December 2017 & Beyond. The Peak of Collective Awakening.

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2017 Has been quite something. I did this video at the beginning of the year in which I feel represents what many have been experiencing.

In most aligned texts. 2017 would be the middle point of the 10 year ascension cycle from 2012 to 2022. In simple English this is the transition point in which all ancient culures, religious and spiritual paths have spoken about for thousands of years.

In my experience this peak has been deeply felt in which I know many can relate.

Moving towards Dec 21 which every year ignites the “true” 12 Days of Christ-mass will be bringing all full circle.
A time where one can see the completion in many ways to cycles that began in 2012.

In my view the end of December could be the most important time period within our life up until now. I am not usually one to get caught up in the hype of “dates” within our relative experience, though if it is understood correctly, one can take advantage of “boosts” from the universe.

For many, a complete up-level in their awakening emerged within 2012, which was acted as a catalyst for many world changes that have been continuing up until this point we are in now. (look around, have you noticed?!)

2017 has felt like in many ways the peak to many major changes in the collective planet, which of course is only a reflection of one’s individual life and what is occurring there.

Many have experienced very intense shifts in their life, coming from releases of false beliefs, and detrimental patterns within ones live. Constantly being humbled by life, to continue to drop the idea that one “knows it all” and surrenders to realization that one really knows very little for certain. In that, the burden and weight on ones shoulders is released!

This takes a deep level of courage, willingness and focus. This generally only comes, and continues to increase as one recognizes that the source of happiness does not come by placing attention on objects, but by placing ones attention on the knowing or perceiver OF those objects.

Of course, it would only seem logical that if we are looking to find OURselves, that we go the very source in which is perceiving all of the “external” objects in which appear. This is the method of turning ones awareness to awareness itself. We go into this at length within the core of our weekly sessions and retreats at this time.

Much of this time is an experience of the peak of the “spiral staircase” where synchronicity, meaningful coincidence, and “miracle” like happenings in ones life continue to increase. To the point in which it is constant and ever-present (there is a trick to this that I will be going into in December)

Those who have stabilized within their non-dual realization of themSELVES as the true Absolute Self. That in which is beyond and untouched by the changing of relativity, are those who the world is calling on. Not necessarily in any glamorous way, but by simply radiating this truth in whichever form they are most aligned with.

There is some clarification to what complete stabilization actually is when it comes to self-realization / enlightenment. It is rare to have very specific and accurate descriptions of what this stateless state is experienced as. Many believe they know what this is, yet have not truly stabilized here.

Ideas like “self-realization or enlightenment never ends” are generally coming from one who has not come to this end. There IS an end, though it is not what the mind thinks of it as. Life, existence the human experience continues, Simply one will only be experiencing one’s very SELF, seeing only the SELF in all appearances. This is the true surrender & liberation in which all deeply desire. In other words, the unchanging love & peace when one KNOWS something for absolute certain.. is the result.

Although this state is still rare, it will become less and less so. As more and more move through the final stages of awakening, they begin to drop all of the concepts, ideas, beliefs and old systems around self-realization / enlightenment and look to only be interested in the direct experience of that in which they have been seeking.

These individuals are the world-bridgers, they are here to truly provide the support that so many around them are and will continue to require for a more effortless ride.

Many are being called more deeply back into community and tribe. Closer more intimate connections. A release from the glamour of the new age, awakening culture and all the rest. Coming into a deep clarity with what all of the teachings have been pointing to… LOVE. A deep love for the human family, a deep love for all of life. If one is willing to JUMP into the spiritual fire of purification, fearless in their attempt, they will be reflected back the beauty of this courage. One has to be willing to take responsibility for what is perceived in the mirror, surrendering to the purification of emotional suffering that comes fourth with this. It is the true power we have in these human bodies.

It is no Coincidence why I have decided to run TWO transformational retreats coming up in December. We have the first 7 Day Retreat experience here close to Ottawa (which I believe is an important Vortex within North America) in which is designed to prepare one for the Dec 21st cycle transition. Deepening one into truth of oneSELF, finding that pure space of happiness, bliss and love. Just before New Years will be quite similar just a condensed version and for those that want to “check out” for New Years 🙂

In coming to this place of rest myself, the clarity that has emerged is profound. I know that anyone can find this truth if they are willing, open and ready to commit. As much as there is “no rush” and this journey is quite playful, there is also a level of seriousness, discipline and focus that is required for one to truly come to this place of peace.

As we head into 2018 which from a numerological perspective “#2” will be a year of further development in relationship. Experiencing this very intention of developing community, connecting intimately with others and rooting oneself in the physical within their individual means of service.

The darkness that has been unveiled within the planet will get far “worse” over coming years, though anyone with the eye to see, recognizes this as the true blessing. As those who are realized in truth are no moved by what is occurring outwardly, and continue to take aligned actions for the highest good of all. These individuals are those who are to take the first step in continuing to create stronger awake communities of all sizes. Applying the principles of individual enlightenment within the relative experience, redefining all ways of life here on this planet in real time.

Personally, my interest in many “spiritual” topics is not experienced at all in the same way. There is an appreciation for them, though it is no different than the appreciation I have for laptop keyboard I am using in this moment. It is when concepts and ideas are completely dropped, that one surrendered to the truth of the spiritual message. Experiencing life for the first time, fresh, new, alive and in-love with all that arises equally.

In essence, this Non-Dual message, the transmission of grace that is available here and now will be the singular focus for our December Retreats to support those taking advantage of the current energies and cycles in which are present. If you are serious about this process and would like to come to this “end” point of rest, where life now TRULY begins. You can find the details HERE.

How are you experiencing these times?!

Deep Love.



If you would like to learn how to put this into practice with more direct pointers, our Teachings platform has all of the available methods, techniques and teachings to support. Gain Access HERE.

Though, with that said, the live Transmission that comes through during our live sessions along with our upcoming complete December retreats supports this at a far expedited rate. It is the reason we have created these longer immersions for those who are sincere in their desire for truth and liberation from suffering. See the details HERE

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