What Is Every Human On The Planet Seeking?

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Sincere Seeking To Know Oneself.

From the moment we are born, there is seeking ─ A deep desire for something. For a time, this “something” we seem to not be able to put our finger on.

Is it a deep desire and longing for complete fulfillment?



All of the above?

Through the definition of our material world, fulfillment may come in many forms. Pleasures in which come and go, giving us short term satisfaction, though generally ending with us wanting more.

It leads us to achieve, strive and look to become better to continue to feed the deep en-grained tenancy we have to consume MORE.

It never seems to be enough.

There comes a point in which we begin to long for something more constant, perpetual and long lasting. An experience where this fulfillment, freedom, peace and love is permanent. Never fleeting. Always present.

Could this be possible?

For the thousands of years that humans have existed on this planet, this core desire ─ this core essence of “spiritual” seeking ─ has been evident across all cultures, religions and paths of human development. We have longed to complete our understanding and knowledge of this grand quest.

Generally, this core desire has resulted in all types of theories, dogmas and ideals of an all powerful and wise “higher being”. Many of which call “God”, “higher self”, “source” – made famous by our current and modern religions.  A deep seeking within us all to find this higher self has emerged through a multitude of methodologies, techniques, systems and ways of being. Surely progress has been made, but most certainly there has been such a depth of confusion along this path, creating unstable and short lived “experiences” of this higher being or state. All the while creating a longer lasting “discussion” and form of“intellectualizing” about this concept that seems to leave us no closer to our goal than before.

This goal, as the highest goal of every living human, is that of Self-Realization. A path to realize the nature of our “selves” and answering the core question “who am I” with absolute certainty.

If we are to set out on the journey to find the philosophers’ stone of answers, we certainly shall look to find that in which gives us 100% satisfaction. An answer which shall give us COMPLETE and utter satisfaction in its realization. One which is irreversible, unchanging and undeniably true. An answer which shall leave us in eternal peace, love and bliss. The place where our journey truly begins.

In our teaching platform, which holds the core of these teachings, I am simply focused on one thing:

Guiding you to liberation and everlasting peace.

This is certainty not a guarantee, as the results of this outcome requires effort on your part. One must be willing. Willing to completely open their heart to the discipline, perseverance and consistency that is required on a journey of this nature. Not a walk in the park by any means, although what it is, is the final steps to what you have always longed for ─ Complete Freedom.

Everything we do, underlying it, is the deepest desire of complete freedom. Leaving us in an eternal peace of satisfaction beyond anything we could experience in the changing form of this world (as we have proven to ourselves time and time again.)

We have come to know the changing world of phenomenal activity and appearance. Changing thoughts, emotions, words, actions, people, circumstances etc.

A life of perpetual change in which we are looking to find our”selves” within. Yet, every time we seem to feel like we’ve “got it”, it instantly slips through our fingers.

Gone like the wind.

How much longer shall we go on like this? How much longer are we going to continue to find ourselves at this dead end, lost, confused, with a frustration of repeating the same thing over and over?

There comes a point, where the exhaustion of mind will no longer put up with this.

The end of the road, where the call for truth merges into complete sincerity.

Sounds Daunting?

We need not to worry.

I spent an extensive amount of time diving into all aspects of this journey. I studied under many teachers, followed many paths, and uncovered the buried secrets of the great masters, sages and teachers of our history. It was a path which led me to many places not only in the world, but also within. Uncovering all things false, so that I could connect with what is true. A process of letting go all that no longer served me. False limiting beliefs, fears, attachments, past traumas and future desires. Letting go of it all. I was surely making it more complex than it needed to be, and with that uncovered the lessons needed to find what was most efficient and applicable to the modern way of life. although through that, finding methods, techniques, ways of being and simple perspectives that are going to dramatically speed up anyone’s journey who follows these teachings.

Our mind loves complexity, though its generally in the simple things that we receive the most benefit. We can overwhelm ourselves with the vast amount of knowledge and wisdom that is out there. This teaching system simplifies everything, and opens the door for you to live the life you have always wanted.

By focusing on direct experience, and giving you the doorway to this experience, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the nature of ourselves and the awareness in which we are. It is with this foundation that we can continue our journey of spontaneous creation and actualization of our goals, dreams and desires.

The next step now, is simply to take a deep breath, connect with that silent space within, and dive in…


The Purest Question We Can Ask… 

From a young age, we have asked the deeper questions.

Why is the world the way it is?

What is my purpose?

Does life exist outside of this earth?

How do I become happy?

These questions have sparked through a deeper knowing within us. A deeper knowing that there must be something more to this existence, and to what we have been presented

There is one question in particular, that is seemingly the ultimate question ─ underlying every experience, every moment, every situation we find ourselves in ─ there is a longing to answer this one question. And once answered, the completion we have always looked for shall come to fruition.

The Ultimate Question – Who Am I?

When we have had glimpses of knowing who and what we are, a rush of confidence, love, purpose and passion emerges.
We feel ALIVE, we feel infinite, we feel FREE.

There is this deep contentment that comes when we for a moment come into alignment with the feeling that we know who we are, why we are here, and how we are to live this wonder called life. It is a feeling like no other, it is a direct experience of the SELF beyond personal bias, inclination, and tendency.

Though why is it fleeting? Why are we not able to stay within this realization perpetually? Why does it fade, and we fall back into suffering?

There is simply a failure to identify still, with their true nature. Their experience is calling for them to be rooted within this inner freedom point of absolute liberation, though the conditioning is still causing confusion as to where to focus one’s attention.

Desires, Karmic imprints ( bad habits, emotional baggage etc) and all the rest are not so much the issue, as mis-directed IDENTITY. One must know that the degree and level one has identified with themselves away from their true core of Absolute nature, will be the degree in which they suffer.

In other words, as long as you believe you are something that you are not, you will continue to experience the suffering and pain of longing to know WHO YOU ARE.

This is where the sincere SELF-inquiry begins.

We inquire to the source of all things. What is the source of every action, word, thought, emotion? What is at the foundation? Is there anything?

We will eventually find that as we travel back to the source of all things we find pure, unchanging consciousness. The state of I-AM awareness. This is a space of pure absolute nature. The ONE Absolute.

We find in this space an experience that is beyond understanding, though resembles eternity. A perpetual NOW moment which never ends. A NOW moment in which is not “personal”, it does not have the remnants of “personal presence”. This NOW moment is formless, timeless, selfless, of no particular point in “space”. The eternal (awareness) is not born nor does it die. We confuse the appearance (the world) with Reality (awareness). Appearance carries its own end. What is it that appears anew? If you cannot find it, surrender unreservedly to the substratum of appearances (awareness); then Reality (awareness) will be what remains.

It is here where we realize the SELF.

This is the nature of the path of Self Realization as the foundational path of all experience in this human existence. It is the most fundamental and foundational desire of all humans.

This is what we are saying when we ask the question “Who AM I?”

Beyond a “path”, “technique”, or “spiritual” system, we rest in the simplicity of it all. Seeing all the “changing” experiences as illusions on top of this one absolute truth of who we are as pure unchanging awareness.

The longer we rest here in our “practice” of resting as what we already are. We may find our answer to the question. “Who Am I?”

On this foundation. The foundation of Self-Realization, we find ourselves experiencing life spontaneously. The natural expression of our unique being takes hold and expresses itself in the world of co-creation.

We are not here to just rest in a cave meditating, we are here to BE, and that being takes on infinite forms. Not the one in which our minds desire it to be or project (place expectation) as.


The birth of the Tri-fold Path of Awakening as ONE.

There are three core aspects to the teachings flowing through me in this time. All of which create what I call “Full Spectrum Awakening”. It is a meshing of all paths, and a middle way or zero point between the path of Self-Realization and Self-Actualization – which represents itself in a third aspect of pure infinite creation.

To start, we have the two core aspects of our journey.

INFINITE Awareness – Self Realization – The Realization of the ONE self and dissolution of all separation. – In other words, the end of knowledge and suffering.

INFINITE Awakening – Self Actualization – The Actualization of your infinite potential in form (in the world). – In other words, becoming the best version of your(personal-me)self that you can be.

Self- Realization is the only truth, it is the only goal, it is the underlying desire of ALL desires. We live to seek and we seek to know the self.

For those who are ready, there is a direct path to this source of ALL – through intensive and disciplined practice. For those who are in the deepened understanding that they desire nothing else but eternal peace, with the right teacher, you can be taken there fairly rapidly. Though recognizing it is only on you.

During this time, naturally one would ask “well what do I do with my normal life?” – “what is my purpose in creation?” etc.

Naturally, your normal life continues. Though after we meet our basic needs and create the fundamental foundation for our path of self-realization to flourish, we recognize many of the distractions which are around us. There are many shiny objects, though we begin to realize none of these will match the eternal peace we are seeking.

In this time though, due to the infinitely creative and unique nature of the universe, we have a spontaneous, playful expression of our self-actualization.

We may long to express ourselves in a certain creation, vocation or path of service. Though no longer will we be confused by our need to STRIVE to accomplish while doing these things, it will be a natural expression, a path of following one’s highest excitement, and a journey completely released from expectation and goal.

A life lived by the pure intention which the journey of self-realization brings, that manifests itself in aligned action and creation within our everyday life.

No longer do we find ourselves resisting a dualistic attachment to either or. Am I on a path of “self-realization” or am I on a path of “self actualization” – it is both.

In simple terms, this is simply putting the cart behind the horse. We are in a deep understanding that the realization of the one-self is the only real goal of every human existence. It is simply answering the question “Who Am I” with no compromise.

From this foundation, spontaneous actualization naturally occurs. It is no longer seen in the typical way we view it in the “personal development” world of “becoming a better person”. It is more so a coming into the most natural way of being. A natural way of being in which has zero expectations of you and your status in the world, rather merges everyone into a community and life of play. A play of our unique gifts, talents and expressions.

Now, within this realm of “self-actualization”, it can certainly take form in the following aspects of our lifestyle, to continue to support an expanded version of our unique expression of love.

We recognize the importance and need for things like:

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Connection with Nature and the Elements
  • Body Healing, Movement and Expression
  • Sound and vibration healing, expression, immersion
  • Deep Breathing and re-calibration
  • Anatomy cleansing & Bio-Regenesis
  • Emotional Healing
  • Authentic and committed relationships
  • Artistic creativity
  • Travel, adventure and exploration

This is the full spectrum awakening of which we speak. Recognizing that Enlightenment or self-realization has nothing to do with that of the relative world, as it is the source which seeds all of it, thus cannot be touched by it.

Though with that said, one who is realized in their absolute nature (enlightenment is what many people define this as) will naturally and spontaneously manifest themselves into aligned action within the above aspects of life. All of which are supporting health, love, abundance, wellness, authenticity, compassion, integrity and humility.

The meshing of these paths, and bringing them into wholeness, we see that it is all vital and important for us to be in the highest of expression within the mind/body experience. Supporting a coming together of these two paths, and a recognition of their equal importance.
In this space, it leaves us in a third place which is the “create cool shit” space.

INFINITE Creation – A space of spontaneous expression of one’s innate gifts and destined creation

If we are now free of all desires, constraints and needs, with our life balanced in such beautiful ways, what else would there be to do, other than to CREATE?

Create an infinite amount of heart-centered, aligned creations that support the expansion of this playground we call earth. Expanding into the limitless in physical form, seeing there is NO limitation, and our ability to create is truly boundless.

As I have guided many, and seen my own journey unfold, it naturally comes in this cyclical process of HEALING & TRANSFORMATION > EDUCATION > CREATION.

Continuing to go through these cycles over and over again.

Though as it continues to cycle, it gets closer and closer to the core pillar of Self-Realization as the only true desire and “goal” for one walking the path of life.

We can only go so far with empowerment teachings (or self-actualization) in the sense that we will at some point recognize it is not enough.

Infinitely we can actualize, infinitely we can create, though the realization of the self brings an END point which leaves one in eternal peace. It is from here, we see the new Foundation which is created, and express infinitely from here.

There is no rush. There is only the natural pace and flow. Find this in your own experience, and the manifestation of what is depicted here will unfold for you.

In these teachings, we look to align ALL these paths into one.

We see the validity in us realizing our absolute unchanging and REAL nature, though from there, we play, we play within the world of illusion and duality. We are simply now doing this from a space of ultimate freedom and liberation.

These teachings will take shape in many forms. Starting with core teachings from yours truly and expanded with many others who are also communicating the same core message of truth.

What are the INFINITE Teachings?

We are in a time where all knowledge is vastly and readily available for all beings to learn from, experience directly, and apply in their own life. With the availability of any piece of knowledge at our finger tips by way of the internet, we are simply navigating through the infinite amount of resources at a natural pace that is in alignment with our highest good.

The INFINITE Teachings will take you on a journey deep within. A journey back to the source point of your moment to moment experience, a journey to the most fundamental experience of peace, expansion and love, and a journey which will guide you to awaken your full potential.

The INFINITE Teachings from Sheikh represent what we call “Full Spectrum Awakening” taking a complete and holistic look at the Body/Mind/Soul system. The teachings cover the full spectrum process of awakening, outlining the various steps that one goes through, while also recognizing the spontaneous and random trajectory that one’s journey can take.

Whether you are looking for complete liberation and freedom, to be happier and more fulfilled longing for a deepened connection with yourself, to experience an expansive life of love, peace and abundance, or to increase your vibratory state of consciousness. Surely, these teachings will give a taste of everything to each individual.

These teachings pull together a combination of some of the most precise, scientific, practical and modern approaches to spirituality, human optimization and personal development. Within these teachings, you will find the magic that speaks to your individual soul, giving you back your sovereignty on your infinitely unique path of unfoldment.

Gain Access to the introductory teachings HERE.

Journey on.


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