India Pilgrimage Day 3: Is not life a preparation for Death?

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Get ready for take off.

Much of this trip for me was revolved around one key and core intention.

Rooting myself into the enlightenment (or states of samadhi) in which I have come to know prominently over the past 5 years of this awakening process. States in which at times stayed in my life, and in others fleeting away, as a sign for my discipline and seriousness along the path needing to deepen.

This trip was my opportunity to sink into all of the regular habits and practices in which have brought me into these states, rooting them in as base level foundations in which will be consistently rooted as an ever present reality and focus,

One of the main ways in which this was to come into a reality is to get Gurunaths clarification and permission in going beyond the number of kriya breaths I do in one sitting.

The main technique hat has been given so graciously by gurunath is a spinal breathing technique which combines with a specific mantra ( voice tonality) and 2 other components of bandhas ( body energy locks) and chakra balancing. This technique is done in certain intervals with a cap for most at 144 breaths ( up and down spine).

I had taken myself to this limit quite quickly since my initiation, so it was time to go further.

In a morning breakfast mini discussion, gurunath was going off in some deep topics. I again sunk into a trance as he spoke, the words were hitting me so prominetntly. Encapsulating all that I strived to know and more.

This is common while in his presence.

“We are here to conquer death, for one who conquers death conquers life. One who only conquers life will be taken by death”

Ultimately the nature of all spiritual practice is to either

  1. Die in a healthy happy way
  2. Prolong the time of death
  3. Decide when you die.

This may at times be difficult for some to grasp but untimely, the aspiration of all great yogi’s and yoginis is this great focus.

To conquer death

During this he spoke of he seriousness one needs to treat KRiya, in that moment I knew It was time to ask the key question.

“When is one ready to go beyond 144 breaths Gurunath?”

“Do your kriya, do your kriya” He replied. As a sign post and affirmation that there shall be no limit. I must take it beyond.

I finished my breakfast and set off to do my first session of 288 breaths.


A profound session that took about 2.5 hours and left me with a nice sun burn.

This sent me into a full day of intensity. My afternoon was spent with a new friend and long time disciple Robert, we had a profound conversation about so many things within the spiritual and yogic space, sending us both into states of extacy as we connected on important topics of yoga, living and non living enlightened masters.

This carried us into the evening where we set off on a boat cruise to meditate and sun gaze with the sunset and get another transmission with gurunath. Short and sweet it was but profound as always.

My day ended with more meditation and a recognition of an important anniversary this day was.

It was my 5th year anniversary to my first awakening experience, a profound date in which changed my life forever.

Today, continued on that trend. A profound day that marks another deepened step into the beyond, fully surrendering and letting go to the next steps in this process.

I have a post coming up that will go through this and really start connecting some past elements of this journey that are important milestones that I feel many should connect with and relate with their own journey.

You are a part of something special here. As you are on this quest yourself. Deepening your realization of the truest true.

Stay tuned for some powerful updates on the way..

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