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Align to Your Natural Essence & Unique Purpose With This Revolutionary Energetic & Emotional Healing Process.

A modern energy healing method that has the potential to heal & re-align anything in your life

Introducing The Awareness Method

To awaken to oneself, is to realize the love, peace, and joy that is inheritly within. This is revealed as we bring light to the darkness within, and purify ourselves of deeply held emotions, traumas and energetic stagnation.

The Awareness Method is a unique energy & emotional healing process developed through years of experimentation in the fields of advanced meditation, trauma work,  emotional completion, energy healing and the quest for spiritual enlightenment. Developed by Corey Sheikh, he has spend the past 10 years dedicated to the inner and outer work that we call awakening practices of mind, body and soul. 

Imagine you can use your awareness like a laser, finding, uprooting and releasing any and all energetic stagnation within yourself – while also being able to help facilitate this for others? This is what this method can deliver on as one learns, practices and applies.

This is A simple & efficient  yet highly advanced method that anyone can learn within a day. A process that has the power to heal, release and re-align pretty much anything that arises as suffering within ones mental, physical, emotional and spiritual process.  Geared towards individuals to use for self-healing along with facilitators desiring to use this with clients.

The 4 Pillars


The cultivation of a greater awareness of ones true self.


An Activation of one’s connection to higher self, and inner intuitive wisdom to guide the process of life, integration & healing.


An embodiment and awakening of all levels of the body, mind & soul. Opening up endless flows of energy within one’s life.


Loving self acceptance to purify all judgement of self & other. A practice of returning to the present moment.

Who Is This Training For?

Open Hearted Beginners

Those who have just embarked on their path with an open mind and open heart. Presenting a willingness to practice the methods that can bring expedited results and benefits – recognizing the simplicity in which this journey can be without unnecessary suffering.

Advanced Meditators & Seekers

Those who may have put in countless hours into meditation though potentially have come to blocked points, or feeling as though there is no real progress emerging, this is for you. In conjunction to long hours of meditation, what if we can expedite the process of integration and healing that occurs within this period? This is what the Awareness Method Provides.

Trauma Survivors Looking for Further Support and Completion

Naturally many of us have experienced deep levels of trauma on our path, and as we have focused on bringing loving awareness & compassion to these aspects of ourselves we see the weight that is lifted off of the shoulders. THis method looks to take the trauma release and healing process into completion, where we can see long lasting change and transformation.

Facilitators, Coaches & Healers

Those who have not only put the work in within themselves, but have also begun to work with others, spreading further wisdom, knowledge and healing to those who are also on the path. This method is a method that can be integrated into so many other styles of practice, methodologies or modalities to further support your client, students and friends on their journey as well.

What You Will Learn?

  • A refined and simplified  energy healing process to complete emotional traumas and release stagnant energy in the body.
  • How to facilitate this process with others individually and in groups.
  • The core principles behind all energy healing methods, and its connection with the energetic anatomy of the body.
  • An advanced look at the energetic anatomy and its relationship with healing, trauma, and conditioned patterns that are causing physical, mental and emotional issues.
  • The core reasons for specific negative patterns of behavior, beliefs and projections & how to use this method for rapid transmutation of them.

Level 1 – Activation

Here you will be immersed into the core mechanics of the method, and its integration within your path. Here you will be connected to your higher self energy which will help guide the way and the journey inwards to activating further aspects of oneself. This method is a doorway and initiation into the nature of self and the journey within.

A variety of approaches will be explored here to help give further clarity as to the angles that this method can move through within one’s path. There is NO one size fits all method, and this is why we adapt the same process in multiple ways to give a flexible approach that one can navigate within their own journey.

Level 2 – Awaken

Further deepening into the method in its advanced forms – we begin to explore the ongoing nature of this exploration inwards and how it applies within ones daily life experience. Here we look to further foster the connection to higher self and a real time on going application of this process.

We also look at more advanced processes and approaches to move into deeper layer and level healing that naturally emerge within oneself and also within the interaction with others. We begin to explore the layers of how this is experienced with a student, client, friend or family member – and how by way of practicing this method, you naturally will affect all those around you.

Level 3- Awareness

This is where all is integrated into the natural living moment of one’s life. Where one sees that the method is a reflection of the possibility of life, to be an ongoing transformation of lead into gold, where simply through one’s presence all is transformed.

Here one looks to integrate the method into their individual work, where there can be an involvement of this practice within all moments of interaction in relationship. Naturally within the professional scenario, one can come to see the potential of its use as a core healing methodology for supporting emotional and energetic purification. This brings expedited results with students, clients and friends – making one a true leader within this new paradigm.

The Program Breakdown ( Level 1 & 2 )

What You Will Receive:

Full Virtual Immersion Workshop To Learn Core Method ( Next date TBD – if these do not work – other options can be arranged)

A Full 1 Day multi-session live training with Corey Sheikh to dive into the core approach with this method and how it can be applied for healing, transmutation and alchemizing any energy, challenge or block found within one’s being. 

Naturally, the exploration into all supporting methods will be done, with Q&A periods among groups of like-hearted souls on the path.

1on1 Awareness Healing Session with Corey Sheikh

Experience and learn the method first hand in 1on1 form with Corey Sheikh. Learn the intricate dynamics in real time as it is explored with any arising topic within your current experience. This will help further refine the understanding that the group training and other resources provided will outline with more detail.

Follow Up Group Immersion Activation Calls + Q&A

Here we further integrate the processes learned in the initial group call. These are scheduled through direct guidance from the collective energy of the group to make it as organic and aligned as possible to the natural flow of the group dynamic & Intention.

These sessions may provide deeper layer teachings to the process & system along with opportunities for spontaneous arisings & Q&A from participants.

Awareness Healing Method PDF Ebook

A written breakdown of the method and everything that will be covered within the first main session. Giving more depth and education on the specific methods & processes used for coming into expanded awareness & embodied awakening.

Alchemical Remedy Formula To Support In Further Regeneration & Healing

You will also be supported by receiving a sacred and very special healing remedy called LIBERATION. A supportive vibrational alchemy tool that looks to help one clear emotional blocks on the cell level, releasing karmic imprints and put simply… making your dreams quite FUN 😀

Energy Exchange packages are below . Nobody is ever turned away for not having funds. There are payment options or “pay what you feel” options for those that authentically require this. Please message @ infinitesheikh@gmail.com

  • 1on1 Healing Session
    $144Regular 199
    • 1on1 Awareness Healing Session Activation - 75-90 Mins
    • Patreon Accesss
    • Telegram Group
  • Awareness Method Full Training
    $444Regular $688
    • Awareness Method Immersion Activation Training
    • 4 Sessions
    • 2x 75-90 Min Awareness Healing Session
    • 1x 75-90 Min Awarenesss Healing Session Method Training
    • Follow Up Session
  • Awareness Method
    $222Regular $444
    • 2 Sessions
    • 75-90 Min - 1on1 Awareness Method PersonalActivation
    • 30-50 Min - 1on1 -Follow Up Session
    • Patreon  Access
    • Supporting Video Workshop Material
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