Remembering the Full Spectrum Awakening (and dissolving modern spiritual community delusions)

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In observing the many dynamics of the past year, one thing that I found most interesting in connection to the “spiritual” community is in regards to the reasons why said individuals may get the “v@x”. One of the main reasons that I have heard is somewhere along the lines of “we must respect the physical” . “we must respect science”, ” we must be grounded in the physical world” or something of similar sort. In general, it comes with an array of justifications and reasons that perpetrate the false idea that somehow authentic spiritual seeking does not include the physical domain.

“We have to respect the physical” – I absolutely 100% agree. In fact it was physical practices that laid the foundation for my spiritual process and it was my spiritual process that led me back into the physical.

The commoner, and what seems to be a good portion of the spiritual community still has this outdated, illusionary belief that, the authentic spiritual path does not include the physical (which it many traditions, or from certain teachers, yes this can possibly be the case) – And secondly, that spirituality is somehow devoid of Science.

What is clearly misunderstood, is that the original spiritual traditions and the timeless authentic spiritual healing systems available to us now on this planet are in fact also some of the most advanced forms of science available on the planet which are also inclusive of teaching the ways of ALL dimensions of being.

“Science and Spirituality were never separate. Science just forgot the spirit, though spirit never forgot the science.” – Ashayana Deanne (Phoenix Aug 2007 Workshop)

The Authentic spiritual traditions were inclusive of ALL dimensions of being, leaving nothing out and placing no superior importance on any. In fact, if there WAS to be a lean on one side in these times it would be on the side of our physical bodies here. As our bodies, these temples are the DOORWAY to true and authentic awakening. To become a truly awakened being, one would inevitably come to understand the underlying dynamics of what it means to remain in absolute health, vitality and youthfullness. To be able to deal with any physical ailment or circumstance that may arise.

If we were to “respect the physical” we would also be focused on uncovering the keys of our eternal youthfullness, vitality and immortaltiy. We would learn how to heal anything, to free ourselves from ailments & disease. To see the mind-body-soul connection and recognized that all is a reflection of each other. We would have trust in the limitless power of our immune system and our bodies ability to regenerate and heal itself. Our re-connection to the natural elements would be underway, where a certain safety and love would be felt – as if one is held & protected by the mother, given the keys of endless well-being.

On my path this was the inevitable balancing of the higher and the lower, where there was a realization that not only have the spiritual teachings on this planet, mainly through religion, been highly distorted and hidden. Well, it is no different in regards to the Physical health based teachings, highly outdated, out right manipulated or forgotten is the keys to our natural health, vitality and eternal youthfullness or physical immortality. This was equally important for me to learn over the past decade alongside that of awakening & ascension.

One of the other main reasoning’s or points that is brought up among many spiritual seekers is the dismissal of “conspiracies” (which is a fairly empty and now a derogatory term) and related wisdom – often inclusive of our True or Forbidden Earth History. There are many seekers in all traditions who have never or very rarely explored related topics. This can be inclusive of world domination agendas, Advanced technologies, ET’s, higher dimensional races, the multi billion year history of this earth & beyond (inclusive of the many million year Angelic Human history) and many more topics. While I do agree that it has the potential to be quite a distraction on the awakening & healing path, and that one should keep their focus on self-realization as a primary, again, it would be incomplete and even ignorant to ignore the exploration and study of the eternal knowledge of our true history and the rather dark aspects that are current on this planet.

If we are to “respect the physical” then we would also look to spend time in bringing ourselves up to speed on the dynamics at play of the very physical world or earth that we engage in each day. It requires not an endless digging into rabbit holes that may not even lead anywhere, though it requires a diligent effort and an open perspective to start to recognize that if one believes in the limitless & infinite potential in the universe through the spiritual teachings they have explored – Then would it not also make sense to ground in that infinite potential to consider what the mind may view to be “impossible” in regards to these subjects on earth & beyond that I speak to? If we are looking to infinity in one direction, then we have to consider it in ALL directions. What is physical is spiritual and what is spiritual is physical – thus, if we agree upon this fact, then it would only make sense that the expansion of ones awakening, integration and embodiment would look to be ALL inclusive with absolutely no limitation in any way. This is what we are all hear for after all.

To me, this is what it means to complete a full spectrum awakening or enlightenment. Where one has realized the absolute nature within form. While it would seem obvious that this would be the case, this is often one of the later stages and a period that takes many years of integration. So it is of no surprise really why most of those who I have considered awakening or in the spiritual community still getting the V@x would have such reasoning’s – I am sharing this to bring clarity to the fact that this doesn’t mean it is true. For me, these topics were always a part of my journey from the beginning, and it helped ground in many practical realities to the purpose of why there was a desire to “awaken”. In grounding ourselves into these related topics, we find ourselves in a clearer place of positive action. We can translate our higher knowing into practical impact individually, within our communities and with the world at large.

Each of us have our own free will to choose as we like, though what is of most importance is that we are honest with ourselves. If we are truly afraid of C0vid, and lack the understanding of it, or how to keep our body well and protected, this is completely ok – though better to be honest with ourselves about it rather to spew off a bunch of reasonings to fill its place. It is not the time for that, as we can see, this planet has reached its cross roads, and the path it takes is up to each of us.

We have ALL the teachings available here to awaken to out true selves in ALL ways and on ALL dimensions. Best of all, we are all in this together, so lets walk this journey home!

Note: Of these two main threads I have shared today as you have likely already seen what I share often goes into each of them at length, though if looking for further resources then send me a DM as there is so much abundant wisdom available to us 🙂

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