Sheikh speaks to inspire and give the keys to live a life of peace, creative expression & heart centered purpose.

Through his discourses & speaking engagements he awakens, transforms and inspires audiences around the globe.

 Who is (corey) Sheikh?

Sheikh is a modern spiritual teacher, speaker, healer, writer, meditation & movement instructor. Sheikh has one singular mission. Supporting those who are willing to the realization of eternal peace, limitless creativity, balanced wellness and unconditional love for life & all others.

Sheikh is the founder of Awaken Ottawa his second wellness venture, which is a central hub for supporting individuals to become the best versions of themselves, inspire creativity, a desire for peace, and to live a live of authentic soul & heart purpose.

Sheikh has studied with some of the greatest spiritual, self development and wellness masters on the planet. Learning what the mystery schools of ancient times generally taught to the select few. He is inspired to share this knowledge and wisdom with the masses, making it accessible, practical and available for all.

He focuses on the realms of heart centered entrepreneurship, holistic healing and a modern model of self realization & awakening. A method in which draws on his direct experience in the fields of Advaita vedanta, yoga, tantra, energy healing, nutrition, neurology, movement, sound healing, martial arts and meditation.

Who Does Sheikh Speak With? 

Sheikh has spoken to thousands of individuals from across the globe seeking spiritual truth, personal development and overall well-being. He holds one single intention of bringing his wisdom, knowledge and experience to anyone who is open and ready to learn, practice and apply the insights they gain.

 Students of All Ages

Sheikh has spoken at universities, colleges, high schools and to elementary school students. His youthful, joyous and practical approach creates a connection and bond with young ones who are willing to listen and apply the wisdom sheikh spreads.

Heart Centered Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

Being an entrepreneur his whole life, Sheikh has inspired many entrepreneurs to set on the path of the heart. To merge business with pleasure, service and fulfillment of one’s heart purpose. He believes business must serve the greater good, and the way towards this collective goal is by each individual following their heart and true calling.

Seekers Of Truth

Sheikh has spoken to thousands of spiritual seekers and those seeking to be a better version of themselves. Connecting with individuals across the globe, sheikh has inspired many to continue down the path of true, self development and inner peace, fulfillment & joy.

What Has Sheikh Spoken About?

Sheikh speaks to large groups, corporate teams and schools to support them in unlocking their full potential, mastering emotional intelligence, realizing endless peace and creating a new world we all desire to see.

Core Topics:

“Answering The Question Who Am I?”

“How to Practice Self-love”

“Finding Your Purpose”

“Mastering The Emotional Guidance System?’

“The tool for all business success: Meditation & Mindfulness”

“How to Find Peace In ALL relationships?”

“Enlightenment for the average Joe”

Answering The Question: Who Am I?

How A Teenager Can Practice Self-Love

How A Student Can Find Their Purpose

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