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Ok – so the post I was going to share I have decided to not, after coming into more clarity with the entirety of this situation. yet I do feel called to address some particular things in a short and sweet context.


The first is simply reminding myself and each of you that the only thing that ever matters is your personal state of being, and how this naturally emanates and creates your holographic reality.

The meditation we did today, we pulled back the parts of consciousness in which have been distracted, pulled away or siphoned by outside (or perceived) forces, people, situations – naturally bringing us away from ourselves / fragmenting our energy.

This is an ongoing process, and vital in these times because it brings us back home to a natural vibration of ease, contentment, peace and alignment with our signature (each of us different depending on our human design).

It is from this foundation that we can actually see the potential possibilities, opportunities and areas of focus in this time. Where we can ride a magical new wave into a paradigm that we wish to see. Coming out the other side of this transition and re-set with an open heart, aligned in abundance and creating things in service to our personal mission and what is in most need by the collective.

In simple terms – we become un-tainted and un-disturbed by circumstances such as this.

This is what everything comes back to, so it is why I start here.

Now the details upon the certain perceived crisis and outbreak have a full range of possibilities, potentials and ideas around it. It is a reflection of the inner extremes that we are all facing right now as we awaken to truth, realizing our light and revealing darkness.

All is being brought to the surface. Yet we must not stop there.

The surface level media and what is being shared about this is always in need of further discernment and inquiry as to what is really true, what matters, what to listen to and what not.

There are many “conspiracies” rolling around – some of which are certainly true – though this is a maze that we can get lost in very easily.

Some many have been new to this – so another reason I am not sharing everything yet, as I do not want to scare certain people away from focusing on what is important – which is the inner work and the support of loved ones.

If we remember and remind ourselves, what is happening in our immediate environment is of the utmost importance, who is closest to us, and where we are at in our body – we can remain grounded in what actually matters in this time.

Now, it is obvious that we can see how interconnected we are. So the consciousness of what is in our immediate environment expands and extends beyond space and time – it is a vast awareness we are tuned into now, and things that are happening around the globe rippled very rapidly.

So with that, we must stay aware of what is occurring so that we are prepared, not in a fearful way, but in a way that allows us to gracefully navigate the upcoming changes.

It is my strong belief that the entirety of this situation is partially a distraction from underlying situations occurring right now, that if the collective were to come into deeper awareness of, may actually cause even more chaos then what we are facing.

This in including but not limited to:

  • The upcoming US election and the manipulation of the steps that governments are taking for further control (there have been releases of similar viruses EVERY election year)
  • The current collapsing of our financial system and the setup of a new system that has the potential for both more abundance but also potential control.
  • The Mass pedophile and human trafficking tings that extend into every high level area of government, controlling corporations, sporting industry, Hollywood and the rest. Inclusive of some of the most well-known people on the planet at this time. All of which has been progressively outed, with certain individuals (epstein , Harvey and others) have been pawns for a bigger game – saving face of the bigger names That if people were to hear about the realities of, may completely loose it. – This is a very dark subject, potentially the darkest on the planet at this time.
  • The roll-out of 5G technology and its impact on our health – If you overlay a 5G Map to the corona virus – it is the same. Many have claimed coronavirus is not actually what people are saying it is, but rather the effects of 5G.
  • There are mass resignations happening across some of the biggest companies in the world – most notably Bill Gates, He is also a huge proponent of population control and vaccination – there is much connection to all of this with him and this recent event.
  • Coronavirus – like many other big situations on the planet in the past – was foresighted in the Simpsons many years ago (1993 to be exact) – Simpsons, among other programming is a part of predictive hypnotic mind control programs.

The simple fact that there is a mass awakening to many of the above topics – and more so – to our divine nature. Naturally something that those in control are not desiring. I feel it has hit its peak – and the process of the planets ascencion and movement into the higher order is irreversible at this point – which then will naturally bring about attempts for further destruction and distraction.

Overall – these topics can all be painted quite negatively. When, in fact, I believe that there is a losing of grip of controlling factions, and much of the current events are both a last ditch effort for control – while also an opportunity for there to be a more graceful transition into what is to come. As I mentioned, for the purpose that people who are not ready do not completely lose it. So instead of this happening, there being quarantines, lock-downs etc that actually give an opportunity for there to be a calmer more controlled transition & process of change.

It is my belief that both are present – there will be bumps and challenges, naturally – tho there is a beautiful direction we are headed into – and as we stay balanced in our perception, we will align ourselves with the highest timeline, and come together with those that we are meant to, to enact this change and to bring fourth what is most necessary.

I am not posting the original comment as I believe that it was painting too much of a “positive” outcome in which I do not feel is going completely the way it turns out, some elements it may.

Naturally it is likely this situation will go on for a bit of time, with potential black out / social media cut off / full lockdown / martial law shut downs. This is a really tricky thing, though as we are connected to our truth, our tribe, and our higher self – we will be guided in the right ways.

This is a time of deep humility – as all false attributes of ones “personal egoic self” come to ground level when situations like this happen, bringing us into a clearer lens of what is actually important, vs what we falsely believe is

Overall – this has been prophesied for a very very long time – many of us already know this – and truly its only the beginning of a true joy ride ?


What is happening on this planet energetically has never happened before… in 4.8 billion years – the history of this planet.

Thats a big statement, and its the truth.

My mission right now is to provide as much support and guidance as I can with the resources I have, while also staying grounded on my own path as well.

I will be launching an updated version of my online immersion program to literally release EVERYTHING I have come to know over the past decade and lifetimes before this so that I can support in the best way. – All in the realms of body, mind soul activation, new world abundance creation and awakening to the natural self

It will include tools, teachings, perspectives and approaches that can help you prepare for many years to come, and transition with grace.

If this is of any interest, please comment below and I will be touch soon and posting more about this.

For now, stay with it., stay safe, stay healthy.

Support those you love as best you can. Embrace this time of solitude and isolation as well.


PS – We have already begun planning the “post Hysteria” celebration Awakening retreat in JUNE – it is already filling up, join us in light and consciousness 🙂  >

Love & Blessings 🙂


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