Official Launch of The INFINITE Life University: Heart Centered Leader Program.

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It is surely the time of the rise of the heart centered leader. One in which desires to know themselves in the deepest way, and from this foundation, looks to follow their inner guidance of inspiration as they serve others in this world.

It is in my greatest intention to support those in knowing and full-filling this direct experience in ones everyday life.

As we are in 2018, we have found ourselves at a point where we are preparing in great measure for further steps in the greatest shift our planet has come to know. On an individual level no matter what is arising in our daily view, there is an inner knowing of truth, vision and purpose that remains unchanged.

As challenges present themselves, this inner knowing guides one to continue to look to full-fill ones highest path, desire and means of service to others. Initially, we find ourselves holding on for dear life, as our individual life shifts in copious ways. This naturally evolves to a new foundation and stability that equips us with the power to support others who are also going through this process as well.

This is what all great teachers, civilizations and prophets of past times have pointed to. A world in which all are guided through their heart to experience the highest love for themselves and others.

This in essence is the Heart Centered Leader.

One who is awakened to the truth of who they are, fulfilling what all great spiritual texts have spoken, and supreme attainment in which all spiritual paths have pointed to. Not to exist forever, excluded and separate from the rest of the world, but to embrace the world, and to see that enlightenment is not just an individual journey for a select and elite few, but something in which is the natural birthrite of ALL beings who are willing to walk the path.

This is the MODERN application of ancient secrets. Secrets in which are surely no longer secrets, but available to all!

This Heart Centered Leader…

  • Desires to know truth, to answer the question WHO AM I and to rest in a deep, unwavering state of happiness, love and peace.
  • Looks to full-fill their purpose in a means of service to others. Supporting others in also fullfiling this inward intention of abiding happiness, peace and love. *
  • Is in recognition of the importance of their time here on this planet. Recognizing the time of transition that is underway, and with this recognizing their call to leadership for their circle of people around them.
  • Understands that they are more than just a body and mind, that they are connected to something greater, thus their power to love is limitless
  • Understands their capacity to share, inspire and motivate those who need this most. That each interaction is an opportunity to bring love and to improve anthers life.
  • Has a strong set of universal values that are in alignment with source, with love, with life. Principles in which the greatest individuals of modern times and passed have followed.
  • Is not interested in dogmas, idealism or just holding onto “ideas” about spirituality, success or service. Rather is a living embodiment of these ideas, looking to only find that in which is practically useful in their everyday experience.


In my journey,  I have come to a very simple recognition and realization that Enlightenment is available for all, and in anyone’s grasp. Anyone who is willing, open and persistent enough to know the truth, to be the truth and to live the truth.

The times of this journey to enlightenment needing to take decades, or through renunciation of life, avoiding desires and worldly responsibilities is no longer applicable for most. Many are ready for their intuition to be confirmed that they ARE what they have been seeking, and the very life they have been born into is what they have always been destined to fulfill.

My message, teaching and intention is simple. It may seem complex to the mind, of course for the reason that it cannot comprehend the simplicity and vast intelligence in which nature is. With that said it requires a supreme level of discipline, of focus, of awareness to be able to perceive, understand and become what so many have looked right past, ignored and fell a trap to the tantalizing nature of so many of the false promises of the illusion, sensory based world.

This path we are focused upon is all inclusive.

This all inclusive wholeness is what we have all deeply desired. To live in a world in which embraces all, accepts all, judges nothing and expects nothing.

A world of deep love, happiness, peace and bliss. All living in alignment with their individual human nature, full-filling their creative purpose, following their bliss, and living amongst others who have realized the sovereignty to do the same.

Awakened, Heart Centered Leaders

We must first understand, that the journey of realization is simply returning to one’s natural state.

For the mind, this seems boring, and uninteresting. However, what is missed by mind is the knowing that one’s natural state, is one’s supreme state.

It is one’s highest version, a version in which can not be further perfected. A version in which is perfect at the foundation, and from this foundation expresses itself in infinitely creative ways.

This program is to firstly support individuals in realizing this natural state, returning to it, and remembering why one is here, how they are to further serve and what is calling them to create.

Self-Realization or Absolute Enlightenment has been viewed for a long time as the END to human life. This masculine view is only one side of the coin. The other being the redemption of human life, an embrace of all of “worldly” existence  diving completely into the pleasures it provides, yet being unaffected, unscathed and detached from anything that arises.

A Master Of Two Worlds

The pointer for all heart centered leaders is to be a master of two worlds.

A realization of ones divine infinite nature. A realization of the ABsolute eternal awareness in which never changes. While simultaneously being immersed within the fleshly human world, completely detached from it.

It is from this detachment that one is supremely effective, all knowing, strong, focused, fearless, and over flowing with love.

They see abundance in all directions, coming only from this centered and grounded place.

Humble in their approach, patient in their process, compassionate in their view.

It is this master of two worlds in which can bring the changes in which we are needing to see to realize a collectively peaceful, loving and fulfilled society. One in which See’s happiness as the currency, and creates, flows and lives only from this place.

Living Your Purpose, Creating Change.

We are in a time when the creative resources to express oneself in a way in which is in deep alignment with ones truth, is available.

The resources in various forms are reflecting the inner shift in consciousness in which is deeply desiring to be expressed.

In so many who go through transformation or change, the natural pull to express and to be a leader through sharing ones vision, story, creation and insight comes fourth. Now, more than ever we are abiding in this time where many others are simply waiting for you to do so.

We are each Guru’s / Masters / Teachers for each other. As one embodies this more fully, they radiate a natural gravitational pull to all those around them, creating a chain reaction of change, transformation, awakening and elevation.

It is through this intention that my focus is to create the supportive environment and container for all involved to have the launchpad to further their plan in manifesting the reflection of their innate nature.

What Does 2018 Have In Store For Us? 

In simplicity, 2018 is a foundation building year for many years to come.

What does a life of aligned purpose looked to YOU personally?

Forget about everything I’ve just spoken about, can you tune in and tap in to what you know you most called to be full-filling?

Forget about societal norms, or even “New-Age, personal development industry norms” – tap into your deepest heart calling. What feels most natural?

Can you feel into the energy of alignment, of conviction, love, power, inspiration?

Can you recognize that this is available to you in every moment?

There is nothing other than the complete surrender to this natural flow that will result in this become the reality.

It is not a drastic change, or glamorous formula. It is simply returning to your nature, and trusting in it.

You see?

FULL SPECTRUM AWAKENING: The Practices and Principles of a Heart Centered Leader

The Heart Centered Leader exists in human form to embody the ABSOLUTE in living flow.

One is now a vessel  for life to be life. Through ones body, they have surrendered personal bias and egoic desire, and have opened up for infinite creativity to pour through.

This flow takes fold in the following means.

INFINITE Awareness – A deep practice of abiding as what one IS.. AWARENESS. A focus upon the inner awareness that gives rise and sources all things.

INFINITE Awakening – A live of expansive exploration into all aspects of life, evolving and further awakening into the highest potential of ones nature in this relative human experience.

INFINITE Love – An abiding love or devotion to all of life exactly as it is, as it arises. A willingness to jump in the purifying flame of emotional mastery, to learn ones emotiona guidance system and be a vessle for energy to flow through you no matter the circumstance or situation.

INFINITE Creation – Creation in alignement with ones life purpose. Whether one is an entrepreneur, a tribe builder, a visionary, or a creative, the time of explosive creativity in alignment with ones gifts is here and now. It is available for all to be fully explored with focus, discipline and will power.

It is through this full spectrum view of life, that one see’s the importance, divinity and sacred nature of all. It is the means by which Heaven on Earth can be created as each individual is here to embody as so.

The Heart Centered Leader Program

This program is designed to act as yet another foundational blueprint for one to apply in practical form to their life in which acts as means of inspiration for awakened heart centered living.

It sounds glamorous, I know. When really it is simply a returning to ones natural state, the greatest gift one can experience in this life.

To life naturally and freely. To be oneself, free of judgment  free of fear, free of limitation. To live life fully, deeply, passionately.. in all dimensions, in all ways.

A life in which is offered up in service to others, and example for what love in human form can be experienced as. Free from idealism, dogmatic or religious based thinking. Simply each individual free to follow their heart, what feels most aligned in each moment, and the means in which one can love on life further.

Over the next 6 and 12 months. The focus will be on supporting individuals who are willing and ready to step forward in their aligned purpose, to walk amongst fellow individuals who are also ready, and to create what each individual sees as a heart centered world.

A world of peace, love, fulfillment and joy. One in which radiates happiness and leave nobody behind.

The Program Will Guide, Teach and Support One in Learning The Following:

  • How to live your life in alignment with your true calling & purpose, feeling guilt free in doing so.How to live your life in alignment with your true calling & purpose, feeling guilt free in doing so.
  • How to release from all suffering, depression and unhappiness and achieve endless peace, love and bliss
  • How to learn a super simple Energy healing modality that can truly heal ANYthing, without spending thousands on “healers”.
  • How to free yourself from the false teachings of New-Age culture and take back your spiritual freedom.
  • How to Master the Emotional Guidance System and as a result have the capacity to manifest any experience that is in alignment with your greatest good.
  • How to know the exact diet in which will assist you on your spiritual journey, setting the foundation for endless peace & bliss.
  • How to activate your inner superpowers like a superhero on television, without looking, sounding or feeling “weird”.
  • How to completely understand your personality traits from top to bottom, having a clear understanding of all of your strengths, weaknessness, desires, goals, dreams, pain points and basically the complete bible on YOU.
  • and more…

What Will This Heart Centered Leader Program Include?

There are 3 Main Levels for Taking Part in this program. A 6 Month Program Starting in Feb/March

Firstly – If you have yet to register for your free trial on our NEW – INFINITE TEACHINGS PLATFORM – 24/7 Video course platform will all core teachings, retreat & workshop footage.  Register now HERE

Level 3

  • Access to INFINITE Teachings Platform
  • Access to 1x Per Month Live Private Group Q&A Sessions + Access to Recordings 1-2 weeks after Live Sessions)
  • Discounts on Retreats & Special Online Masterclass Workshops

$35/Month or $175Upfront

By Application Only – APPLY HERE

Level 2

  • FB Live Exclusive Group Where Sheikh & other leaders will be deeply involved in to provide insight, guidance and answers to specific questions.
  • Weekly Live Calls & Meditations for further Q&A and interaction. (will be released 1-2 weeks after Live Session)
  • Monthly Master Classes with guest instructors on various topics that cover the above points
  • FULL Access to INFINITE Teaching Platform and All components.
  • Discounts on Retreats and In Person Gatherings

$250/Month or $1300 Upfront

By Application Only – APPLY HERE

Level 1 – Limited Spots – 1on1s with Sheikh.

  • 2x Per Month – 1on1 Attention from Sheikh
  • FB Live Exclusive Group Where Sheikh & other leaders will be deeply involved in to provide insight, guidance and answers to specific questions.
  • Weekly Live Calls & Meditations for further Q&A and interaction.
  • Monthly Master Classes with guest instructors on various topics that cover the above points
  • FULL Access to INFINITE Teaching Platform and All components.
  • Access to 1 or 2 LIVE In person Meetings at a beautiful location with no Workshop Fee

$525/Month or $2900 Upfront

By Application Only – APPLY HERE




Schedule and Launch Date

We are set to launch in Feb/March though we are already registering participants and those involed in coaching or our regular weekly sessions already are reaping the rewards.


These sessions through January will be a taste of what we will be doing the exclusive Heart Centered Leader program. They are available to all and always provide deep healing, awakening and transformation for those that participate. We will be going into more depth about the program in these sessions as well.

Our Next ZOOM Call for this Group will be on Wednesday Jan 10th @7:30EST and Sunday Jan 14th @1:00pm EST

REGISTER for Wednesday HERE


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