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How To Live The Frequency of Abundance Video Course

A step by step guide on living within the frequency of Abundance in this new paradigm of Earth.

The earth is shifting, and so is our definition of what success, abundance and purpose creation. Living a life solely for the benefit of oneself, or through the climbing of an illusionary hierarchical ladder will no longer work as we move forward in these times of transition. Here, we find ourselves on the revival of ancient principles within new spiritual science – giving a new lens to abundance co-creation & manifestation.

Discover what it means to embody the frequency of abundance and the practical applications of this within all aspects of one’s life experience.

A Heart Centered Approach To Abundance Manifestation & Co-Creation.

This, to-the-point video course goes through the following lessons:

LESSON 1: The principles of money & abundance
LESSON 2: The Origins of Money & The vision of the future.
LESSON 3: The Physics of the gift economy and the golden rule – Living, Sharing, Exchanging from the HEART of Love.
LESSON 4: Coming Into Symbiosis with one another – the true test of practical Abundance
LESSON 5: Practicing the art of Less is More
LESSON 6: The Money Awareness Practice.
LESSON 7: Abundance In The NOW – Investing in what will stand the test of time!
LESSON 8: The Balanced Nature of Navigating Our Creative Purpose, and providing value to creation
LESSON 9: The Manifestation Process & Main Technique
BONUS: Complete Manifestation Process Workshop and Discussion

  • Awaken To Abundance Video Course
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    • 9 Part Main Video Course
    • Bonus 2 Hour Manifestation Training
    • Telegram Group Discussion Access
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