V@ccines, the fear of death & our individual path during the time of transition.

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 I was asked about my take on the vaccines / what support or words im providing to the community during the present mass-vaccination scenario. While I have said what I needed to say on many of the details already / linked many resources – I from time to time will share things as I see them or as I am sparked, which I was with this question!

My clarity on the subject, personally, is crystal clear… v@xines in their traditional form we know it now are simply a perpetuation of the false science, false god narrative – an externalization of health, nature, well-being into this glorified projected “savior” – it is why it is such a “trigger” topic which is tied to many things, namely the fear of death & God (which I get into later). Homeopathy is the original v@xine, and this is definitely useful, very useful in fact – but this is quite a lot different from where we have arrived with the traditional forms of v@xines. These traditional forms of course are a high ticket profit item within the multi trillion dollar medical industry. For a time it baffled me why so many would put their trust in a medical system that is the predominantly used system in a time where 1 in 2 /3 will get cancer, or be diagnosed with depression. It is clearly not working. We can see here the absolute delusion and mind control preying on this deep rooted fear of death (more in this below)

Personally, in the same way that I KNOW I have hands, I do not believe I have hands… the same goes for the non-need of this CV (or any) v@xine – this is not a belief, this is a knowing. I have been to the doctor maybe once in the past decade, same with dentist – and I am healthier than ever. Ever since I stopped relying on the traditional medical system for my own well-being (only in NON-emergency or blunt trauma situations – don’t follow me, use common sense), ALL, and I mean ALL of the array of health issues that plagued me for the first 2 decades of my life.. are practically gone, or has drastically improved. Over the course of that time also learning from some of the top holistic / natural / energy healers, doctors teachers on the planet – I have also learned that essentially anything can be healed, and have seen it first hand. This goes for everything that is said to be “incurable” chronic, genetic etc etc, there are no exceptions, especially when the proper tools, environment etc are available – and the individual is willing / determined.

The various communities and groups of this or that regarding the v@xine are interesting, it surely is grounding us into the realities of our individual and collective clarity around the subject of health, well-being and healing, thats for sure. Awakening, Health, and all of the above is not independent of each other. I have found it interesting to observe those who may have embarked on a “spiritual journey” – meditation, study, peace, love etc -while still have no real concept of the principles of well-being and health. This isn’t a judgement, just interesting – because many of them are the ones on the “care for others” bandwagon – perpetuating masks, v@xines and all there rest, which comes from a good intention, however it is filled with virtue signalling and other delusions, including that of what really keeps us healthy!. On my end, I have explored all sides of this – so my understanding of spirituality doesn’t get in the way of my understandings of health and well-being as they were both very intertwined on my journey. Just as I came to know the primary and underlying causes to disease – (which is build up of toxicity on all levels) and how all can be healed with the proper tools / environment/circumstance – well how we “protect ourselves” from the so called viruses, is very much the same.

Someone who is unaware of the basic principles of health, (generally not what is found in the traditional medical education world) will of course be in the belief that a v@xine is necessary for protection of themselves or others, however this is simply false. There is no sweet way to put it. Of course, many others can speak to the science behind this better than I can, which I have linked or pointed to.

With all of this said, the topic of “getting the v@xine or not” is not entirely a black or white thing, those who get it are not necessarily “doomed” however they will likely have a tough go around when it comes to detoxing the poisons/ toxins that are in it. This is being shown with the many who are having adverse effects, their body / energy is not strong enough to handle it – and mixed in the soup of a deep FEAR (whether consciously or unconsciously – is one of the main reasons why someone would be getting it anyways) this is bound for complications & suffering. FEAR is the real killer here, if people were able to see how detrimental consistent feeling states of fear, guilt, shame etc are on overall well-being & our bodies health…. boy a wakeup call that would be!

If one IS in a place where they feel they need to get it, or there are circumstances where they choose to do so, one can prepare by communicating to the entirety of the body, every cell, to reject/ not assimilate all synthetic / abrasive / toxic / mal-intended substances – to become adept at learning how to communicate with the entire energy / anatomy template – and in this way, possibly reverse or nullify many of the effects. One who has the correct spiritual technologies / light-body / plasma activations may be able to transmute any of the negative effects that may occur. This is certainly not “for sure” and will be different for each, so still not a recommendation for anyone to engage playing with fire in this sense – however, this is circumstantial that will be different for everybody.

Obviously the discussion regarding VAX- Passport comes up as well, and the limiting of all the regular things of travel, store, event access etc. This is likely, and has been seen for a long time, well underway. I am not personally fighting this, I already know my trajectory, and have seen it for a long time, a completely new web, new reality, new network is being created in real time on this planet and in parallel versions of this earth. A creation of literally a new reality of a system / paradigm / societal structure that exists autonomous, sovereign, in alignment with nature and natural principles – this is it. This is complex, and is not a “walk in the park” – however, this starts through local grass roots community setups, networks, resource sharing circles / distribution channels – extending into more off grid communities / ;and ownership etc. There are many layers to this.

From an energetic standpoint, we are approaching an energetic split / cut off / transition in 2023 which will further solidify this, this is just the beginning, with other more important dates in coming decades. Those who have done their work and aligned with universal law principles will further come together / oscillate into that creation – whereas those on the opposite end, will continue down theirs. This is a splitting, and while nothing is essentially a “one time” drastic thing, we have already passed the tipping point, so the intensification of this will continue to occur. A literal “splitting of worlds” I feel is possible, and in coming decades (sooner for some) the ability to literally transmute the body into other worlds / planets/ universal coordinates – and return at will is also a reality – which is a different discussion, however related when we are considering what to do if the planet turns for the worse in the direction of complete Tyranny / control (which is not likely, but possible)

On a practical end, our time, energy, money, resource investments into that in which will hold value for REAL life (not the false paradigm world we have come to know) this is a high priority. Knowledge, connections, land, food grow ups, energy systems, building supplies/ materials, communication tools, permaculture skill sets etc etc, many things. I am personally going to be out of the city, setup with what I and those around me require to thrive, I am already connected to the many networks of others doing the same, and this will only continue to expand as we have seen over the years This is to be done ongoing, the more we align with what is true, we do what is true – and what is false falls away.

When it comes to this entire situation as a whole, while I personally am living among all of this like most people, I am not enraveled in it, Everyday I see the power of focus and attention in regards to this, and how there are many realities all simultaneously playing out – we have to each individually get to the place of being able to consciously choose based on our preference & true resonance, not out of fear, obligation, peer pressure etc etc.

The breakdown of the falsehood is happening on every level. Grassroots, to high up on the system hierarchy, many people are coming into this clarity – millions upon millions. I trust in the intelligence and the free-will of each being to navigate as they see it., feel it, know it. This is where I see the middle ground with all of this, there will be continued awakening for many in these times. This splitting is not black or white, especially in this transition period where we are among many different types of individuals, some who believe in this, some who believe in that – the core principles of love, compassion, understanding, patience, peace, are always so vital to remember, because it is this energy in which navigates healing, resolution, coming together. As we have resolved our own fears within, and have come to harmony with the entirety of the ongoing circus in which this planet is, we can emanate this wherever we go, and this may light a spark for another.


I have a friend and mentor named Christina Rae Martinez, who I highly respect, and I view to be quite adept on the path, – who spoke to this quite well.

Among the many things I have learned or received from her, one of which is that she does these unique “template healing scripts” which are essentially a form of energy healing using encryptions and her writing form which she does on pictures that hold a certain energy of something requiring healing – she generally does this on collective topics etc.

She did some recently on the v@xine – I have attached 3 pictures of what she did.



What was most powerful was some of the things she shared in a discussion with me about them, which I found were quite balanced and reflected some of the things I have been contemplating recently after having gone deep into the subject as well.

This was her original post with the scripts:



As most people know the new COVID-19 v@xine is out now and making it’s way across the globe. It’s important to get some Template Healing Scripts out to assist in releasing the influence and heal the negative affects of the v@xine.

I went back and forth about posting the script of Biden since so many have had such strong emotions about the election here in the United States. But this isn’t a political forum I needed a “live” encryption of the v@xine and his was one of the first to be covered by the media. The images online with the v@xine labels are filled with clear serums mostly not the actual v@xine and having the v@xine going through a real physical body was of most importance to get the best Template Healing Scripts. I did a couple more of real people getting the v@xine as the media expanded to include to balance it out and found no significant difference except for the normal variation that occurs in different body types.

On a side note I didn’t find any nano technology in any of the scripts, nothing to indicate this is part of an Artificial Intelligence integration plan. Doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there just that this doesn’t seem to be part of that. In reality people really are quite intuitive having billions of bottles of nano tech disguised as a v@xine would become apparent to some people and that would be that. Nano tech may be small but they aren’t impossible to detect through normal scientific means.

Also of important significance is the virus itself, the template and tissue that was once something else and had been manipulated and abused into being a form of weaponry is not wanting to be abused anymore, it wants to find another form of existence. I once told someone “You can’t get away from Being~ness in Co-creation” and that includes black hole systems. To me that’s the power of God-Source everything is a part of itself and can choose a different existence.


And this was her convo with me after I had asked about what else she picked up when scripting:



It’s mainly designed to damage the DNA like we typically understand of these viruses and v@xines. So that the DNA will work differently. Most people have been saying that it’ll keep you from raising your frequency but it’s more towards not being able to “network” with yourself. There’s key components to DNA expansion and this ‘v@xine’ reassembles certain areas of replication making those key components not work correctly It’s not instantaneous and many are going to be able to heal the damage while working to release the fear programs that triggered all these events in the first place. i.e. pandemic , riots, lock downs etc. Been able to experience the v@xine through the family template. My mom got v@xinated already. It’s like I suspected the fear of the virus is more detrimental than the damage from the v@xine. There are quite a few scripts in this series with all kinds of resequencing equations to resequence the resequencing essentially putting the correct sequencing patterns back into the v@xine so that it will actually do what they claim it will do!

Here’s the real interesting part …remember back in the coronavirus series there was communication from the virus itself? One of the things that the Template Healing Scripts do is to help in communication. The mathematical equations in the scripts can be learned and communication heals. It’s actually painful to not be able to communicate properly. In this script I circled where the template of the virus communicated again stating it’s desire to find another existence. The smaller circle is a healing code the virus template co-created for itself.

We can spend most of our time believing we aren’t like everyone else, we’re different. So different we can’t communicate with those around us OR we can find common ground with people in our lives and learn to communicate with one another. When we value communication over being “right” we can heal communication. Who cares if our families don’t understand consciously that there are parasitic beings here trying to control our world it’s not worth damaging our relationships to convince them. Everyone knows what’s happening in the template even if it’s not making it to the conscious awareness, it will. And we’ll be here gently encouraging them “It will be all right” … not screaming “I told you so!” Right? That’s valuing communication over being right …that helps others learn to communicate with us. Even viruses.

Also, it’s important to understand that all levels of our beings are working towards healing this, Earth, Sun , Tara, Gaia, Aramentena etc. not just us few in the KS community. We got ourselves all around us working towards a common goal, freedom.


Some great perspectives there, especially in regards to our interactions with others.

I personally do not bring it up much unless asked. If someone asks, they are willing and open to listen, otherwise I leave it be, unless I feel it will be welcomed and considered. Peace is more important.

One thing in these pictures that is a positive that is identified in these pictures is On the subject of micro chipping, nanobots, nanotech etc – this is being mixed together with the topic of particular v@xine and is a hot topic. It seems like this is not necessarily the case on this initial one, the likely-hood of this happening in coming ones, or in other means(that are already underway) is quite high. Though this is a positive element and helps with people be able to possible transmute the negative effects of the v@xine.

The AI / Trans-humanism agenda is well underway, and will continue to be furthered in many other attempts, which is something I have covered at length in my various “A Way Through ” Series workshops.


As an additional piece for now, This was a piece from a previous writing regarding V@xines that I feel is very relevant which I will add here:


Now, as one takes responsibility for their life in all ways, they bring the power back to themselves, recognizing the power in which we each have, and the tools we have at our disposal, naturally.

From this grounded and whole perspective we see that the many structures, systems and setup of our society is sourced from the egoic illusion that we need something from the outside – and this deep inner conditioning / mind program results in a plethora of attachments and fears in which influence our decision making, and ability to come to a place of true self-sovereignty. This attachment, is coming from the core and simple fear of death. With this fear being incessantly avoided by the egoic self, it will be susceptible to programs like “savior” archetypes – in which will project this idea on to anything that can seemingly save it from its impending death and destruction. v@xines, Conspiracies, Governments, Aliens, Masters, etc – they can all end up being the same thing… really anything can.

It is simply something from the outside that is “more of God” than something else. Something in which is going to “save me” from this fear of death that seems to follow one everywhere.

Yet, countless times, after countless attempts to avoid it, we seem to come to rest back into this fear. We see that it will not ever go away until it is confronted, until we recognize that the small separate egoic mind/body self that one may have believed themselves to be… is but a mirage. A holographic projection of our perception of consciousness – (like virtual reality) – It is an avatar suit in which we wear for some time, and naturally discard (or bring with us) to our next destination. Just like a dream, we pick up this character, and leave it for the next.

In coming to see this, coming to realize this knowing- that you are truly an eternal being, that gives life to this human body and experience – A body that is far more complex that we may give it credit for, and is in essence a universe in itself – We come into a fearless like nature – one in which is not resisting nor attached to ideas or concepts, external people, places or things. We recognize the wholeness of it all.

Naturally then, the topic of v@xines, really isn’t much of a topic – very little in the manifested world will be “a topic” for that matter – as we see that all is made up of the same thing as everything else is – pure source energy.

If all is source, then what is better or worse than something else? What is there to push or pull against? What can one truly be separate from?

It is in this resolution that actually defies the typical physical laws we have come to know. We also come to see the doom and gloom stories, fears and projections of others – another part of this illusionary dream – giving our attention to it – no more or less than anything else.

What is revealed is a true sense of peace, freedom, joy, health….

This is where eternity becomes a visceral and direct experience.

And for each of us…

When the time is correct..

Will become so.


UPDATE   – Newly added piece that I liked from an article from the founder of Rotational Monofeeding – Nora – a page dedicated to healing dogs through detox protocols (very similar to what we do with humans) the piece on vaccines is universal and a great addition to this article

The original piece is found HERE



Vaccines so de-vitalize the body that it sometimes doesn’t have the energy needed to employ eliminative symptoms. When the body perceives an emergency, it sacrifices stored energy in order to eliminate accumulating wastes that would otherwise jeopardize vital function. That’s why, in some animals and people, vaccines don’t “work” and they still get the symptoms the vaccine is supposed to prevent. It means their bodies had enough vitality to eliminate or otherwise deal with the vaccine AND employ its safety valve. For example, young adults getting flu shots more often get flu symptoms after a shot than elderly flu shot victims do. The flu vaccine, therefore, is seen to be very “effective” in elderly people.

It should be easy to see, then, that when vaccines “work”, it only means wastes that would have been eliminated (by symptoms) are retained in the body. That’s how simple eliminative symptoms are turned into chronic, lifelong disease. It should become clear why pharma and its buddies in the media are so keen to sell vaccines. They score twice! Once when they sell the vaccine and then again when they sell the drugs used to manage chronic disease symptoms. And why wouldn’t they do that? They’ve got stockholders to answer to.

You may have been hearing a lot about “adjuvants” lately.  The word adjuvant may be new and mysterious to most people but as usual in the medical field, it is a very simple concept hiding behind a fancy word. Adjuvant basically means “supporting player”.  It’s something that is seen to “enhance the effectiveness” or “facilitate” a medical treatment (for example).  You see, just injecting “viruses” in a harmless liquid medium into the bloodstream would not sufficiently drain the body’s resources in order for it to then be unable to gather enough energy to perform vital emergency eliminative symptoms such as those it employs with constructive illness.  The medium must also therefore contain substances so threatening and potentially harmful to the body that enough energy is directed to their elimination as to render the body unable to also produce symptoms in many people.
The presence of these harmful adjuvants is a de facto admission by vaccination advocates that the virus theory is nonsense. If giving the body the presumed agent of disease was what produces so called “immunity”, adjuvants would not be needed. Some examples of common adjuvants are mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and monosodium glutamate . These harmful additives are what make vaccination so dangerous and risky and are easily recognized by people as things that should NOT be put into the body, particularly directly into the bloodstream. This required that an unfamiliar catch-all term be used and thus “adjuvant” was adopted. It is the adjuvants that are causing so much damage to vaccinated individuals, human and otherwise. That’s why anti-vaccination activists rail against them and claim they’d have no problem with vaccines that did not contain them. But this reveals their lack of understanding about how the body really works as well, because even without adjuvants vaccines would not be safe since some very toxic individuals cannot even spare the minimal energy it would take for their bodies to eliminate viruses (spent cellular debris) in a harmless (but superfluous) medium. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine, nor could there ever be. Anyone who campaigns for safe vaccines is a fraud and is working to help vaccine manufacturers clean up their public image, either directly or unknowingly.
The fundamental mistake that the medical establishment makes is to pretend that by hyper-stimulating the “immune” system (more appropriately called the defense system) and exposing it to disease “agents”, they are building it up or making it stronger. But that’s just the OPPOSITE of how it really works and ironically that’s why vaccines are perceived to work, when they do at all, and that’s hard to determine anyway because vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to perform effectiveness research.  The defensive system that we are all born with is like a bank account that you can only build up providing the conditions under which your body can heal or maintain homeostasis.  That’s why babies are so sensitive — they have their full defensive account that they were born with.  The defense system is patently NOT like a muscle that gets stronger with use!
It’s fine, imo, to use adjuvants as your reason for shunning vaccines to get your doctor, pediatrician or vet to shut up about them. But we need to be careful about jumping on board with activists who just want safer adjuvants or even their removal from vaccines. That’s not good enough and it gives the 100% fraudulent vaccine industry the opportunity to save itself.
It should be clear that nobody in the vaccine industry, or any industry allied with it, is looking out for us. “Flu” symptoms and other constructive illnesses are the body’s efforts to save itself. Nobody dies of “flu” (human or canine) who cooperates with the body and

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