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A 3 Hour Presentation On The Path of Navigating The Truth of COVID, Conspiracy Agenda’s, The Potential Timelines, Our True History and How Do We Navigate Our Path of Awakening In These Times.

We have announced PART 2 – An Awakening Activation – which will go further into everything covered here along with some other very important topics + an opportunity for Q&A – Go HERE to register.


If you have not watched this workshop – it is recommended that you do.

It will help wrap things together in a way that makes sure that all of this exploration and research will not be overwhelming.

It can be common for one exploring the “darker” elements of conspiracy – or in this case – truth – to find themselves in various spirals or traps of “information” that may not necessarily lead to further liberation and awakening. Remember just “knowing” about something does not necessarily integrate it as a useful tool for further awakening. Since this is the primary goal and intention, keep this at heart.

Below is an array of various resources + notes that pertain to this 3 Hour session which cover the following:

  • The Path of awakening and the implications of these current times
  • How to stay balanced within Chaos and embrace pain during times of challenge
  • The truth about COVID, the potential Agenda Behind it and how to navigate the current timelines
  • Its relationship to controlling powers on the planet and Earths TRUE History & our Cosmic Connections
  • AI GOD and Transhumanist Agenda – connections to spiritual and religious prophecy
  • Child Trafficking & Pedophilia energy and how this connects to controlling powers on the planet
  • How to remove yourself from mind control systems and subconscious programming.
  • How to activate connection to your inner self, and your true nature
  • + MORE.

Below will be an array of resources + an added piece on my perspectives of COVID.

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Main General Resources On This Website.

  1. All other courses mentioned in this workshop are on the FREE GIFTS Tab Above.– Recommendations to do the awareness journaling method , throat chakra opening course and human design.
  2. Human Design Readings & getting an inside look at your individual soul mechanics page has a new place to understand it more and what is included in a reading – go HERE
  3. After 6 years of development, the Awareness Energy & Emotional Healing Method & Training is complete – it will be done in a 1on1 format for now, with a group dynamic launching soon. Find out More HERE
    This method is a powerful tool to navigate any difficulty, energy blocks or emotional traumas that you are aware of and actively processing.
  4. Key Article on Navigating Conspiracy in a Mindful Way from my blog HERE
  5. Article on Navigating the journey as a whole right now – IMPORTANT read – go HERE

Resources & Notes From This 3 Hour Workshop Session.

  1. COVID Conspiracy? Playlist By Dr Rashid Buttar – He has a well thought out and presented series of resources in regards to the whole topic – highly recommended HERE
  2. 5 IMPORTANT Questions – COVERS COVID and the topic that it is not what we think it is – Sacha Stone + Dr Zach Bush – go HERE
  3. LockStep Page 19 – by Rockefellers – a document released almost a decade ago about what we are currently experiencing  – HERE
  4. Black GOO – AI God Technology VIdeo which relates to the TransHumanist Agenda HERE
  5. Re-iteration of the above video regarding the energy siphoning of the Black Goo/Crystal – specifically in relation to the KABBA in ISLAM – HERE
  6. The link to the above video has many other great videos also connected to our true earth history and the transhumanist agenda connected to DARPA which is HERE
  7. Further Truths about Vaccines from London Reel (A number of other good videos on the London Reel Platform that id recommend to explore) – HERE
  8. Former FEMA Employee Celeste Solom exposes Microchip Technology  (DARPA – HYDROGEL) and what is typically reference as the “Mark of the Beast”: (Naturally if anyone has a religious resistance – please put the christian references aside, the knowledge is still valid) go HERE
  9. UPDATED Link – Human 2.0 Presentation – Agenda of Vaccine + Transhumanism by DR.Carrie Madej HERE
  10. Keylontic Science Book  that covers Earth’s True History & the Many Race lines we are connected to + the timeline we are on –  is called VOYAGERS 2
  11. CORONATION – Charles Eisenstein – this is a well put together article about COVID and the current situation that brings up some very important questions we must each ask  – go HERE


General Notes From This Session


  • There were a few points that i’d like to be a bit more concise on as I reviewed the flow of topics – namely the microchipping dilemma. The core piece I did not connect back to was that the MARK OF THE BEAST that is named in the bible is in fact the transhumanist agenda starting with microchipping – where you no longer have any sovereignty of your
    own – as the body will slowly beginning to morph and merge with the synthetic matrix. DARPA or HYDROGEL as mentioned above is a key nanotechnology tool in which completely shifts your DNA and merges you with the synthetic network. There are MANY tools in which will be further implemented to fulfill this agenda progressively – with increasing speed. The key is remembering your GODhood as an Angelic Human – the activation of your “junk DNA” (which is actually our untapped potential that has been cut off for a very long time) is a part of the current awakening and was the message of CHRIST and many other teachers – including myself.


  • Regarding COVID Being a virus or not – this is a pretty out there topic – though the so called virus COVID-19 – has still yet to be isolated. Which means, they have not isolated the virus in its pure form. This is interesting and brings a lot of questions – especially when we bring in the other topics of 5G effects having the same potential symptoms. I cover my perspectives on COVID much more extensively -The topic of EXOSOMES is covered below – this interview is quite nice that explains it well go HERE


  • It is important to remember that life happens from the inside out, reflected back to us for integration. This means, we have ALL the power to take care of ourselves in ALL ways on ALL dimensions – and there is nothing to fear. We have to be focused on this first and foremost, and as we are, the rest of these types of topics will come to the forefront & be revealed in the correct time. Because we DO live in the 3rd dimension, there are certain co-created realities that are present (which can change) – including the control that has existed on this planet for a very long time. We must be mindful of what is happening around us and not turn a blind eye to what IS. While also, not getting wrapped up in any of it.


  • Developing the communication line to your higher self is of the highest importance right now (pun intended). We have to look to develop this connection through silencing the lower mind & compulsions, so that we can heed the direction of our inner /higher truth. Much of the methods and techniques we spoke about are going to support with this. Other systems like Keylontic Science practices may develop this further as well.My 1on1 Sessions can support with this activation as well. Go HERE


  • Above all we have to remember that we create reality through consciousness – namely the charge of energy within that consciousness. The reason it is important to look at these topics as they naturally arise is because they generally reveal our collective unconscious projection – that requires healing & integration. Initially these topics discussed can be challenging to explore, naturally this feeling of “challenge” is an energetic / emotional charge within our body. Because it exists within OUR body – we have the responsibility to integrate and heal these energies. As we each individually do this, we will further realize our power and our true self. Seeing that ALL in which we perceive outwardly, is an expression of source, and it is ALL to be integrated within. From a place of neutrality and acceptance with all that is perceived, we rest back in our power to further create the higher heavens in which we know to be true & is our most aligned preference.

The TRUTH About COVID-19 & The Lockdown Agenda

This was a comment from a Facebook comment that I felt called to add to this resource writeup for the 3 Hour Workshop 🙂

Because of the nature of the distorted EGO, the lies, delusions and distortions related to the COVID topic are essentially everywhere. From its origins, to its scientific properties, to the testing methods, the healing procedures, the preventative measures, and the rest. It is also a mix of simply disinformation, white lies, avoidance of certain topics and censorship.

When we do not look at the full picture of the implications of a WORLDWIDE story affecting the ENTIRE PLANET – this is bound to have endless distortions.

The truth, at the core, is that we are made in the image of God-Source, and thus have the access to this connection, to this power, and to the ability to govern our lives accordingly.

This includes our well-being, immunity and health – and when we recognize life comes from the inside out – we see that our well-being is tied to our habits, history, traumas, programs, and all that is held within our energy field.

With that said, there are delays within the physical – and naturally when we are underway with HEALING or purification – we display symptoms of sickness, disease, illness – if we do not allow for this process to unfold – which may take time, and requires our responsibility to take action or to ask for the authentic support required to move us in the direction of furthering this process of purification and detox – then naturally it may be too much for our bodies, and this can lead to further complications and or death.

The reversed understanding of the origins of disease and illness is the precipice of one of the core delusions of the human collective. It is making itself known in a MACRO way with the topic of COVID. This does not invalidate the use of allopathic medicine, but it re-prioritizes it in some circumstances – of course this is dependent on each individual in where they are at on their journey and the belief structure that they hold.

In truth – We are faced with a collective purging nonetheless on this planet – it doesn’t even really matter where or what the virus is. The Earth is purging all falsehood – and this is one of the many catalysts.

At the same time, we have to recognize that having n awareness of underlying agenda’s and falsehoods which directly affect us, we can navigate our individual journey of purification with much more ease.

Now COVID Specific – We can begin to look at a few things in which I have been exploring and considering – naturally draw your own conclusions through diligent inquiry:


  • 1. The first obvious thing is The collective delusion that we are not able to boost our own immune system enough to be exempt from fear of a virus with a low death rate – most of the deaths coming from older individuals, those with compromised immune systems and those who have been on a ventilator. This is perpetuated by a focus on the deaths and endless preventative measures that include nothing of the natural sort. There is something called a “NOCEBO” which is basically the manifestation of real issues in our body/mind that are created through expectations and assumptions of our mind and beliefs. We can see that the entire programming control system of MASS MEDIA is exactly this, as it governs the thought waves both consciously and unconsciously of all who watch it.Now, As we can see with recent developments of other doctors claiming there are cures for COVID – we can see more conversation that brings up the reality of how overblown the situation is. Now the recent situation with HCQ in my view is more of a political one than anything with upcoming elections (remember, every year there are elections, there is some sort of virus like this one – you can do some searches on that and will find the info). Because the entirety of this situation is very politically based, we have to be mindful of the territory. It is still another distraction from the true power that we have regarding our health.


  • 2. The primary delusion within the traditional medical system is that disease, illness, the release of exosomes (toxins which release in dealing with a virus or disease – which is you research will see are under a microscope the same as what is being deemed COVID)  are separate from toxicity and poor habits, traumas, energetic imprints or karma. This is the idea that we are attacked by outside circumstances or things outside of our control like Genetics. Now while these things do have an effect on us – we are healthy from the inside out. Meaning the if we have a build up of constipated toxicity, energy or anything of the sort – we manifest symptoms of disease, illness / virus. Its that simple. By way of us returning to nature, and moving through our individual journey of purification – we are able to move this toxicity and become free of MANY, if not all of the symptoms we have have previously held. This goes for EVERYTHING, without exception – though it is infinitely different the process that this journey may take for each individual.


  • Now, the topic of Exosomes actually brings up the question of is there even a contagious virus at all – rather a collective process of detox from environmental and terrain toxicity – which the body would then end up RELEASING A virus looking contagion – which is not really so contagious at all.  I have not drawn a conclusion on this yet – though what I do know from my healing from fairly extreme symptoms and illness in my personal life through various methods of detox – … the principles of healing, and setting our “terrain” (bodies) up in aligned ways for well- being still remain. This video is quite nice HERE on Exosomes.

    This interview covers a VERY Accurate point of view on the topic of COVID with Sacha Stone and Dr Zach Bush. – go HERE
  • This Article HERE that I wrote on detox and healing is a great place to start to understand this idea as a whole as well. Of course in situations where the symptoms of a disease, illness or virus are extreme and abrupt – Allopathic medicine or procedures can certainly be of great use and is not to be discredited in this way.


  • 3. Although the topic of 5G and COVID relate-ability has been heavily dismissed – the symptoms and affects of both are essentially the same with minor differences. WUHAN, ITALY and SPAIN – the 3 cities that had the most initial outbreaks were the 5G capitals of the world. With Wuhans 5G being turned on in October 2019 – just before the outbreaks. The videos that surfaced from WUHAN were far more extreme than what we see in the rest of the world. There were videos of people literally dropping dead on the street. – This is covered in some of the resources above.


  • 4. From the perspective that there IS a Virus – from China – the origins & manipulation of the so called Virus is actually presented on reputable journals and websites specifically in WUHAN in connection to an American Scientist + Dr Fauci – this can be looked at in Dr. Rashid Buttar’s research on youtube there is a specific COVID playlist he has put together which I feel is well-done and very grounded – getting us to ask question – He is an ex US military Doctor. – Resources are above.


  • 5. With the obvious connection of Vacciness, Microchips and Bill Gates – we find ourselves in yet another symptom of the clear discussion of the Trans-Humanist agenda which has been at play for quite a long time – and is also mentioned very clearly in spiritual texts as the removal from God-Source. We will see how this plays out specifically – though it is my understanding that what we call DARPA Hydrogel – which is a form of nanotechnology that begins to morph into your DNA (beyond microchipping technology as it cannot be removed) is already within specific COVID tests along with the potential vaccine (atleast some of them) – this has also be done in smaller degree’s through ChemTrails – though it seems not necessarily the exact same nanotech HydroGel. – Celeste Solum an ex FEMA employee is the one speaking much more about this topic – if you put aside her christian references there will be much wisdom to be found. – Resources above.


  • AGENDA 21 Is a well known set of documentation & plans set fourth by various organizations. This is a step by step plan to setup a HUNGER GAMES world of sorts – that is fullfilled as the Transhumanist Agenda. This plan has been known for a long time now, and is already underway in some degree’s. It is highly likely that more of this will continue to be implemented, and it will bring more of a crossroads for those aware, and unwilling to have others direct the course of their individual experience. The Documentary – ESOTERIC AGENDA 2 has some good things on this – and there are some other connected resources with individuals above. I will likely dig up more on this in coming times.

Now, Aside from all of this,  Without knowing our true history as a human race and on planet earth – it can make it very difficult to connect the dots on these subjects – as these things seem far too outlandish and un-reputable – even crazy. Yet for anyone who has gone through a diligent and often painful process of awakening, and uncovering of the bigger picture at play – removing themselves from conditioning – they can begin to put the pieces together and explore the conversation in a grounded way.

This most definitely connects into the TRUE Earth History – along with our relationship with the cosmos and many other races of beings that are not from this planet. This is a discussion that is naturally not in the mainstream discussion – even the conspiracy scene – though it is what really brings clarity to the entire drama we are living in, and these present times in which have been spoken about in all ancient texts of various civilizations and religons.

If you would like more info on these topics – please contact me directly. – Some resources have been provided above.

For me personally, these things are so easy to see, even if I miss certain details, it all is so clear > When we return to our nature, we remove ourselves from synthetic consciousness more and more – and this will be the continued journey of us exploring the next few decades.

It is a wonderful time we are in🙂


Some Closing Points & Steps Forward


  • Enlightenment & ASCENSION is still the focus. Never let this become anything other than the focus. KNOW YOURSELF, YOUR TRUE SELF.
  • Spiritual practice with many of the tools I have given (and available through this site) along with the plethora of available resources we have access to these days is of the highest importance. Keep it practical, but keep it consistent.
  • Understand your true origins & earth History.
  • Everything comes back to compassionate loving action. Know this in all of your moments, relationships, interactions. LOVE is the way.
  • GROUND yourself into the elements of nature, learn to love nature in all of its forms, get to know its ways and your connection to it and AS it.
  • CREATE & EXPRESS – your sexual & creative force is your ultimate power – it is what creates ALL in your life already, and in harmony it will continue to be of great service to all that are around you.
  • Things may certainly get more challenging on this dimension, though it is experienced as effortless as we have released from the need to control. The more we tune in and LISTEN to the path that is being navigating and unfolding underneath our feet we will know the way in the right timing.
  • Understand your resources, networks, and the rest inside and out – This is an awareness of the basics – shelter, food, transportation, medicines – accumulating these, or having connections to them within the networks of your grassroots community and family may be a good idea. Understand that we may be further asked to change up our lifestyle and ways of being quite alot in coming periods. It is always good to SIMPLIFY what we believe we need to not only survive, but THRIVE. The less we need, the more we have.
  • We each have our role – some active, some more passive – understand that it is all so infinitely individual – and as we focus upon our connection with the truth – we will be guided to this naturally – effortless effort is the way.
  • AWARENESS is everything – what you are aware of, cannot hurt you. Become AWARE of everything, and nothing can bring fear.

I will release  more in coming times, as I further refine my perception on what may continue to be revealed. It is all a work in progress, naturally.

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