See No Evil. Awakening To Love In These Times Of Transition.

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I’ve written this article as a piece to bring light to all of what we are presently experiencing together. Of course, each of us experiencing this to varrying degree’s,  this will go into some very simple & basic topics, along with some advanced topics of awakening, the transmutation of darkness into love,  and returning to our natural essence of pure source, love & light.

I trust it will provide some guidance, insight and support in this time of great opportunity and transition we are currently facing.

Deep love to you.


Opening Oneself To Truth

To see that all, are truly only ever doing the best that they can, is to simply see the spark of source, love, light, in which exists within all.

It is a recognition that all within manifested form, across the infinite space of the universe is made up of the light spark of source.

From the greatest of good, to what is perceived as the greatest evil – all is made up of this same source. Naturally, if there was the existence of true evil or true darkness, the entire universe would collapse. Light exists, darkness does not, darkness is the absence of light, the illusionary shadow.

The journey of the middle way, is to come to realize this.

Through the traversing of ones life, naturally one will come across endless trials & challenges in which reveal further depths of the darkness within. This darkness will be revealed through what arises in the external projection of one’s outer experience. This will reveal an inner dimension of triggers, attachments, expectations , identities and the rest – which inevitably bring suffering.

Everything that arises within our experience can be used for further means of purification. Everything that arises within ones holographic projection – is naturally a mirror, reflecting us back the opportunity for integration. Integration of the fragmented parts of ourselves in which we separate from (claiming they are not us due to the pains in which they bring). This is a A denial of what IS, without proper affirmation and FEELING into what IS.

To truly affirm and validate something that arises within our mirror, is to feel it, to acknowledge it, to recognize its existence. That, although illusionary, like all other projections of consciousness, it is still valid, and for it to be valid, means, we are willing to experience it full,y recognizing it is unreal & illusionary. Any attempt to battle, control, manipulate or reject what is in the mirror – is simply a rejection of self. It is similar to when a dog sees themselves in the mirror, thinking it is another dog, barking and yapping at the mirror – unaware that in fact what it is looking at, is oneself.

There are no exceptions to this rule. When we inner-stand how our reality is created – a holographic projection of ever ascending dimensions of oneself – all stair stepping themselves down into the physical reality where we now experience them. A make up of lifetimes of karmic and energetic imprints in which have pulled us away from our true divine blueprint. These imprints projecting out into our physical – but holographic reality, all to be brought back inwards and upwards, integrated and embodied through the process of loving compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and acknowledgement.

This is the simple journey & purpose to life.

This is the gateway for all healing, re-alignment and awakening to occur. It brings the natural product of one recognizing that all other selves are simply.. oneself. Everywhere one goes, everything one see’s, is simply themselves.

Like a hallroom of mirrors, it is endless.



Bringing World Change – Through Individual Transformation

Although at the source, all is one,  we come across the reality that there are an infinite number of individual expressions of consciousness in the form of other beings. We come across endless family of other humans who are also on this journey with us – equally an expression of source as anything else, all with their own free-will choice to align back with true source, and the original KRYST (christ) within.

This KRYSTed form is the manifestation of the full 15 dimensional universe – the expression of source- within individuated form.

TO see the structure of the universe we have a nice diagram depicted here by a friend Noel Tobin from his book Eternal Reality.

Whether one believes in Jesus or not – the metaphor and story both remain true. Jesus was said to be “god’ in physical form – as in essence he was the embodiment of the perfected self. And as it was spoken;  that we are ALL made in the image of god-source.

We ARE the embodiment of God-source in our truest form – and to come to realize this within, naturally brings us to the realization of our infinite light, love and compassion.

To embark on the quest to realize this in an ever-deepening way – brings the highest service we can be in this body.

As everything we inevitably “do” – every thought, word and action looks to carry the vibration of this intent. Expressing itself as a ripple within the unified field of source consciousness in which we are all a part of.

To change the “world” is simply to come to realize this unity within, through the purification of imperfection in our thoughts, words, actions and energetic states of being.

As Ramana Maharshi puts it so beautifully:


This is absolutely true. Again, back to the dog barking at the mirror, we see this has such practical value.


The current times of Darkness Coming To Light.


In the light of the current situation with Coronavirus and related topics – there is a massive serge of awareness of various greater topics coming to light. Some may call these conspiracies – others, truth, great “evil” evil plans, secrets & mysteries… likely anyone you ask you will be provided with a different response. The shock factor of this information comes at times with a variety of emotions – many experiencing a full range of emotions from anger, shame guilt, to joy, inspiration and freedom. In the light of all of this info coming to surface, in the pit of these emotional responses – there is the natural consequence of having many projections of these emotions perpetuated (ala the dog barking at the mirror) in very intense ways. These projections many times are focused on specific figures (Bill Gates, Mariana Abromavic (claimed satanist artist, with black magic witch) , Donald Trump, among others) with certain expectations, assumptions, judgments criticisms and the rest.

Endless, individuals spewing out their energy, giving up their power to outside forces – outside demons, villains and those to condemn.

Yet what is this all really for?

Within everything there is light – as such, in this situation there is great awareness being revealed, things from under the rug are being brought to the surface and revealing deeper truths and perceptions that all are to come to at one time or another.

In my recent article called “The Truth About Conspiracy” I shared my journey with exploring this knowledge over the past decade. It has been vast, and many of the things coming out in the mainstream right now have been talked about within inner circles for quite some time, seeing the progression of events that have led to all of this is quite beautiful.

Recently I dived deeper into the topics of various mind control programs that have existed by “darker forces” on this planet for a very long time. In more recent years these programs have been called MK Ultra or Monarch Mind Control Programming. Which in essence is an advanced form of mind control manipulation that are used on targeted individuals, generally before birth or just after, to create Mind Control Slaves that can support Darker agendas within the planet….

Most will still have no idea to the degree in which these programs go, to achieve the goal of having a completely fragmented individual under compete and total mind control,  used as a pawn to carry out various agendas. These individuals are generally within the mainstream as key celebrities, health professionals, politicians, world leaders, athletes, musicians, etc. Many of the most famous people on the planet that we have all come to know & love over the years are under this programming (with many who are beginning to break free – or who are breaking down as the system is also breaking down).

  • NOTE:This is not new information and is being shared in many different angles even within the mainstream atm. However if you are new to this information, it may come as bit of a shock. The important thing to remember here is the complexity by which our current system and paradigm is run on this planet (which is currently phasing out) runs deep and within many lines of history. This dark history is important to be revealed within the light for all to see, so that we can learn from it, and how to not let it repeat itself again. Whether or not we want to accept this information as true or not, it is inevitable that it will be resolved and brought to light – each can choose how they navigate it.

The basis of these programs is to use high levels of hypnosis and mind control through the use of traumatic & torture based programming, in which breaks down individuals to such a degree that their psyche breaks and fragments into multiple personalities. These broken down personalities are disconnected from each other, with what we call “amnesia walls” that act as memory blockers to the pain & trauma in which they hold. It is a form of disassociation that disconnects one from what is real – when this happens it is thus easier to control, program and hypnotize – and is a perfect recipe for psychopathic behavior.

The extend to which this is planned, calculated and performed is like a science and is beyond most people’s wildest imagination. The complexity to which the psyche is broken and fragmented makes the victim into more like a zombie, robot or A.I being than anything else. It as if they live their entire life asleep and disconnected from reality – as from a very early age they are taught to disassociate to avoid the pains of life. Naturally those who are in this state consistently, are prone to ongoing hypnosis,  influence and in these cases, complete control.

This hypnosis and influence then, naturally opens the doorway for the controllers to guide the direction of this individuals life quite effortlessly. There is no resistance that will be posed as long as the process has been completed correctly. In essence this is a complete take over of one’s soul.

Like all things done on a micro or concentrated level – this is simply a mirror to what happens within the greater collective of humanity.

The collective state of mass hypnosis is also very much a reality. This is due to a variety of tools, unconsciousness, and lack of awareness over many many generations, which has led to the collective state that is being perceived now in the modern age. Each of us having gone through our own states of this, and then at a certain time we come into an opening – a light – a click – where we can see through the fog. We can see through the conditioning of mind, the traumas that have created blocks of amnesia within out memory, and our mind – separating oneself from their true self.

Collectively – and individually we have all lived times of this unconsciousness, doing things while not even knowing why. Having no real interest in knowing for that matter, as unconsciously the pain of coming to question ourselves, and bring an integral look to our intentions behind our actions may be too unbearable. Yet, even while this mind program plays out, there is still light under the surface. There is a light in which always knows, and is forever seeking to reveal itself. At times, the light breaks through – awareness opens, and one has a moment or longer of insight – remembering this true self and this true light – giving an opportunity for transformation & further awakening.

It is the same for the victims mentioned above- no matter how evil one has become, due to the nature of the unresolved pain that is within – this light is till present, still shining. The light of source is always there, although it may be covered or forgotten, it still remains untouched, unscathed and completely free.

This is our opportunity of compassion, forgiveness and love.

The time of these controlling measures is up. Naturally there will be a trickling affect of these groups continuing their work over the course of the next while. though there time has come. The game is done.

As more and more wake to awareness day by day, the power of this vibration shall continue to purge away what is being revealed… for good.

We come to the clarity in seeing that any perceived evil that one commits is simply the lack of awareness, the projected pain, the deep unconscious programs of mind that at heart, are perceived as good to the being acting them. This goodness is always at the heart, the true intention – yet through the filters of illusionary perception, identification and fragmentation we get the outer representation of what one may call “evil” and the corresponding actions that are committed.

I will share an experience I had recently.
Across the internet the sharings of an celebrity & hollywood artist, Mariana Ambromavic were spreading around the internet. I have known about her for some time, though had not connected with anything energetically.

For those not aware, the claim – with much evidence to support, is that she is a leading figure in secret societies performing ritual abuse, torture and programming of children within Hollywood and various elite circles. Her seemingly “odd” art that includes many topics of satanism, cannibalism, torture, pedophilia and black magic are all over the place under the guise of “artistic expression” yet it seems quite obvious what is being done.

One key point of innerstanding the work that is done by these groups, is that with any ritual or hypnosis or controlling action that they are commiting has to be publicly displayed in some form. The reason for this is that they believe they can circumvent immediate karmic consequences of the darkness they act upon (ie the energetic whiplash) by putting it out in the open that they are committing these unspeakable acts.  This is done generally in the form of  using symbols to consciously display to others (the public) what is being done – symbols in the form of various geometry, dance rituals (super bowl, grammys, etc) and art. It is in a sense a way to spite the masses who are completely unaware, though mainly as the “get out of jail free” card (which to their dismay, does not actually work in the long run).

Now, the experience I had as of late, was in a spontaneous journey of meditation that led me to connect with the wounded archetype in which she is holding within consciousness. I saw visions of a deeply wounded little girl – likely, who has experienced the same trauma that she also inflicts on victims. These wounds running so deep within her, and also being held as a collective wound within us all in some form.

There was great release being done during this meditation which I will not go into detail, though a certain opening of energy that began to transmute so much of this perceived darkness covering the purity and innocence of this inner child. There was a strong energy of compassion, forgiveness and acceptance that came fourth for her, and extending to all others she has likely impacted from this wound.

True forgiveness and compassion bring a widespread angle to all of this, accepting the nature that ALL IS SELF – and all perceived within the mirror of ones reality, is naturally an expression of oneself in expanded form. TO come to see this, is to hold this forgiveness and compassion within ones heart, and as a purifying mechanism of all in which one comes across that may bring up resistance or dualistic separation. Separation from oneself to a way of being, that one cannot accept as what they hold as an inner potential as well. This separation is how one naturally runs from the pains of coming to grips with the darkness that may exist within, and seeing that forever we must remain in the humility to our power that can be used for both good and evil.

To have self respect of this power is to be released from casting judgement upon any being, and to remain in a space of deepened compassion for all life however it expresses itself. Simultaneously there is a call to Holding a common sense practicality in the subjects of evil sin that must not go unaccounted for. To embody the light of source, is to align with the will of judgement in which will naturally act out of love, compassion and service to lessen the suffering of all beings. This is the love of the mother bear, who can be both soft and tough, expressing this love as it naturally arises within each moment to moment circumstance.

Naturally from this lens, we are not separate from anyone, and are to reveal the healings that naturally desire to occur within us. If something is arising in our perception be it personal or something we observe in the collective of humanity – it is for a reason, and source will always find a way to reveal that to us.

We see that with this fundamental approach of embracing what arises within us, we give ourselves and those around us an opportunity for great transformation, awakening and healing. We shall treat it as the natural flow of the river, to reveal the power we have as our own healers and guides along the path.

This is the highest service we can be, to become whole within, to reveal our inner power, love and light.



To See No Evil

To see no evil requires one to have purified themselves back into goodness & righteousness. To see that one,, only has control over their very own life, actions, words and thoughts – they are to work upon endlessly purifying them so that they can align with the perfected light within.

Here, they step through the doorway to the realization that they are in fact this light, and to be this light is to reveal all illusions of darkness existing in any perceived person, place or thing.

Naturally an ongoing process of coming to integrate all perceived external evil and unrighteousness as what also exists within – seeing that is only being perceived as something in which is “seperate”due to the lack of integration, awareness and embodiment one has come to their own inner light.

This is so beautifully written here from a book called The Light of God-Source by Kathleen McIntyre which represents this well :

“The man whose goodness is of the kind that does not alter with altered environment, or with the changing attitudes of those around him, has reached the Divine Goodness; he understands the Supreme Good. He is no longer concerned with evil as a thing that can harm, but he is concerned with good only. And so he ignores evil and recognizes only good. He perceives that men commit evil out of the mistaken idea of good, and, thus perceiving, no hatred against any can enter his peaceful heart. The life of such a man is powerful, no matter how obscure it may be, for goodness is the most powerful thing in the world. The fact of his living and moving among men confers incalculable benefit upon the race, although during his lifetime this may not be perceived or understood. So powerful is goodness that the destiny of the world was, is, and will be in the hands of the good.”


The practice of this is a process of affirming & denial. It is a process of coming to integrate all within ones experience so that they are not pushing away or pulling towards anything. They see all as equal – all as source.

A simple practice of this is the process of bringing awareness to what is currently holding “space within ones consciousness” , Meaning the topics on the mind, or that hold a current emotional charge within oneself – are clearly calling for attention. It is happening by way of a natural bi-product of energy in the mind / body that is not able to continue to flow. Due to expectations, identities, attachments and the rest, blocked energy is stuck within the body in some place – limited from naturally flowing through, transmuting and releasing.

To bring attention to this, is our greatest tool. To simply become silently aware of what is present within us. To identify where in the body it is arising. To Affirm its validity, seeing that there is no issue with the fact that it is present, it is equally as important as anything else, thereby experiencing it directly & intimately.

To perceive it in this way, creates a space of safety, love and compassion – We are holding space for ourselves – and in this we can open up for what this feeling desires to reveal. This is where the process of neutralizing this energy / balancing it begins to occur. We see that what we are either attaching ourselves to, or separating ourselves from, creates unnecessary suffering. All rooted in the illusion of ignorance, and the unwillingness to FEEL truly, the experience of life. I have gone into a beautiful journaling exercise that can be found HERE which is a simple process of transmuting energy in this way.


We see, nothing is separate from or void of this source, and thus all can be equally welcomed and validated in the loving motherly arms – while also dissolved in those same arms as illusionary and false.

This is not becoming blind to the natural practicalities that call our action of purification within this physical realm – recognizing that love comes in both soft and tough forms – and shall manifest according to the situation. As mentioned previously, like a mother bear comes to protect its children – we are all here now with the ultimate duty of protecting the children of light – in all forms and all ways this is represented.

This occurs as a bi-product of us having resolved our inner illusions, coming back to wholeness & inner light perfection.



Returning To Love and Light

I have seen a common idea spread within modern spiritual circles that generally mock or meme the “love and light” illusion of new age culture.

While, the reasoning is justified, from the perspective that we must not shed a blind eye to what is before us and  intellectually attach ourselves to love & light ideals – there is also a lack of awareness as to what love and light is – if this idea is being spread.

Naturally, the idea that something must still be “done” comes with an energy of control and manipulation. This idea that what is “wrong” with the “world” needs fixing. and while this is true in a sense – when we come to the core of it all, we see that “positive world change” is an inevitability for a world of beings who have realized their inner power, light and love.

Love and light is the revealing of source within all. It is a recognition that no matter how something is presenting itself, at the source it is made up of the same source as oneself – it is ALL in fact ONESELF. Thus to affirm this, is a process of seeing all the ways in which one is resisting – pushing, or pulling against simply what IS. Recognizing that nothing can be left out with this process – this is a revealing of ALL darkness within oneself – naturally projected out into the world. This is a revealing of all that in which is false, so one can absorb and integrate as fuel for further transformation, healing and awakening.

Everything can be seen as an opportunity for further awareness, love & light.

Darkness never truly existed, it was simply original illusions and fragmented aspects of source that continued to perpetuate itself over and over again, further separating itself within the illusion. Becoming so dense, and so seemingly real, that it can almost trick anyone into believing in its falsehood – yet at some point, this is uprooted.

We can say that the realization of Love & Light – or simply source, is the only way through this.

In fact it is going to achieve the exact outcome that one who is denying this ideal, truly desires.

A return to the natural self.

Alas, this is the time. We are returning to our true nature, the essential nature of all of manifestation.

The natural fear of this return, is the requirement for one to drop what is false, inclusive of the idea that that there is an outside evil force limiting one from freedom & love. This primary illusion sources all other fear and victim programs within the false ego.  Ongoingly perpetuating and delaying the inevitable realization that one IS in fact this love & light, and by way of being this, there is a constant revealing of what is false, illusionary and in the shadow.

To awaken, is truly to die before we die. To face the judgement day of death where we must face all of our darkness head on. To Face the consequences of our unrighteous actions that perpetuate our karma in the cycle of death and rebirth endlessly. To walk the path of awakening is to a process of the false illusion and ego dieing away, so the true self can be revealed.

Collectively we are facing this, as the old paradigm, system and illusion fall away, we will come to realize the abundant world in which we all hold as a possibility deep in our hearts.


Pure Existing

To exist here, as source, is to be with all of life as it arises.

To be in presence within all of life, experiencing a deep contentment within all forms, riding the wave of life as it presents itself.

This is what it means to simply BE a human BEing. to exist as ones true-self, creatively expressing, interacting and engaging life as we naturally do.

To return here is to know oneself, to drop all doubt and to act in alignment with true righteousness. To live in this way is to know the way, and to not push or pull against it, letting destiny take its course. Free will is not void here, it simply has merged back to the free will of source. To love, to live, and to express freely.

All will come to this in their time, and in the present times we are in, the time for all has come.

This is what has been stated in all scriptures, from all parts of the planet, over many many thousands of years.

Speaking of a time where there would reign an “Age of Enlightenment” for 900 years. A period where true peace would be brought to all, seeing all as equally valued. Abundance available to all to simply exist as themselves, and to creatively express what is true within their heart.

We have all known this deep down. That this IS not only a possibility, but a divine blueprint and destiny of us all.

Of course, it starts with each of us. Each of us to take it upon ourselves to do the individual work that we must each do. To come to integration, embodiment and wholeness within, so that naturally this is projected without.

We shall project the peace in which we are, expecting nothing more nothing less.



Practical Tools for Self Realization, Awareness and Love.

If you are reading this, naturally you have come to a certain sense of this within you.

You likely have connected with the various resources and teachings I put out on the regular. At the moment we have a new series of teachings and Live Global Awareness Sessions that are running on Wednesdays 830EST and Sundays 130EST. You can add me on facebook or like my page and will be able to tune in.

There are also my new programs which I have released as a “pay what you feel” approach (for this who need that) – as a key 1on1 deep dive into coming into the clarity of what I have shared in this article.

It naturally takes much work to apply these tools, it is easier said than done, though it gets easier as it IS DONE. We must stay focused and diligent.

FREE gifts and special gifted courses are all on the FREE gifts page at the top of this website.

Donations for all work are appreciated which can be done HERE

Deep love to each of you and blessings on the path 🙂


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