The Truth About Conspiracy & The Path of Awakening

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(6Min Read—shhh im guestimating?)

In 2008 I was exposed to what most have referred to as “conspiracies” for the first time.

I wasn’t really interested. I didn’t resist it, I felt it was surely more exciting than what I had come to know about the world….though I simply wasn’t ready to explore. I was more interested in what the world had painted for a 18 year old boy


A few years later in 2011, after a couple years of “personal development” work. – I watched a series of videos and docs that finally blew the lid and got me quite excited. It was an excitement in the fact that the life I has felt I was taught, which brought so much pain and struggle, maybe wasn’t truly the way. Maybe there was something else that I wasn’t being told?…….quickly before my eyes this was to be revealed.

It sent me on a few 6 month binges of everything you can imagine. I uncovered pretty much every main “conspiracy” you can think of. Going through every possible emotion one can experience. From rage to joy.. and everything in between.

Covering Core topics such as:
– The pyramid of hierarchical control of this planet and what some call “the Matrix”
– Naturally – the entire structure of the Matrix and the various purposes to each.
– Secret Societies and Their Agendas.
– True Earth History.
– Hidden Religious Teachings
– Aliens, ET’s UFO;s and the cosmos
– The truth about time, space and what we are living in.
– Future timeline agendas and its relationship to religious scripture.
– The true purpose of the human race & Our hidden potential.

I’m just going of the cuff here – each of these topics have literally infinite other topics within each… so ill leave it there…

Of course there are a number of places on my website where some of these topics can be explored further.


Between 2012 and 2016 I continued in cycles going deep. While also simply exploring what it was really all a product of….. awakening.

In reality the outer world of conspiracies had some validity, though it was all a stepping stone to actually focus on what mattered… which was the journey of re-alignment, balance and healing. A call to the infinite dimensions of light that traverse the entirety of our human experience.

This was a process of learning, practicing and embodying the principles and teachings of many ancient and modern spiritual , personal development, psychology, health, relationship, and heart based living approaches and principles.

This tested every ounce of my vitality, perseverance, discipline, compassion and self-love.

It brought me to my knees time and time again. Yet it seemed that much of the journey was still a process of cloaking myself in a new “spiritual guise” – one that seemed better off than what I was facing suffering with before… yet it was simply the same.


In 2016 this journey became all consuming and I lost interest in a lot of the outer topics of broad ranging things and became exclusively focused on the inner dimensions of nondual reality.

It was a true humbling into what the spiritual journey was pointing to. Beyond the endless knowledge, study, information. Beyond what I had thought spirituality was thought to be about – very much fueled by new-age culture – the “new ego guise of spirituality” was simply being dismantled.

(I go into this more in the 3 part article series on my main blog page)

Naturally there was a developing awareness of how these conspiracy topics affected my day to day reality, making the proper lifestyle changes to bring more positivity. While also seeing that, as the inner realization deepened, the previous anger projected at controlling “powers that be”, transformed into a deeper inner peace and power to be of service.


In 2017, nondual realization became a reality directly, and it began a completely new process of unfolding that I could never of even dreamed of.

Of course as one awakens, there is naturally a higher level of responsibility that one is given. Which is to support other beings in this same process. With this, a revealing of the darkest of the dark will become apparent, as one now resides in the inner light, powerful enough to support in revealing this within others as well.

At this point, While staying simultaneously aware of the realities of this planet that were continually being uncovered.. there became a primary focus on simply empowering others with the tools and demonstrating the compassion to bring awakening, peace and inner joy.

To the best of my ability, I spoke very little on the conspiracy topics unless I felt it was absolutely beneficial to those listening.

At times I saw where it became a distraction again, and pulled back.

This naturally I feel will occur with most who sincerely walk the path.

Its here in this balancing where Conspiracy wisdom no longer becomes about simply having more knowledge, being able to show the “unwoke” something they do not know, or as a way to escape common sense and practical realities.. it instead becomes a direct tool for broader awareness and further service to those truly affected by the darkness, and cannot support themselves out of it – of course, including oneself.

Everything is simply information. We can take it as we desire. Naturally, much conspiracy wisdom tends to trigger things within us, as it has the potential to reveal the inner hidden darkness within ourselves.

To both discredit conspiracies as delusion, or to attach everything to the idea of a hidden evil force.. will both be a natural part of the path…

..yet to walk the middle way, will ask one to drop this ignorance and illusion for truth and a balanced approach.

Both extremes naturally are distraction measures of the lower ego to avoid moving into FEELING of what is truly arising within.

The lower ego will find anything it can to attach itself to, to simply delay what all of this is pointing to, where everything is taking you…

Back to TRUTH ??

The truth of oneself.

Who Am I? Is this question.

What is the core, essential nature of this living experience. The fundamental truth.

Its when this inner lens is developed -the traversing of any type of information – let alone conspiracy -becomes a fuel for uncovering what is within.

NOTE: This is the core of my work and inclusive in this new program that has just be launched here

Truth cares not for opinion, assumption, peer reviewed studies, socially accepted dogmas or the any of the rest. It cares for love and love alone.

It may manifest in these things, though, the direct knowing of love, compassion, peace is the foundation.

It is through this recognition that we are brought to the source of light within us, which reveals darkness everywhere it goes.

It has no agenda, it has nothing to prove, it simply does its work and reveals what is necessary for the betterment of all.

It all comes back to our direct experience of life.

What do we know for certain?

It is here where direct knowing is revealed.. along with the natural gifts for service, a living purpose and true surrender.

Like many others who have walked a similar path, we are observing now in 2020 many of the topics that have been around for decades, just coming to the surface among the mainstream.

Each will have to go through their own process individually, and naturally will faster than ever before.

It at times can be painful to explore, most of this pain having to do with the attachment to the ideas of others, having endless debates and battles …that really are part of the process of each coming back to themselves.

Coming back to a knowing that is fostered through direct experience, where one is not in the business of convincing others, rather they see all as a supportive tool for deeper awakening and coming into direct contact with truth.


I personally feel the term conspiracy is losing its weight (as much as its now a trending topic on the mainstream).

In my personal experience I have come in direct contact with what many may view as fantasy, fake, conspiracy etc ….. in my reality now, there is a knowing, a truth that has been revealed.

Most of the time, the fear mongering based energies behind the conspiracies is neutralized – as the process of direct experience is a process of coming into contact with ones innate inner power. As one tastes this fruit, naturally the fear of some hidden evil, or “scary” agenda dwindles away. One connects with the source of creation, see’s themselves as an aligned co-creator with this source, and thus can live accordingly.

It is at this point that it matters not what others say, or whether they believe, or whether there is some “study” to prove, none of this is needed.

It is like needing to prove that we have hands – for the sake of this conversation, it is clear that for each of us this is a knowing, not a belief.

This is the direct experience…

Which will be revealed in different ways, and at different times, for each of us.

Pass everything though the heart of hearts and simply recognize where all of this is pointing.

The only purpose to human life is the realization of god-source.

Put everything into this single intention – what will support this journey will stick, and what no longer does.. will drop away.

Naturally, in time, the way will be revealed.


For those naturally aligned with this message, there may be a resonance to dive deeper.

For the past decade within the realms of health, personal development, emotional release and spiritual guidance I have supported 1000’s of individuals come to a deeper clarity within themselves.

Now, more than ever is an opportunity like none other to surrender to this path of awakening in which is unfolding.

My newest program release for committed individuals is HERE

Along with our Emotional Release Sessions and More.


Deep love to you on the path, friend :).

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