The Way Through – Navigating The Path Of Awakening In Times of Transition

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While I wear a mask willingly – and was wearing them on specific occasions before this was even a discussion. I’ve also set up my life so that I rarely if ever have to wear one, as I do not have to go into any public buildings. I would also leave a city that forces them to be worn outside or inside my private residence like some places have.

While I see the validity and use of properly tested and vetted vaccines, i haven’t had one in almost 20 years and never will again. I’m also widely aware of the rushed process with the upcoming vaccines, along with the profit & control interests behind all of them, which naturally brings its distortions.

While in times of what is seemingly a health crisis, the allopathic medical system will be of great use. It will be of less use as each being takes the responsibility upon themselves to take their well-being into their own hands as best as they can. Recognizing the laws of nature always win, and alignment with them in all ways brings endless gifts – inclusive of immunity, inner peace, balance and well-being.

While social distancing is challenging and may bring up much pain for those desiring touch, community and connection – this is also the most beautiful time for deepened inquiry. Where one can get to know the intimate layers of themselves more deeply. Where one can transmute the relationship of being alone and loneliness. Recognizing these do not have to be connected, and that as we develop the connection with our true self & the god-source within, we can forever be in the highest loving company.

While it is unfortunate to see the falling apart of the economy, loss of jobs, closing of small businesses and the havoc this has already caused, along with how much more difficult for many it may get. Those who truly require the support & love to be shown that they are cared for. It is also a natural unfolding of us stepping into a world which forces those too access their innate creative gifts in the most authentic of ways. Where our jobs, our businesses and the like are not simply there to make money and provide our basic needs – as this will be provided freely for ALL. Now instead, opening the opportunity for so many to give time for inner seeking – for contemplation and for a discovery of who is TRULY here, and what does this true self desire to freely express.

While I know Something is killing and making others sick – what we have termed: COVID. What is said to be naturally occurring virus that is feeding on humans, as it has less and less animals to feed on as we have completely destroyed the animal kingdom with our selfish ways. I am also aware of the manipulation & planned nature by specific groups of not only virus but virus’s in the past, along with more to come. This has commonly been known as overt or covert Biological Warfare – certainly not a new concept – that in which has also infiltrated delusions within our scientific, medical and educational institutions.

Specific Governments and various institutional groups are doing the best they can with what they know to support the public with the COVID Situation. While simultaneously there are still controlling powers & groups on the planet (and influenced by off planet groups) – which have existed here for many many years. Those who are exploiting in the opposite way, setting up the potential for totalitarian control and Tyranny through an AI GOD Controlled Technocratic Society. All of which has been planned & underway for a very long time with countless documentation to prove it. The true virus of Control & manipulation that has been instilled by all great societies that have risen and fallen in our history in the past, both recent and far – nothing new, we are facing it yet again, with the stakes being exponentially higher.

Not all Celebrities, billionaires and governmental officials are child pedophiles/abusers – Though some of the best known ones are involved in spirit cooking, cannibalism, child hunting games and satanic ritual rape & murder. Much of which depicted through the real life imagination of directors of the many popular movies, music videos and forms of media we have consumed over the past few decades. (wonder where they came up with all of that?) . The reversal of what “star” status truly means – with the entire collective idea being usurped & manipulated – built on an entirely false foundation that now.. is collapsing.

While there is so much greatness our civilization has been able to create – so much has been developed on mis-aligned intent, these foundations are being uprooted and are setting the stage for an alchemy of lead into gold – our old ways being made a new, providing a completely new structure and framework that provides equally to all.

While I can see a middle way of cities being completely re-imagined in the new paradigm, a revolution from both the top down, and on the grassroots level of the bottom up. Not necessarily a destructive apocalypse – but rather a less stressful and chaotic bridge between old and new systems. I also can see for a while in the near future, a great exodus from cities. Smaller communities, towns and communes popping up to be the leaders in living what the new paradigm structure will be.

We are in the end times where many more will potentially perish, structures will collapse, and varying levels of chaos will continue to emerge. While we are also in the times never before seen on this planet, spoken about in all religious and spiritual traditions as the mass awakening. A time for liberation and step a into eternal love, joy and peace for All Races both on this planet and in our eternal universe.

While there is great promise, there still lies great challenge ahead. While many suffer – many are being liberated. The old paradigm is falling away, as all falsehood inevitably will. Like a leaf falling off a tree, collectively what we have believed ourselves to be is dieing away.

While all of these topics , timelines, apparent issues, challenges etc are completely valid, and a part of this human experience – it is all still a product of our co-creative perception & consciousness. Everything always is. Everything we deem to be “real” certainly is so. Yet, physical reality is becoming more and more malleable as the energies shift, and while the laws of gravity may not change anytime soon, as we re-align with nature, we begin to access a whole new world. In the end, while we tend to take things quite seriously, and are constantly in the look for purpose & meaning – life is also equally purposeless & meaningless. – like a spec of dust within the infinite timeline of the universe – and this planet, like a single piece of sand in a mile long beach, exists within a universe of trillions of stars – and exponentially more other planets. When one gives themselves time to contemplate this, a deepened humbling ensues.

Naturally there are infinite perspectives to the same topics – truth reveals all, and when realized – it rests one right in the middle.

Here, your own mind, along with the reflections of others cannot hold anything in a box. You are freed from the manipulation of the egoic self to attempt to categorize, create dogmas,and rigid beliefs – which simply perpetuates suffering through condemnation, criticism, judgement and delusion.

This is not the time to be caught in the opinions, judgments and beliefs of others. It never has been and never will be. It is the time to rest in the knowing of self, to be humbled by the realities of life, yet invigorated by them just the same.

Naturally this requires great discernment, persistence & authentic self-inquiry. To become the light, the layers must shed, and just when one believes they are complete, another layer reveals itself yet again.

The past month in particular is that of re-alignment, and further preparation for times to come. A shedding of sorts that scrapes the bottom of the barrel for even the most adept. Naturally humbling, and grounding one into their humanity.

This is the complete awakening into being a full human in all its glory and all its pain. Welcome home.


As I take full responsibility for my experience in this body, in this time, in these coordinates – I further my recognition of the importance of staying grounded yet perceptive, playful yet serious, humble yet knowing.

I rest here surrendered in the source of ALL.

I am aware of all spectrum’s up and down, left right, inside out, here there, everywhere, nowhere.

I embody my highest nature, guiding every moment, giving all tools required for further service, protection, co-creation and free-will direction.

I destroy falsehood everywhere I go, flowing like water, untouched, unscathed. Forever strong, durable and powerful – yet soft, gentle and nourishing.

I see all delusional and illusionary ways of this dimension, yet can exist within it all at any time, embodied yet detached.

I am guided by the attitudes, responsiiblites, contemplation’s, virtues and freedoms of the KRYST – in ongoing remembrance of truth.


In wisdom, loving truth and joy.


The Next Transmission is Ready for tomorrow at 730 (recording will be available ) and titled:

It will cover the full spectrum discussion of where we have been, where we are now, and where we are headed – with the relevant awareness pieces that will support in furthering one’s path in an aligned way.

Topics that will be explored, will be everything relevant inclusive of:

– Our current timeline and trajectory
– The crossroads many are facing & how to navigate.
– How to develop pristine intuition and clear inner sight – providing the way to navigate a time with infinite amount of beliefs, theories and ideas.
– What lies most important in the times to stay grounded, embodied and continue to further the unfoldment of one’s natural path.
– How we rest in the middle way, and why this will keep us prepared, at ease and in well-being with ourselves.
– The infinite present moment and why this will always be the foundational teaching.



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