How to Heal Anything. Supreme Energy Healing – ALL Energy Healing Modalities Summed Up Into One.

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My intention with this article is to bring a deep practical simplicity to the topic of Energy Healing.

Now, I understand the risks of “over-simplification” especially with a topic as complex as this. However, from my direct experience with this type of work, and the “processes” used currently with those who are called to work with me, it has become supremely simple.

I am not claiming to know it all when it comes to the hundreds of energy healing modalities that exist. I am simply here to draw the parallels between the ones that I have used, and what I believe exists as a foundation within ALL energy healing systems and modalities. I have experience with many forms of energy healing, and I only stayed with one as long as I recognized there was a deeper layer I was truly seeking. Reiki, Pranic Healing, Meditation, Hypnosis, Emotional Completion, Breathwork, Yoga, ─ Many have a preconceived notion of what “energy healing” looks like. This article should simplify and ground this perception.

This article is for the individual that is familiar with the idea of energy healing already, whether one views themselves as an energy healer or not, this article will clear up the idea that ALL are indeed energy healers. When this is accepted, one can take much larger steps in their perceived “healing process” or “ascension”.

Many may be confused with so much information out there and so many different forms of energy healing. The intention here is to bring clarity and simplicity, while also providing practical methods that one can apply NOW.


I have broken down this article into the core four pillars of energy healing, which, as you will see, are intertwined to the point where it is evident they are not separate at all. I have found that separating these in this way makes it digestible for the reader.

These four pillars exist as

Awareness, Intention, Energy & Modality.

In the last section I will break down a very simple process that I currently both utilize and teach to my clients / fellow heart-centered leaders who utilize this themselves, and others.

Awareness as the foundation to all life, all energy

If we first start with the fundamental teaching of awareness, as the source to all that is,we unlock the first key to energy healing, and really, all of existence.

Awareness or consciousness, is the fundamental building block of all matter, all experience, all changing phenomena. If we get very practical, anything that “happens” must have happened to a perceiver, otherwise it would be impossible to say it “happened”.

Likewise, any experience of thought, feeling or sensation, occurs as an object that is perceived by a subject ─ or so we believe. This subject, as long as it believes itself to be real, traverses the continuum of life, looking to experience more profound, expanded or “better” thoughts, feelings, sensations, and by the very nature of their appearance, believes itself to be the result of these very thoughts feelings, sensations.

Through this lens of ignorance, one does not see that they are actually the very awareness that perceives these three aspects of experience, and thus could not be them, nor is changed / enhanced / or negatively impacted by any of them.

This core teaching is the fundamental teaching of all spiritual seeking. A seeking to find the very source of existence, YOUR existence. Through this, one can release from the attachment to the perceived continuum of one’s “life” or “story” and instead see themselves as this boundless, infinite and eternal awareness that has never and will never be caught up in what one calls the “experience of life”. It is now perceived from this vantage point as an “endless story” of experiences that never touch YOU as this awareness. From this place, awareness is becoming aware of itself through perceiving everything that arises as itSELF. In simplicity – GOD knowing GOD.

Now the qualities of this awareness again, do not actually exist in reality. As reality, has NO concepts. It is only the mind that can give qualities and concepts to things, though these can and only ever will be pointers to the truth.

Although this reality is a stateless experience, the pointers of perfect peace, love and bliss, or in the yogic tradition – SAT – CHIT – ANANDA (Truth – Consciousness – Bliss) are as close as we can get to describing what this experience is like from the idea that a subject and object (experience) exist separately. Of course, as this truth is seen, subject and object merge as one. Nothing other than the SELF exists here and now.

As one continually returns to this awareness within their own consciousness, to the point where they are abiding permanently here, more and more does this continual experience of SAT CHIT ANANDA become the only reality ─ as it always was. By the various obvious nature of this, we see that the experience of suffering becomes less and less to the point where it is no longer.

Bingo. Is this not healing?

All energy healing strives to relieve an individual from pain and suffering. To bring one back to a space of balance, harmony and peace.

No matter what the technique, or what the modality, it is a returning of the area of the body, emotion, block etc., back to equilibrium.

As we can connect, all energy healing is simply a bringing of clear awareness to darkness / ignorance and through that, seeing the truth that resides within it (i.e. seeing that awareness is actually the very source of this perceived issue) and as this is seen, all imbalanced energy / illusion / darkness is cleared.

The duty of the “healer” is simply to bring the light of awareness back to its original throne in whichever perceived issue is residing in the “patient’s” life / body.

We can say that along the path of utilizing healing modalities, they are simply a reflection of where one resides in their consciousness.

As one realizes the truth of awareness, merging subject / object (i.e. not perceiving objects, but simply perceiving itSELF everywhere) – i.e. all is seen from the vantage point of bliss, thus does not cause a fluctuation in this inner stateless experience. One would naturally no longer necessarily need more gross/physical modalities, as inwardly, this has been transcended. Thus, as a result, anybody they “treat” with the intention of healing (as covered in the next section) is done so at a much faster pace.

One could connect this with the healing power of kundalini-shakti (in the yogic/Hindu tradition) or by the grace of the Holy Spirit (in the Christian tradition). Both of which are speaking of the same one energy power which flows through one who is ready and abiding in only the SELF/GOD/AWARENESS. It is through this, that what would seem like a miracle to another, is simply a normal result of one only abiding in pure awareness itself. One becomes the living Miracle.


Now, intention is like the “first mover” from awareness. It is the spontaneous movement of pure consciousness into oscillating vibration, as creation creating itself. Or described as the Self seeking itself, God knowing God.

Intention has become quite popular in the New-Age and personal development culture, it can also be represented as “desired feeling state”, though the way that is framed, brings forth the egoic idea of us believing we must “decide” which feeling state we desire.
Logically, if we were to desire any feeling state, would we not be desiring that of the highest, most complete one? In essence, every action we take is to simply experience the bliss of the Self / God or pure and complete happiness. Thus, are we really “controlling” our intention, or simply, as a result of the energetic / emotional blocks held within us, resting in the highest intention possible for us at the present time.

Our quest seems to be that we are simply being made aware of all of the intentions that are out of alignment with this complete self that we truly are?

The highest of all intentions is that of Perfect Acceptance. As through this lens… all is truly perfect. One then rides the wave of life in perfect harmony with what IS, just AS IT IS. This intention is a merging with awareness, coming back into one’s source, released from the personal will of needing to “change” or “fix” anything in particular, being with life as life arises.

You could say this is the same as just awareness, and in a sense, it is. It’s like the perfect mirror within the relative “experience” of life in a body, or through a “feeling” state. Intention though can take on many illusionary forms, covering the full spectrum of love and fear.

So, as we can see, intention merges with awareness naturally as one comes to the very source of it. As we believe we are the ones “controlling our intention” then we forever play the game of “controlling our attention”. Though when one sees they are awareness alone, and all that awareness could ever be, is simply aware. Then, naturally, our intention merges back to its source in its purest form as Acceptance.

In the stories of Jesus (whether you believe in his existence or not – they can support these messages) there are many accounts of abilities to spontaneously heal (as many others have done as well). Much of what is communicated in his unique ability to heal another, is his ability to see himSELF / GOD/ The ONE – in everybody. In other words, when he looked at one with an ailment, disease, energy block, he would perceive not this disease / illness or block but ONLY the very SELF that they were. The source/ awareness that they also shared. Seeing no separation from himself to them, through this, and through grace, many spontaneous healings occurred. This is the result of Acceptance applied within the relative world.

Due to the nature of one holding this powerful space, the moment an “other” is in their energy field, they too also begin to merge back to their own source naturally.

This is the GRACE of the universe, or as called in the bible, the GRACE OF GOD / The HOLY SPIRIT. It is the highest and most pure healing energy, which in reality, is the source of all other forms of energy that are used within the hundreds and thousands of various energy healing modalities.

So, as seen in this example, the perfect acceptance of life just AS IT IS (i.e. with no label, judgment expectation, or need to fix on top) gives way to a natural and effortless healing that is done by GRACE through one who is perceiving in this light.

I have experienced this directly on BOTH ends many times in my life as this secret of secrets was revealed.

It again brought me more deeply into that space of simplicity, along with a recognition that life itself is LOVE. It desires to come back to LOVE, almost like gravity. If we simply get out of the way of life, it will bring us back to this place. This ZERO point is the foundation of karma (choice/ consequence) and will be lived out to eternity.

So, in essence, get out of the way, surrender, and healing will occur.


Energy, in a sense, is interchangeable with the terms Awareness/Consciousness. Though to be detailed, I kept it separate, as energy comes in many forms. It is the reason there are so many different forms of energy healing.

My intention is not to go into all the different forms in depth, though I will cover some supporting practices.

In a sense, anything that is “harmonizing” one’s energy to what the body is capable of handling is “energy” healing.
In its essence, we are increasing / raising one’s energy. I enjoy the term harmonizing as through the doorway of perfect balance, we come to the highest peak of our experience.

Balance is the goal, not high or low.

All energy healing techniques or modalities in their essence are to remove the blocks that are limiting the body from returning to this naturally balanced and harmonious state.

It is from this balanced space in the body that a recognition of awareness is more easily available. All the balancing in the body PREPARES one to see the truth and realize the nature of themSELVES.

As a natural result of one tuning into the foundational IAM awareness that is ever present, one’s life may reflect this “higher vibrational” lifestyle (as depicted in the new age culture) which is simply a coming back to the natural way of life as an ever-present reality.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • Natural / Lighter Diet & Eating Habits & Detoxification / Cellular Regeneration (Fasting, Raw diet etc.)
  • Authentic Communication and Love-Based Relationships
  • Body Movement, Dance, Yoga, Ecstatic Energy Movement
  • Breath Work, Spinal Breathing
  • Meditation, Meditative Practices
  • Energy Therapy & Body Work
  • Time in Nature, Connecting with Elements and Natural Environment
  • Herbal Therapies, Holistic Medicine and TreatmentThe list goes on.

The full array of natural living is what many are just now coming back to alignment with. When listed like above, it makes life seem like an object, with objectified elements within it. It can help us gain perspective, for us to then gain direct experience by way of living with a singular focus on living the highest love.

By living in devotional love to life itself, or what many in the new age term “living our or living with purpose” we naturally align ourselves in every moment with that which is harmonious to our essence. Of course, nature being the fundamental law of life, all the above comes as a natural reflection to this intention.

Through the awareness and natural loving intent, they are called into these energy raising / harmonizing practices as a natural response for the need to heal.

By increasing one’s energy / shakti/ prana / kundalini one can have more “juice” if you will, to assist in the purging / cleansing / releasing process. This all naturally results in one reclaiming their identity as a “FREE Creator” to create their life as they desire, and as the will of source moves through them effortlessly.

As with all things, harmony is the goal. So there certainly can come an excess of energy through an unnatural use of practices like above, one then must certainly monitor their balanced intentional approach with them.

Modalities… and a simple process and technique to heal… anything.

As seen above. The modality can of course change in regards to the type of healing which is necessary. When we are dealing with the gross / physical body we are needing some more heavy-duty gross / physical tools which can penetrate this density.

We must not forget, that no matter how gross / physical, its source is still awareness, and would not come about without that. Thus, in a sense, the modality is simply for the ego /bodymind to have a reason to believe in the healing that is underway.

It is much like the devotional relationship to a guru/master (I understand for many this is a trigger word, as there have been many false teachers / those who have used this power inappropriately. Though use whatever term you like – it simply points to one abiding in the truth of the SELF. There are many who have sincerely realized this truth and have served the planet in numerous positive ways). The physical guru/master is “technically” not needed, as they are simply a direct representation of the source god, which already and always exists. However, many need the physical form to have a reason to be more devotional / faithful. Also, by being in the master’s aura / presence, they will, by way of osmosis and transmission, absorb his/her energy. This is becoming increasingly less important in the physical sense, though the principle of it will always be important and will never change.

Likewise, when it comes to modality, more and more, individuals are utilizing their “intuition” and intuitively guided processes during any sort of “healing work” as it feels most natural, and ultimately it is.

In the essence of creation, it is the feminine, shakti which is manifested. It is infinitely creative in all ways. Thus, rigid patterns, processes and modalities are bound to re-emerge into the source form, which is where art and science merge.

The principle of energy healing, as we have depicted with awareness, intention and energy, are upheld in divine form, though the way in which it is used / expressed comes in an infinite degree of methods and ways. As with all things, this must be in balance. There are many healers that use this rationale to bring fourth bogus / ineffective methods and modalities. One must use discernment when connecting with these energies.

The proficiency of the healer however, more and more, will surrender to grace as an ever-present flow through them. Thus, at this point, one may not even need the more gross / physical forms of modality to do even very serious cases of physical healing.
There is no limit to the divine, it is truly infinite.

This continues to lend itself to the clear seeing that, there is ONLY the SELF.

Until one sees this, they will believe in the many different forms of healing, and pathways to the truth, though as one paradoxically comes into direct contact with the truth, they will perceive ONLY that. Thus, ALL is supremely simplified, not as a short cut, but as a recognition of the totality, completion and perfection which has and always will exist.

From this place, all in the presence of such an individual are affected in a positive way. Healing is done spontaneously and effortlessly. All untruth is burned in the flame of this sun-like light. Nothing will survive.

We can see that the intensity of this for some may be too much, and thus explains why they chose to utilize various modalities as this represents and mirrors where they are at on their journey. There is no rush when it comes to realization of the truth within, though as one resonates with this message, or tastes the fruit of this truth, it is impossible to ignore.

A Supreme Healing Modality & Process You Can Use Today.

Before I get into this technique, it is important to re-iterate what was spoken about in the last section.

For one to perceive in this simple manner as has been communicated, initiation to the technique (learning directly from the master/ teacher), or being in the presence of a master/ teacher who abides in this truth is important. Without it, the technique will not have the same potency, as one will not have the reference point experience that comes with being in the presence of one who is in this Absolute state. One could say it is not “absolutely” vital, as there are always exceptions, though for one to move quicker and more efficiently in the process, having the guide is always of value.

In simplicity this can be applied to ANY aspect of one’s existence that is perceived as “blocked”, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, energetic etc. In many ways, it is the most natural and real-time method for one to be in a continuous experience of healing and transformation.

These are the steps that can be practiced at any time. It is recommended for one to understand the implications and ethical order of one practicing “healing” on another. Though this method does not use anything external and accepts the notion that anything perceived in ANY aspect of life (be it oneself, or a perceived other) is in fact ONE and to be seen as themSELVES; thus, responsibility must be taken for this.


  1. At any point where something is brought into one’s perception of pain or suffering, whether in their own body or in the perceived “other”, one is instantly called to recognize the direct feeling sensation of said pain or suffering, and identify where in the body it is being experienced.
  2. Through this seeing, one perpetually practices the releasing of their attention from all labels, expectations, stories, definitions or judgments around or which appears “on top of”, the direct feeling or sensation.
  3. This is done repeatedly until one abides in the pure feeling /being /awareness which is at its source. This is the direct feeling “I AM” which cannot be described in any other way but this.
  4. Through this period, one looks to relinquish any need, desire or intention to, “heal”, “change”, or “fix” said feeling.
  5. As a natural result, acceptance is surrendered into, and one will see the effortless and natural movement of the energy. It may happen in cycles, waves or a pattern. The feeling state may intensify, it may move throughout the body, it may release or dissipate.
  6. Again, ALL desires and expectations around what it is, is completely dismantled and dissolved. One does this by continually returning to the simple feeling of “I AM” or “being” which is beyond everything being presented in one’s experience.
  7. If the energy moves, one continues to abide in that source “I AM” feeling state and may move with it, simply aware of all that arises, though not directing it in any way.
  8. All is practiced until the energy / block is lessened to a noticeable degree (and can continue until it is completely gone in this session or another) – the energy may also transmute into a polarizing opposite like love, bliss, expansion etc. The energy may also release through top of the head or other areas of the body.
  9. One needs to be patient with this process. The most important element is releasing from the need to control, change, heal or fix. All labels, ideas, concepts, expectations must go.So, try this out. This can be done in a sit down / session format, though it also can be done at ANY point when something arises.
    As noted previously, doing this with someone who is abiding in the source of awareness, naturally will result in a quicker process of healing. It is the natural result of being in their presence. With this, I always recommend individuals who are beginning with this type of “technique” to have a guide/teacher/healer to assist them.

Practice, explore and I love feedback. Feel free to express your thoughts, questions or comments in the comment section.
The Transmission method that has been described here can be supported by myself. It will be covered in more depth in future posts. For those desiring to receive this transmission individually you can connect with me directly through HERE. This transmission is potent and has the power to transform one completely if they are willing, open and receptive.
Much love.


Emotional Mastery Initiation Program

I’ve designed a very simple program to help “initiate” someone into this technique. As with anything, although the technique is simple, having a teacher guide through this process is vital. The other element to this is like with any energy work, receiving the transmisison energy that comes from a teacher who has done their own work will only expedite the process. Your ability to use the technique will come directly from how refined it has become through these two elements.

This program is broken down int a 3 Phase approach – There is no “timeframe” with it, as it is different for each individual.

Phase 1: (2 – 1on1 sessions with me)

  • Initiation Into Technique (Recommended 2-3 times to receive refinements and the energy transmission support of teacher)
  • Practicing of Technique daily Morning / Night 10-20 Mins (or longer if desired)
  • Supporting too provided: Liberation The Remedy
Phase 2: (2 – 1on1 sessions with me)
  • Merging Daily practice with on going moment-to-moment Self-Inquiry and awareness of all arising thoughts, feelings and sensations.
  • Supporting too provided: Liberation The Remedy
Phase 3: (1 – 1on1 session with me)
  • Practice becomes infused as regular sense of Awareness.
  • Transcendence of trigger points, complete non-resistance to all that is arising.
  • Supporting too provided: Liberation The Remedy

If you are interested in applying for this program – please send me a personal message by email to infinitesheikh@gmail,com or go  HERE  



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  • Wil

    Thank you for this article. It has provided a lot of clarification for myself… especially in regards to labelling one’s perceived suffering & also understanding/innerstanding the paradox that; everything ‘I need’ is already within but also the importance/benefit of an external master/healer/guru etc.

  • Rachel

    Thank you for sharing this! I have been doing this type of healing on myself for quite a while…with my meditations on a daily basis. A few months ago I began the detoxing from processed foods, etc.. It’s been a long process and very rewarding. I didn’t know I needed a guru though. Your courses sound interesting and I hope to attend them in the near future. In the meantime I will continue to work on my stuff. Many thanks again!

    • Profile photo of Corey Sheikh
      Corey Sheikh

      Hello Rachel – It seems like your path is unfolding beautifully. Like with anything, having the mentor or guide to support will always expedite and show blind spots more rapidly. With that said, it does not mean you cannot be effective on your own. The energy transmission that is received from a true teacher supports in rapidly accelerating the power of the method. – I went through the method with the group in this session here:

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