August 2017. Freedom & Love. A month we will remember.

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First, I shall start with a question.

What brings you to a writing of this nature?

What are you desiring to see in this? To receive? To understand?

Are you in a space of complete transformation? Where your life, your world is completely changing, transforming, and transitioning into that in which you had always dreamed of?  Also, possibly, that in which could simultaneously be completely different and new than anything you have experienced before?

How are you surrendering to this unknown?

How are you showing up in the uncomfortable nature of this in love, gratitude and acceptance?

To you see this profound reflection also occurring in the mirror externally as well? In the perceived “others”, “world”, “planet”?  Have you potentially noticed that it may not be external at all?

That you are living within your own mind? Everything reflecting to you exactly what you are already?

Where it is only YOU, the SELF?

Can you keep this practical to see that if everything is YOU, there can be nothing to fear, because it is YOU, you know it so well, you know it and out without exception.

As we dive into the theme of this August, FREEDOM & LOVE, surely these concepts are to be integrated.

What Is The Importance of This Time?

Firstly, I’d like to point out. EVERY day, EVERY month, EVERY year, EVERY moment, is one to remember ( and paradoxically forget). Though, what is prevalent in August 2017 is unlike anything we may experience in our LIFEtime..

Every year, a specific alignment occurs astrologically with or earth, the sun and Sirius  Sirius is also called the “spiritual sun”, which when is in alignment with our sun activates an exponential effect upon the light energy hitting our planet.

Thankfully, this is no longer (and never has been) just woo-woo new age talk. Scientifically we are beginning to see spikes in the earths Schumann resonance. Which is the core frequency meter of this planet. Signifying the spikes in energetic and vibrational “potency” that all living things on the planet simultaneously feel.

Now, every year this core alignment and “Lion’s Gate Gateway” occurs between July 26th and August 12th. With the beak on August 8th (8/8).

This year in particular, the alignment has some extra spice (as do most things) for a number of reasons. One being, 2017 is the center point of the 10 year “ascension time” that occurs between 2012-2022 as many ancient cultures and spiritual systems (at-least many of the more hidden ones) have explained.

The second point is that we also have a MAJOR Lunar and Solar Eclipse in which are in rare points astrologically on August 7th and August 21st.
August is simply a pressure cooker of magic, abundance, love and opportunity.

Opportunity for what?

Well we could say, whatever we want it to be.

Though what is coming through quite profoundly, is… FREEDOM & LOVE.

How To Navigate This Time of August.

For those that are “aware” and in the know of the timelines that are underway right now, the mass changes, awakening and transformation that is occurring on the planet, naturally these core themes are prevalent for you.

The entire journey of spiritual nature is to find complete freedom and liberation from the toils of suffering, experiencing the profound and expansive unconditional love within all things and experiences.

In a sense this is a representation of the masculine and feminine aspects of awakening.

Masculine, a intense seeking to destroy all falsehood and realize complete freedom.

Feminine, to experience unconditional love within all things, moments and experiences.

Now in this duality we find they are really searching for the same thing.

In that wholeness we find completion and balance.

In the depths of our seeking for the truth we see ALL things as an opportunity to realize this. EVERY moment is an opportunity to unconditionally love life with EVERYTHING you have. An INFINITE love that has no limits, has no boundaries, has no expectations.

A question to sink into at this time..

Where Am I loving Life CONDITIONALLY?

Where am I holding back in my love? And if so, what am I afraid of? Why do I believe I have to hold back? What am I protecting.

It is in the simplicity of these questions that we can come to find the clear and obvious nature of our limiting beliefs, and the identities we are holding to strongly about the way we view life, and of course….

Our worthiness of experiencing an abundance of unconditional love and freedom.

I believe this time carries through with the theme from July of CLARITY and ACTION, and with that, opens you up to the direct experience of abundant freedom and love.

A gateway opening  for you to REALIZE this as who and what you are, seeing then in the reflection of your manifested human life, the symbols (people, objects, experiences, opportunities) in which represent this for you.

You have been cultivating a more patient outlook on this journey, recognizing that “there really is no rush”, while paradoxically this opens you up to taking inspired action without attachment.

Seeing that, by releasing the addictions, blocks and attachments one has, the ability to see freedom HERE and NOW is a natural result.

From this new foundation, taking inspired PLAYful action is the natural flow from this place.

It is kind of like coming to the realization that life has no purpose or inherit meaning, we create this ourselves. For this to be embodied, one must truly be ok with… nothing… seeing that life just as it is, is complete and whole.

From this place, we can live in freedom, creating what we are moreso “inspired” to create in every moment, rather than a need to fulfill some grand personal “vision” that exists somewhere in the future.

This is the natural flow….

In my space, it has asked for a deeper degree of discipline, and a perpetual returning to walking my own path… alone.

I don’t necessarily mean alone, like renunciating relationships (although I have certainly become much more quiet socially) but moreso alone, as in….

“If Everyone else is doing it, chances are, when it comes to the revitalization of absolute freedom, self realization… it is most likely not the way”

In the new age, personal development, health and spiritual “fields” at this time.. there is ALOT of Noise.

Many young and ambitious individuals who have re-created the wheel in so many ways, some with positive effects, while others simply confusing things that do not need to be confused.

“There is nothing new under the sun” will never not be true.

We are not in a time where we need to re-create the wheel, simply to reinforce our own beliefs or give us comfort as to where we are at on the journey.
The message of the great GURU, will never change, the teaching always remains the same. No matter the time, the astrology, the “new” energies, or anything of the sort.

If it seems that it is different, one is simply just not understanding the core message of the great GURU – correctly.

Remember, when I point to the great GURU, I point to the archetype of all enlightened ones who have walked this planet with the exact same core messages.

Every great religious figure / god/ deity speaks the same language… in different words.

It is for us to not look to re-create everything, simply abide by the universal laws in which have ALWAYS existed.

This piece, is for another discussion.

All that to say, a deepening on my side, with a focused discipline, and a fire of intent to complete this journey, as there certainly is a completion.

A completion of the simultaneity of the FREEDOM that exists here and now in all moments. Thus a release from ANY push or pull (like / dislike) and complete open hearted embrace & love to what is here in its ENTIRETY.

Persistence and Vigilance.

Updates for Our Intentional Community Efforts

Now with all of this here, there are some action points that I feel are going to be highly activating for you, and the community of souls on the same wavelength as you in this time.

  1. A Spiritual Teacher and Guide Benthino Massaro and His Sacred Partner Jocelyn Daher have launched a Global Lions Gate Meditation  – Details HERE – We will be running an OTTAWA version of this Next Tuesday @ Britannia Beach. – It will be posted on FB for Aug 8.
  2. August 12th we are kick-starting our Conscious Ottawa Parties once again – A complete experience of music, yoga, ecstatic dance, meditation and social fun. – Details HERE
  3. Our Video Challenges have been coming out slowly. We have started with our 5 Day Emotional Cleanse – and Now have our Conscious Relationship Mastery Course coming as well.
  4. I am increasing the frequency of my 1on1’s for specific emotional release & completion, intuitive reads, & health coaching/guidance. You can book a session with me HERE. (there are donation options available for those that are needing some assistance at this time)

We have some other goodies in store.

I love you all.


PS. Always love to hear your feedback and direct experience below in the comments!


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    I look forward to reading and listening to your messages. Thank you for the love and light you bring.

  • Eduardo Nicolodi

    Thanks Corey! I am impacting a lot of people in my jorney, and you are surely a great pointer and guide. Love you.

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