How We Create Our Individual Reality & Becoming The Change We Wish To See In The World!

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With new (but not so new) lockdowns in place once again here in the Capital region, we find ourselves each having to further consider our personal choices in how we engage. Specifically, the nature on how we set the conditions upon the world we are co-creating, and the reality we each wish to see.

Naturally at this point, most individuals have started to question the validity of the unfolding choices by various levels of government, health officials and the like. By the millions now, many are simply unsatisfied with the competency, intentions and follow through of those who call themselves “leaders”. Any time this happens in a society, culture or nation, unrest comes in due time. If this unrest is channeled properly, then change is inevitable, though not without a certain discernment, diligence, patience and compassion.

Fighting the old, is not what brings the new, instead one must “become the world they wish to see”. As “co-creators of our reality” we individually choose in each moment the reality we desire to participate in. Thus to create the “new world”, one must become this change themselves. Part of this process is in becoming clear in voicing ones conditions, terms and agreements in how one wishes to interact with the various relationships participating in the co-creation of this “new reality”. We each have this privilege, some call them “boundaries”, though in other terms it is simply an ongoing process of communication of the conditions, terms, agreements, commitments that we each agree to, or not, when engaging relationships with an entity, person, organization, government etc – moment to moment.

The current “old paradigms” run by colossal corporations, governing bodies and the rest, certainly place their conditions, terms, agreements upon the populations in which they are said to be serving. Whether these conditions are of service to these populations of course is up for much needed debate. The key with this is that for this to hold any level of integrity, these conditions must be explicitly stated, then, by the laws of free will, one has the right to choose whether or not they would like to participate. Much of the present unrest is due to the fact that that these laws of free will, or simply, constitutional rights, are not being respected. This often happens when there is an imbalance of energy exchange within a relationship, where one becomes reliant on the other, or the power dynamic becomes too heavily imbalanced.

Within the current system, most have become deeply dependent on, in a sort of child-parent type relationship. All aspects of everyday living for the average individual are provided for by a system, through a variety of governing bodies, corporations, groups, organizations and the rest. Since intentions of these entities (which has been ongoingly revealed) are not always positive, or upholding a certain level of integrity – then naturally, the conditions, terms, & agreements set fourth by these entities tends to lead to an imbalance of energy. Where these conditions, terms & agreements end up only benefiting one side of the relationship, leaving the other to suffer. When one has forgotten their individual power to “co-create reality” then they are left in these imbalanced energy exchanges & agreements, inevitably leading to a build up of anger, resentment and the rest – much of what we are seeing now as the driving factor behind much rebellion from the people. What cannot be forgotten is that it is not just these aforementioned entities that have the privilege to create conditions, terms and agreements of action – EACH individual has the choice in equal fashion to present their conditions, terms and agreements upon all engaging parties that come into our “reality”. This is realized when one is willing to give up the dependency upon external relationships, releasing from the many fears that can arise when dependencies are threatened.

Remembering our individual ability to set fourth our personal conditions, terms & agreements upon all forms of engagements , inclusive of local businesses, organizations, governments, police, community members, neighbors and the rest – is a vital aspect of our personal sovereignty. Moment to moment we come in contact with many different forms of these relationships, all of which we consciously or unconsciously communicate conditions, terms and agreements that the other will have to adhere to, or simply not engage. Each of us have the choice to create our reality as we see it, though naturally we co-create among others and will inevitably come in contact with these “others” in due time. By the natural laws of vibration, we will come to find ourselves in the resonance of those who share similar views, perspectives, intentions – those who also consciously participate in the agreed upon conditions, agreements, commitments with us. This is natural, and has been happening since birth. What may be more apparent now, is that we are all becoming more conscious as to our sovereignty and freedom to consciously co-create reality and see how this interacts within all types of relationships. Not all forms of creation will be of resonance, or be in agreement, thus we may naturally move away from these and find ourselves continuing to create and navigate into the “world we wish to see”.

Even in the face of many collectively applicable rules, regulations, conditions, agreements that have been placed upon the population by governing bodies, corporations and the like – one cannot forget their individual capacity to choose how they interact – free from fear or coercion. In the rule of NATURAL Law, the PERSON or a NATION are both EQUAL. There is no difference in equality based upon any size, location, creed, race etc. Each ENTITY is an equal Person or Nation and can, and shall set fourth their individual conditions within all forms of agreement.

Each will navigate these times of ongoing change in different ways, some may feel called to openly protest, or share their views in a broadened way, others may not feel called to do so, and may simply make choices that voice their stance in simple everyday situations. We may all find ourselves in various degrees of both examples or an infinite variation of others. The point being, the path does not look the same for everyone – and while one may be convinced a mass protest of revolution is necessary to bring change, an other may feel the same change can be brought in the smallest of day to day experiences. I tend to see both having validity and power, kind of reminding me of the perspective of OMNI Love, which holds both the tone of soft love, and tough love when appropriate. As we come to balance within we can act from this place of clarity.

This holds such practical value as it requires no delay and no extensive knowledge, it simply requires some effort of truly considering & inquiring within oneself – what IS the world one wishes to see? If this is clear, then ones words, thoughts, actions can also become clear. Naturally one can then begin to set the conditions, terms, agreements, commitments in a simple and conscious way first within oneself, and their present actions & ways of being. Then second, within the dynamics of interaction within relationship. Where an equal balance of exchange can be had and a proper foundation of respect, integrity, understanding, compassion and love can be present.

As one is committed to this, what is often realized, is that the natural laws of the universe are really what it all returns back to. All worldly laws, rules, conditions, terms, agreements and the rest are to be expressions of these natural & universal laws- as one returns to the remembrance of who they are, these natural laws emanate as a natural expression – they are rooted within ones being, carried wherever they go. Thus the idea of setting the “rules of engagement” within all relationships is quite a simple thing – communicating them, living them and the rest may require some practice, though they are already pre-built into the fabric of ones being!

I personally always come back to the Attitudes of Mastery from KS – these identify the core and fundamental laws of our existence that bring pure love, harmony and balance to creation when followed these are:


Living through this intention is where we find a dissolving of old paradigms, untruth, ignorance, and the rest. By the natural laws of resonance, what is untrue simply fades, the light shines, and love can be re-instilled here on this earth. This is the foundation of how change is engaged within the dynamics of the present times.

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