How To Experience Peaceful Bliss In The Heart (Forever?!)

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When I focus upon the god-source essence within anything, I generally erupt in the love, pleasure and giddyness of a little child.
Yesterday my Higher self gave me this very simple experiential example that may help translate how others can experience this more consistently…
…Now first, just forget about any preconceived notions about god – or who god is / what it is. Drop any resistance you may have to the idea or the word itself. Simply humble yourself to the possibility that god is the source of all, the creator of all, and in that holds the highest loving self essence.
If you knew this for absolute certain, and were then given a chance to “meet god” (if they were a being in physical form) – How would you act? How would you look to show up, carry yourself, speak, etc?
Generally when we perceive something that is loving, happy, joyful, peaceful, we are naturally attracted to mirror this behavior within ourselves. At first the ego may resist, deny, or look to sabotage – though as we bring the lower mind into focus, calming its fear, and bringing it online with our higher intent – we look to embrace and devote ourselves to this external image in which represents what we so deeply desire.
As I was being shown this , and using the person & space I was in for my next meeting as the example, I was filled with the energy of love, righteousness, compassion, innocence, purity, patience, respect – everything.
So many words and principles to describe this, yet all feels so simple, and so natural. A revealing of our natural state of being. Nothing to be done really, simply showing up as ones unique, natural self – being opened to the grace, love and compassion of god-source.
To see observe and interact with anything, with such love, reverence & respect, brings fourth these experiential qualities within oneself. To treat an “other” in the highest way, is to treat oneself as such. Naturally both, benefit. This is the essence of the golden rule – to treat another as ONEself, all things being an extension of oneself – this god-source essence.
This is living with pure DEVOTION, to be devoted to see the highest (god-source) within all.
In practicing this within just ONE interaction, a further embodiment & direct knowing of this light & love within begins to spread through all moments, all interactions, all experiences
It is here, one see’s that in fact, the source of their very subjective awareness, is this god-source. I/YOU/WE are the creators of our experience. Everything that is created comes from and is an extension of oneself. ALL IS SELF.
This contemplation & perception becomes an on going mantra / affirmation / perception that can continuously remind oneself to treat all of life as this. All of life as the most sacred, revered and loved essence.
To live in this way, everywhere one goes, they are lit up by the presence of god-source – and the embodied love, compassion, joy and peace that comes with it.
There is a continuity of this stream of loving compassion within all moments, constantly revealing more of itself. Endless epiphanies, insight, realizations,, extra-sensory perceptions and more – perpetually are revealed and gifted.
Life becomes constantly synchronisitic, where the stream of life is ongoingly observed and seen with clarity, One feels in line with their natural destiny, no matter what is arising, seeing all as a part of the greater plan, unfolding in divine timing – all in perfection.
This is the living reality of one devoted to the god-source / loving essence within all.
Practice this as much as it is remembered – within your next meeting, gathering, meal, walk, meditation… practice this so often that the reminder is, always, everywhere you go, you are meeting god-source… your very own loving SELF.
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