A Message To The Ottawa & Global Community – Awakening to The Absolute – Part 2

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A NEW perspective on the pure teachings…

During this time, a completely new depth of the teachings of this path came forth. A natural unfoldment to the ONLY truth on this journey.

Put simply. There is no awakening journey as there is nobody to “awaken”.

Trace back everything to its source and you cannot find “you” as you think you are.

The past six months have become a deep initiation into the true nature of Self-Realization. Many teachings, teachers and perspectives, falling into my lap, that are from what I see ─ the Creme of the Crop of teachings.

For 95% of even spiritual “seekers” this wisdom is just not what is desired. It is too simple, too frustrating, too “natural’? (can that be possible?)

It asks you to completely let go of ALL attachments – including the “New Age Travel Pack” ─ as I spoke about in the talk.

Inevitably it came to the point where even the attachment to the core technique of “spinal breathing” had to go.

Now – initially, there was a point where this really confused me.

As I have mentioned ─ the parts in my journey where “activity” was no longer necessary for happiness… caused my mind to freak the hell out.

I could simply rest on my couch all day, doing nothing, and I was in complete contentment and peace.

But, what about all of the spiritual techniques?

What about the optimization of mind, body and soul with nutrition, movement, breath, energy work?

What about the spinal breathing?

What about entrepreneurship, this creation?

What about all these years of work into this new world vision of this beautiful center, community, technological Apps and more?

What about all of this?

I had to spend deep time alone. In this void of nothingness.

The first time these teachings came, it came with a deep sense of purposelessness. This happened in conjunction with the depressive states I was experiencing with the release from the Ottawa Lifestyle Centre project.

All coming to show me, NOTHING can be held onto. Not even the most “righteous” perspectives on what we believe this spiritual journey is or anything that is involved in it).

It was in this most recent phase, where this became so abundantly clear.

Tasting of the Ultimate Fruit.

The journey of most spiritual paths is to come to the recognition and awareness of the I AM state. An experience of pure being, pure consciousness in which our experience is manifested.

Many reach this state and stop there. They are still unravelled in the “experience” of consciousness in its miraculous form. This includes expansive meditative experiences, feelings of “oneness” or deep love, ecstasy , bliss.. all of the above.

For me, this has been a direct experience that had come and gone for years, until it became clear that it was not the end.

A new state in my awareness has been emerging rapidly, that transcends all of what is depicted here.

In the mirror, there are other teachers and individuals speaking about this space, it is rare, but becoming less so.

I first was led to this through the work of Edward Muzika – a Non-Dual teacher and psychologist who teaches the lineages of both Ramana Maharashi AND Nisgardatta Maharaj. He spoke of what Nisgardatta eluded to – the PRIOR -To- Consciousness state. This is beyond I AM – we could denote this I or I:I. A state of complete nothingness, where the world of illusion no longer exists, and one tastes the fruit of the only “reality” which is the nothingness state.

In his book Autobiography of Jnani he deeply explores the process of him guiding a devoted Seeker Rajiv Kapur to the state of Absolute realization in a matter of 3 months.

This was all extremely intriguing to me.

Much of what was depicted was an individual who already had the intense discipline from 12 years of Kriya yoga, and had build up a certain “Meditative” and “focused” stamina. Very much required for one to step into the path of Jnana yoga or Self-Inquiry. Many who start this path, do not have this focus and end up falling off, or stopping far too soon.

I related with the depth of this process and what was being pointed to here. As much of my journey from fitness, martial arts, and business – all before 1000’s of hours of Meditation and Kriya, were my training grounds for intense discipline. The step into Non-Dual – Advaita Self Inquiry was natural.

Another brilliant teacher, has been headed in this direction for some time as well – Bentinho Massaro. It has been interesting to watch his unfoldment, and the community’s response to him moving away from the typical western “Empowerment” teachings, and letting go completely into the final surrender to the Absolute.

His current experience with his previous company coming to a close, re-birthing anew, was very much reflective of my own experience with the initial community project in the Ottawa Lifestyle Center.

In my direct experience, this was all coming fourth profoundly.

A recognition that the changing bliss states were ultimately still changing. This was simply not bringing me the satisfaction that I knew was possible.

Imagine being in a deep sleep, unconscious to everything, all senses turned off, the blackest darkness, though a peace unlike anything an “experience” could possibly give. That is the most practical way I can describe this state of Absolute nature.

It has been coming and going for months,, although recently, it has been emerging as a more constant state.

The entire illusion of the “person” on an “awakening journey” was seen so clearly. Likewise, the nature of consciousness and the bliss which one experiences in the I AM state could not have been the end. There must have been something prior.

It is like asking or meditating on the question: “What is beyond Infinity?”

At this time of initially tasting this fruit, the creation of the previous “spiritual ego” came crashing down. Cut down at its roots.

I knew deep down it was an inevitable process. I had to be willing to let go of everything. Nothing can stay, as of course it is Nothing in which I am :D.

This final state of realization is simply a new beginning. Though, it is certainly still rare in the state of human consciousness. Most, even within the spiritual realm of seeking, are not willing to go this distance. They are not willing to risk everything for this realization. They are not willing to give up EVERYTHING they previously knew to be true.

It is simply the most frightening thing one could experience. Death before Death. A conscious death, but of course a re-birth into the eternal nature. A re-birth into the ONLY reality of eternal life.

Much of my initial experiences in these bliss I AM states, left me in a space with no real desires left. No need for striving for anything. I could lay or sit on the couch the entire day, in complete bliss, and nothing would really phase me.

It was of course still a confusing time. As my previous intensity in business, creation and manifestation was in my mind, completely opposite.

Though I felt, there still must be truth to this. There still must be truth to the creation at hand.

When I passed through the gates of the final states, through the void if you will,when even the bliss needed to be released, it was then that I recognized the nature of duality that was still grabbing hold of the mind.

My perception on the paths of Self Realization and Self Actualization were divided. (See my recent article as I resolved this paradox and clearly state the NEW path that came fourth.)

Self Realization as a dissolving into the nothingness in which you are. Whereas Self Actualization as the worldly life of manifestation and creation of your desired life.

How could these exist together? How could they be the same?

Like all things true, it became so simple, as I surrendered to the deepened knowing within about the nature of what is before me.

As we all should – is to not exclude anything on our journey. We need to walk this path naturally, and allow our desires and expression to take their course. We are each individually unique beings. Manifested as expressions of the ONE self within infinite creativity. We are here to express ourselves fully and spontaneously on the foundation of the core realization of the Absolute in which we are.

Most definitely, one’s ultimate goal and attainment is the realization of the ONE self – the absolute. The realization that they are in fact complete nothingness and all creation is an illusion. Though within this, we are FREE to play. Free to spontaneously play, create, manifest and experience as the I AM consciousness. Realizing that it is not a bunch of separate selves acting and doing, it is merely ONE self BEING and existing with no real purpose or direction, simply just as it is with zero expectation.

There is no expectation because there can be no expectation. The true YOU which you refer to, is a space of silent nothingness that wants nothing from this world. It knows that any desire it has, will result in suffering to some degree. What many people take this as, is that nothing is to be done in the world, though really, what is it to you? What does it really matter as to what is done in the world, if YOU are not satisfied? Most of us go our whole lives trying to figure out the World, yet we haven’t figured ourselves out. There is no peace, there is no satisfaction, there is no abundant love. There is merely lack. A foundation of complete lack, desire, need, want and illusion.

The illusionary world is not to be worried about, our own delusions are to be the concern. Our own delusions have us confused, longing and consuming everything in our path. Having little to no appreciation, and briming with impatience.

The only solution is to give it all up. Let everything go and see what remains.

Are you willing? Are you willing to release from everything and trust that what remains is exactly what you have been looking for?

This is really what we are asking when we seek with the question of “Who Am I” in mind.

We may not consciously know this, but deep down, we want an irreversible and undeniable knowing of the truth.

Where Am “I” At Now? What is next for this Vision.


As long as we are living on this planet, the journey continues, the deepening continues.

Though with a deep knowing within, the seeking has come to an end.

I have realized the self, and experienced the peace of deep neutrality. This will continue to stabilize, though it is known with a deep conviction.

I am currently stabilizing and piercing through the veil of what many have spoken is the “last stage” of this enlightenment journey.

There have been VERY few individuals’ people who have gone all the way. Only a handle of individuals in our entire history.

Now in the times we are in, the energies that are around and within us, this is certainly possible.

For us to taste the ultimate fruit and realize our ABSOLUTE nature. Something the mind cannot even conceive.

Now as I mentioned… “let everything go and see what remains”.

This “vision” which came fourth over the past 5 years, as mentioned in the previous section had to be “let go of” to truly connect with the source of it all.

This vision remained, although in a new and more comprehensive way, that most definitely needed to have a core foundation of teachings and one who can bring those teachings forward for those that are called.

The difference now. I have no attachment to any of it playing out or not.

The most important piece, is I needed to live true to the essence of SELF. Knowing who I am with absolute certainty, and not shying away from this so that I can be more “likeable”, be “accepted”, or to be “relatable”. All of this comes as a consequence to taking full responsibility for living your truth and expressing yourself authentically. If we “try” to be any of these things, we are missing the point.

MY deepest fear was that in which I was resisting most. Sinking into the term “guru” and embodying it without attachment to what that is represented as in our modern culture. Releasing from the “faults” of yesterday, and the previous self in which many have known. Simply surrendering to the inevitability of where this journey was taking me.

The time has come.

My only duty is to hold this space. Emmanate this energy and see what arises.

This may look like we are rebuilding from the ground up, reconnecting and bringing forth similar yet different projects that are in alignment with the service to this planet’s elevation in consciousness and collective enlightenment.

There were many individuals that assisted in this process of rooting into a deeper truth with all of this.

More recently, I met an individual by the name of Anurag Gupta – A soul with quiet POWER. He is certainly not flashy with his approach, so simple, yet so profound. All aspects of HIM reflect this. Anurag,  A previous lead facilitator for LandMark Leadership training, who did an array of high level business consulting for purpose driven entrepreneurs. One of which being Chip – founder and former CEO of Lululemon.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was seeing the impact he was having on Bentinho and the projects going on with TRINFINITY. As I have mentioned, in so many ways a mirror of what was occurring in my own experience, just coming from a very different angle.

Synchronisitcally Anurag is originally from Ottawa and was coming to town in a few weeks.

We met as planned and developed a deep brotherly connection after spending much of the week together.

I was inspired to utilize this opportunity to ignite the “vision” of heart centered leadership within the city of Ottawa and have a small lunch with a group of friends and fellow entrepreneurs that I trust and believe are playing a leadership role in this time within this “conscious business” space.
As the mirror always works, you receive who you need in your life to mirror back to you the positive changes ( or negative) that you are making, and the encouragement to keep walking, keep acting, and keep that intent clear and pure.

PURE INTENT. This is one of Anurag’s CORE messages. It resonated so deeply in its mirrored simplicity of where I was coming from with the core teachings.

This seeding of the “heart centered leader” group in Ottawa is going to create vast ripples.

We are starting with a very deeply focused program on the Realization of the ONE self – as will be outlined in more upcoming posts and video’s.

Now… A Message On Community

My message to the community in which I have been involved in, on all levels is simply. I love you. Each person who was a part of this journey played a significant role, I am in deep gratitude to you all.

For all those, each and every day, who are reaching out, stepping into their own leadership, and supporting this growing community.

In the spiritual “scene” community becomes one of the most important aspects of one’s journey.

Though it also becomes the source of one’s deepest attachment, and in many ways becomes the trap along the path.

I have learned so much about this dynamic over the past 5 years. A process that showed be the AMAZING, the good, the bad the ugly about communities, especially of this sort.

We must all remember, we are on this journey ALONE. No matter how many we have around us, we will only ever experience what is WITHIN this body, as ONE being, ONE self.

Certainly we are here to PLAY in this playground of life with others. Though the entirety of our own self-realization is existing as ONE being.

As this new community seeds, it is doing so on this foundation of purity, clarity, humility, love, wisdom, compassion, service.

All of which I first needed to embody before any of this could be expected from a co-creative Heart Centered Community.

So What Is ARISING In This Space?

There is SO much work to be done, yet in the same notion, all is perfect. In Part 3 I go into this in much more detail.

This is the beautiful paradox that is resolved once one comes into the zero point of the paths of self actualization and self realization, seeing them as one in the same, and the middle way to the Absolute… and back down again 😀
As I have come into the clear recognition now as to why everything has happened the way it has happened. It is clear.

It is all about timing, sequence and surrendering to the natural flow.

In this time, I am releasing things slowly. ALL of you can stay up today by receiving Updates through this link HERE.

We are stepping into what we call the INFINITE Vision – which is to be launched and communicated over coming months.

At the present time is my invitation into my core INFINITE Teaching program that is looking for specific, advanced and adept level individuals on the path.

We are setting up an “experiment” where we are looking to create a space for advanced spiritual seekers to complete their journey and begin the seeding for the new paradigm within the city of Ottawa.

This is happening NOW as we speak, I am stepping into teaching full-time and creating a 24/7 retreat environment for those looking to connect with the deepest aspects of their being.

If this is you, or if you resonate with anything in this article. Feel free to connect with me personally if you feel called 

This is currently happening all around the world, I feel personally responsible and resonant with our duty here in the city of Ottawa.

We have a powerful community group we are building from the ground up HERE.

The time of this work is really only beginning. There is so much love to give, changes to make and lives to change.

Now in Part 3 – I go into this all with deeper clarity as to the next steps within the community at what we will be creating.

Journey On.


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