How To Heal Seasonal Allergies, Naturally.

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Since around 12 or 13, I have generally had moderate to high intensity seasonal allergies.

I remember when I was 15 and 16 running a landscaping business in my local neighborhood where I had to cut grass, and be outside most of the time… ouff… not fun.

Literally days where I had to weed, and brought multiple kleenex boxes with me into the yard – generally going through them all (wasteful I know.. lol). It was terrible.

This carried on for years.

I also developed a very dangerous way to hold in my sneezes to save myself from the embarrassment in public at times when mucus would shoot everywhere, making a complete mess…

This was to hold my sneezes in. Blocking my nostril pathways, and letting the pressure release from the inside…. What a terrible idea. Most of the time when I did this, I would end up seeing stars. Almost like when you get hit in the head, or get a concussion – which I was also used to during my competitive martial arts days.

Actually, one time, when I was in the middle of a long lasting 3 disc herniation injury in my spine… I was going to the washroom.. I felt a sneeze coming, a big one, so I blocked my nose so that I wouldn’t end up peeing on the wall…(lol).

Well, the pressure was so strong, I blew out my back once again ( cannot confirm, though I believe this was the cause of another bulging disc) and had one of the worst muscle spasms I’ve had to date (and I had these regularly, on a multiple time per week basis, for about 8-10 years.

So yea, what a complete mess all of this was.

Back to the Allergies piece. I had been on typical allergy medication for years. Luckily I never got allergy shots, but the pills were what I went for. This provided relief sometimes, but it was not consistent.

Now lets fast forward to a few years ago when I started getting serious about detoxification, cell regeneration, and diving into compassionate fruitarianism, raw, juicing and fasting.

I have already shared in previous writings, in depth about the various things that I have healed through this – including countless mental health challenges, acne, joint pain and my 15 year back injury – where chiropractic, ecstatic movement paved the way, and fasting took it its last 20-30% of healing ( sitting at about 90-95% now).

In this article I am going to highlight the journey of healing that has been unfolding with these seasonal Allergies.


This Journey Of Healing.

Much of my work focuses on the process of purification on all levels of being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – most of this website you will find resources for this, so I’m writing with some assumptions of your awareness of these principles – specifically in this case the journey of food based detoxification / fasting etc.

Now, After almost a year of mainly raw and fruit (after years of vegan and plant based) in I believe 2017 or 2018, when spring came around, I had my first year where allergies were almost non-existent. This is the FIRST year since I was 12 or 13.

Last year in 2019, I ended up eating cooked vegan during the winter after a 21 day grape fast, and my allergies were back – though as I went back to raw and fruit they slowly went away.

This year has been brought even more clarity, as the process was very similar to 2019. This year the allergies came back,, as after my 40 day juice fast late last year, I went into more cooked vegan and tasty things for a while.

Of course, allergies hit hard once again. Now the difference this year, is the body is far cleaner (after I released the 14 foot black snake of mucoid plaque out of my body during the juice fast – see the video review of that fast HERE ) so the difference is that my body responds much differently, and much quicker, the digestive system is far cleaner. To the point where my allergies are easily controlled by way of what is being consumed / any sort of stress levels.

If I stay on juice, fruit and raw – they are very mild. If I go on even just a bit of cooked quinoa, or other fun vegan foods, they come back almost immediately, and pound away at the adrenals and continue generally into the night, or until the food passes out of the body.

Additionally, improper food combining highly influences this as well. Which is simply being mindful of digestive times – specifically with fruit, as the potential of fermentation when one eats a fruit that digests quickly, in combination with something that digests more slowly – is high if not inevitable. Food combining, is much more obvious in a body and digestive system that is clean, as you can FEEL this fermentation within you happening, along with discomfort – and in this case potential flare ups with allergies.

This sensitivity has made it all so clear, and reinforced my perspectives and studies that Allergies – especially seasonal, are due to digestive issues. In this case, specifically Leaky Gut – which is the gut lining actually having holes in it due to build up of acidic foods staying in the body and eating away at the colon and intestinal track. Generally killing off the enzymes and good bacteria which help with food breakdown and protect the body from intruding elements – which usually create the allergy response – Its a bit more complex than this – and I have a beautiful piece below that goes into far more detail.

The other element is stress and an anxious nervous system. When the breath state and meditative states can be focused on, it is easy to not get caught up int he allergy “pounding” as I like to call it – The non stop sneezing and sniffling. If one focuses enough on even just watching their breath – or finding an environment where they can really come into a meditation ( eyes closed or eyes open) there will be an almost instant relief. This takes practice, as the adrenals are what are overworked and sometimes it is hard to calm this down if it has a lot of momentum behind it.

Various other tools like nasal flushes, Herbal medicines, probiotics & homeopathic remedies can also be supportive of this healing process – though these are tools and not the end goal – as they support in the healing process of the body, so that allergies no longer become an issue. The process of using these remedies is to be combined with the shifting of consumptive habits, emotional purification and periods of fasting so that the body can have its time to regenerate and heal.

These are a few of some core elements that I have observed in my own journey that bring relief and healing – specifically connected to Allergies.

As we have explored many times before in these writings of previous articles and my countless videos – All disease and illness stems from stagnation, constipation, and blockage of toxicity & energy on many layers of the multidimensional body.

Physical toxicity that builds up as byproduct of improper food consumption is mainly a symptom of deeper energetic roots that inevitably will have to be looked at.

We have to explore this process of detoxification & purification mindfully, methodically and at the right pace. Moving in a way that is sustainable long term and takes our WHOLE being into account.

It is a beautiful thing when we can learn the ways of the body through trial and error. Where we take our power back to heal and to navigate our journey through direct experience rather than only listening to external sources, authorities etc.

It simplifies things, and brings one to a deep knowing as to what works and what doesn’t for their body and path. Opinions, beliefs and all the rest are put aside, instead we can live in alignment with the truth that flows through us effortlessly.

Allergies is a gigantic $ industry, and so I can see how threatening this knowledge can be – thankfully I was able to come into this after so many years of suffering, and although the allergies are not completely gone, it is clear, the path that is unfolding and the healing that is ongoing.

When we understand the detoxification and cellular regeneration path – we understand there is very little black or white – everything is on a varying level of degree. As we see this, we are less fearful of illness arising mainly as a “symptom” of something deeper going on. Instead it is a sign post to reveal further healing that is required on this never ending journey.

I am constantly humbled by the never ending unfolding of this path. I trust that for those also suffering this they can take the steps necessary to continue their healing journey through the processes and approaches that resonant and work.


This article of Living MucusFree – which is the main starting point for a detox / purifying based lifestyle is a great start with over 10,000 views now.

For those that desire 1on1 support – initial consults that can also include various other tools can be scheduled by sending me a direct message or seeing more info HERE 

Some Further Depth on The Topic of Allergies & Its Root Causes

Here’s an interesting write up  that I found in a Detox Facebook group that was from an old Raw Food Forum.

This reflects many but not all of my perspectives on the matter, though quite accurate and provides also an overview at the bigger discussion of the purpose of detoxification as a whole.


” Allergic Reactions are rarely the Primary Cause and are usually a Subsequent Cause just like Diabetes is the #1 Cause of Blindness in American. The questions we must ask is why do we have Diabetes and why do we have Allergies? As a side note, my Seasonal Allergies disappeared when I went Raw 22 years ago.” -JR


“Anyway, here is an interesting article written by Dr. Tim O’Shea on Allergies”…

…Article Preview…

• Allergies are not watery eyes and stuffed up noses. Allergies are reactions to irritants. Something foreign is triggering the body’s cleansing responses.

• When antihistamines block these normal clearing responses from happening, the irritant or allergen or antigen is being permitted to enter further into the body than it would normally have gotten.

• …what do 99% of allergic Americans have in common? Undigested food.

• Chronic buildup of undigested food signals two main deficiencies within the body: enzymes and flora.

• According to the FDA, the average American has between 4 and 22 lbs. of undigested food in the colon at any given time. Rotting food in the digestive tract sets up a condition that gastroenterologists call Leaky Gut Syndrome.

• Putrefying sludge breaks down the cells of the gut lining (epithelium) largely by choking off the blood supply to these delicate cells (ischemia). Hyperpermeability… Once in the blood, these foreign molecules can lodge in any joint, tissue, or organ. Since they are rotting food, they are toxins. As such, they can be the cause of practically ANY disease condition you can name. …We’re allergic, all right – allergic to all the food we’re taking in and never digesting.

• Without them (flora), food rots in the colon. Rotting food becomes cemented within the inner folds of the colon’s lining, destroying the mucosal cells, preventing normal function, and eventually blocking proper elimination. Rotting food leaks back into the bloodstream, going anywhere it can in the body.

• World authority in probiotics, the late Dr. Khem Shahani, described flora as the Second Immune System. He was referring to the ability of the flora to remove a toxic stimulus or allergen – undigested food – from the body. …allergies simply cannot coexist in a body that has a healthy colon.

• After awhile the body can no longer distinguish between the undigested food particles and the tissues in which they are lodged. It sends its army – the immune system – to attack the foreign area, no longer just the foreign cells. So whatever the organ, whatever the tissue where the rotting food accumulates – that part of the body will be attacked as foreign. And we’ll call it an autoimmune response.

• All the foregoing has to do with undigested processed foods as the cause of allergic reactions.

• …Threshold of Reactivity. …since all this undigested food has no outlet or way to be broken down, it builds up within the body over months and years. Let’s call the point at which a person actually breaks out with symptoms of allergy (hives, rash, runny nose, stuffed sinuses, etc) let’s call that point the Threshold. Below the Threshold, the person won’t have symptoms. Stay with me now for the punchline. Since the indulgent American is packing away all this stored debris, he is pushing his body steadily closer and closer to its toxic capacity. Day by day he is jacking up his level of autointoxication, higher and higher. He is so close to the Threshold at all times, because of his indigestible diet, that contact with cat hair, dust, pollen, phases of the moon, or whatever the Specialist said he was “allergic to” – any contact is enough to raise him that last little bit, the straw that broke the camel’s back, above the Threshold, and voila’ – symptoms occur. And then the “specialist” blames the whole allergy on that last straw.

• …the reason this information is not mainstream starts with an M. The allergy industry is big business, both prescription and over-the-counter. Changing one’s diet is not. It goes back to the first paragraph about conventional wisdom.

• The vast majority of allergies today are food allergies. We’re addicted to the things that poison us. …why search the house high and low for some elusive unknown bug, when there’s an elephant sitting right in the middle of the living room? ”



Again to share the key resources here:

This article of Living MucusFree – which is the main starting point for a detox / purifying based lifestyle is a great start with over 10,000 views now. I also am finishing a new article on a more comprehensive look at juice fasting + the emotional healing process I use – the Full New Program is HERE

For those that desire 1on1 support – initial consults that can also include various other tools can be scheduled by sending me a direct message or seeing more info HERE

 This Level 1 Course Covers almost everything you will need to dive into your healing journey with updated principles from when this article was writen!


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