A Message During The Summer 2018 Lunar Eclipse

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Here I am going to speak on the current times we are in, along with the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. As you may notice, these messages are inclusive and beyond of any specific time-line or period in which we are in. These messages are to be applied at all times.

This time we are in has brought many changes. We are in “eclipse” season, which means we have a series of solar and lunar eclipses (within July and August every year) that generally prepare us / catalyze changes for the rest of the year.

As many of you have heard me speak of before, all astrological movements will happen “with or without you”. It is best to have awareness of what is occurring while also remaining disciplined in the same natural principles and specific practices that go unaffected by astrological movements. The more one focuses on this, the less they are distracted or moved by what is happening in the stars.

The coming eclipse on July 27 is the longest eclipse of the century. Naturally, most have been feelings its effects already, and will experience its power for upwards of 6 months after.

As with all full moons, a time of release, to make way for new gifts and opportunities to come fourth. This will be no different.

It is likely that one is experiencing a release of many habits, beliefs, perspectives and energies that feel old, stagnant and no longer resonant. A spring cleaning… in summer if you will.

Remember, this is happening “with or without you”, in other words, whether you resist, or surrender, it will occur. The question is, would you like to rest in the ease and faith that life has life handled?

What I am pointing is this…

Patience, trust, compassion for oneself & others are the foundational backbones for these times (and all times).

The unfoldings of life are happening in a time-frame that is not to be understood, it is to be trusted in, and for one to act upon what feels most natural in each moment.

To continue to follow the path of least resistance, is simply following the path of nature. It is an opportunity for one to rest in the silence of natures pace. A pace that does not need intervention, control or manipulation. A pace in which one can on a very practical level FEEL in the center of their body at the heart & gut.

What naturally arises is an unlimited, inexhaustible foundation of loving compassion for all beings, for all life. With that, surrounded in patience & trust… which is what dissolves the minds need to know, or to hold to a specific time-line.

Abundance is naturally revealed in a timeless compassionate way of living. Abundance can be defined as many things, it may simply be pointed to the infinite love that all desire. The basis of all desire is really this. When one asks themselves as to what brings most joy, most love, when is one at their happiest?… the response will generally point to a form of selfless, loving service. To give inexhaustibly with no expectation of return.

What trust one shall cultivate if this is their default mode of action?

Well it is, our nature is to be compassionate, to be loving, to be in selfless service to those who suffer. If this has been forgotten, here is the reminder.

If one is in a constant reminder and practice of how one can be of loving, compassionate service in each moment – life becomes timeless. This is the doorway to infinite freedom.

This time needs no special rituals, practices or ceremonies. This message points to an underlying foundation and way of being in which will support you in these changes and the many to come.

This ride is truly eternal. Deep love. 🙂

A fun note… – At the end of writing this I saw this quote:“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”
~ Lao Tzu

yep. He knew.


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