government. A trust is a relationship of 3 entities, beneficiary (investor), Director (CEO), Trustee (employee). Because we were never told this, and nothing about this was never explained, we have never claimed our position or role as beneficiary and director of this corporation / trust, and thus, because these roles are vacant, the crown takes these positions, with the natural presumption that we are instead acting as the trustee/employee – which in this case is of the Crown/Government. So in basic terms, we become the employee of our own corporation, that somehow, someone else owns & is the CEO of….
The reason why this is so key is because the laws and statues for Canada for instance apply to employees of the crown, because there is technically no “law of the land” that any foreign governing body can enforce here – as they do not own the land. Thus the only way to be able to enforce rules, laws, bylaws etc is for individuals to willingly register into and technically become a trustee/employee/party of the Crown and then be governed by those rules. Just as if we were an employee of any other business or organization, we are subject to their rules, policies etc.If the organization wants to change its policies at any time, its free to do so.

Of course this was not disclosed, and any contract that has “hidden” or undisclosed terms, renders the contract null & void. This is the primary and initial realization. When we uproot the first illusion that we are not an employee or trustee of the crown, we can first re-claim our rightful role as beneficiary (investor) AND director (CEO) of our personal trust (corporation). And since there actually ARE employees of the crown/government as public servants, the entire grouping of these individuals fall under the category or trustee (employee) of the trust that has been issued by the crown. Thus as we see, as it should be, the government works for us. Employees of the crown, public servants, military workers actually ARE subject to these laws and it is why for example we see military officers being reprimanded very quickly when they do something “wrong” because there is really no legal process to have, they have little rights.All of this has to do with the conducting of commerce in some form. All legal proceedings have money attached to them. When we are issued a ticket or something or the sort, this has a monetary value attached to it. Thus, it is the presumption that at the time of the “offence” we were conducting commerce (ie acting as an employee of the crown). This of course is never actually the case for most of us, as there is clearly no payroll paycheque that we are getting, and no explicit outlines of this in any contract we have enlisted into, making their claim null and void. We can see here, simply knowing who we are and the role we play, we become free from the delusion of being “ruled over.

Business and commerce is what the public sector is made up of, all is commerce -and within this space, all is based on contract or equity. Thus, now that we know our rightful role, we can contract with the government, or any other entity as we see it. We can begin to apply the law of equities which is simply contract. Everything else from here is contract & agreement (be it official or unofficial, spoken, written or implied). “Fighting for rights” is a bit “off:”, because we already have them, nobody is “taking them away” – the thing that is to be discussed moreso is contractual agreement. We are beings with the free-will choice to choose who and what we contract with, we simply may have forgotten this, or have opted into unfavorable contracts that we are now facing the consequences of. What is also more of an efficient process is understanding these initial pieces and from here NOW directing the public servants/crown through ORDER to do as we would like them to. They are servants and custodians of this land to which we are indigenous to, so they are here to fulfill the orders of the people.

In the case of all the topics regarding rights and freedoms right now, the majority of the chaos has more to do with the fact that people are not happy with the contract that is being presented to them regarding all the things that we are generally dependent on. So the anger comes from the dependency, and then feeling powerless to choose another course of action. The real anger regarding rights and freedoms has more to do with the realization that the system was never setup for anyone to be “free” rather, to be dependent on the system, and due to that dependency, rights and freedoms could be dictated and determined by the provider – the government, the system, the powers that be , the authority as they see fit.

This current anger, whether consciously or unconsciously, is also from realizing that we have actually unknowingly opted into contracts with a foreign corporation that does not even own the land it rules, and because we did, we have been made to believe that we are subject to their rules, laws and statutes, when in fact it is not the case at all. We have forgotten our natural rights, and our ability to play a “role” in the public, as the legal fiction (within the trust of our birth certificate) to engage in commerce or “contract” if we so choose. If we do not, we are free to live, dream and play as we like, where we like, how we like, as long as we not breaking the natural & spiritual laws of being.

There is nothing to fight, rather coming into a clear expression of ones terms regarding the interplay with any related entity, organization, government or otherwise. If one requires to protect themselves in lets say more, firm, ways, then so be it. Though fighting a system for rights that were never really there in the first place, is often a futile course of action. Instead, simply remember the natural god-given rights that no man or woman can govern, and start there.

Those who are sovereign, or on their way to more expanded levels of sovereignty, have come to accept that their time contracting with entities where the contract terms are not favorable, has come to an end. This is very much a self-worth thing. Once we recognize our self-worth, we are unwilling to contract with entities that do not uphold this same level of respect. This goes for people, organizations, governments, factions, councils, entity groups and all the rest. Everything is a product of the contracts we engage in or not, and we each have the free will to determine the role we play, the responsibilities we have and the stipulations of these contracts and agreements.

This can be naturally painful because it makes us face our attachments and dependencies on external people, places and things. Its a time really to get real with ourselves about this. Much of this fighting for our rights topic can be made far more efficient as we start to understand what is really going on, and who we actually are. When one does an even basic level of research into the law of equities, birth certificate, legal fiction, natural law and the rest, they start to see how the system truly operates and comes to peace with it. Not in subversion, but realizing that all nations are EQUAL to any person, thus what we say, feel, think, do, matters.. we are as important as any nation and any other being, a Nation in and of ourselves. This returns the power to its rightful place, in balance & equality. With this new found awareness and knowledge we can guide ourselves with greater efficiency in this time where our energy, time and attention is of utmost value.


A Great summary video from Dean Clifford on this topic (who is a long time expert & master with this) is here:

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