Awaken Your Potential - Heart Centered Leader IMMERSION



Imagine designing and creating a business venture, that is not only focused on GLOBAL impact, but facilitates balance, peace and love within your own life.

What happens when you bring together...

.. An enraged ex competitive fighter turned spiritual teacher

with an

.. A stressed out Med student addicted to Ritalin turned neuroplastician and BRAIN optimization master

along with a

..10 Year Landmark Leadership training facilitator turned heart based business high level consultant.

Well, your imagination may certainly be going some odd places, but rest assured some intrigue into the magic that can be created here.

Let's put it this way.

The way's of doing business the OLD way, is simply falling apart. The WORLD is shifting, better yet, WE are shifting. Thus, these shifts are bringing a complete transformation to the way we approach solving problems, entrepreneurial style.

What happens if you were to have a fully immersive experience in which gets you in a mind frame to potentially step forward with the exact tools you need, inside AND out to make the impact you're looking for.

DISCLAIMER - this is not for you if the above statement scares you.

Naturally one would ask, "how would that scare me? it sounds great."

Well, underneath the obvious, we still seem to make "not so obvious" decisions.

One of which, is AVOIDING taking responsibility for a life and the success, service and fulfillment that comes as a reflection of this

In the world of Heart Centered individuals, it seems the avoidance of success is the epitome of one of our biggest pitfalls.

" I will lose my spiritual status card if I make money!!"

" I'm not ready yet, I need to read more and watch more youtube video's!!"

"I'll get run over by bigger, more ambitious businesses if I take a "heart centered" approach (whatever that means)" - (it's ok we don't know what it means either :D)

These are some of the natural statements we all find ourselves in.

But seriously, it's time to drop it.

What if you got clear and authentic about who you are. What your life is for. Who you love to be.  

What is an endeavour that  calls forth, nurtures and expands who you are and your purpose in life.

Are you willing to do the real work to get clear about this  and to design and build that kind of existence?

Are you willing to generate the level of Love and courage required to make this happen? And this includes willing to experience the full vitality joy and exhilaration that coincides with living that way.

Knowing to your soul you are true and willing to stand in the face of the pull of convention and a world that wants to shape you instead of you creating it

Choosing the game to play is a small part of the journey. Then there is getting yourself in shape to play, and win.

Going back to the odd combination of the individuals facilitating ( who we will introduce in a minute).

This weekend will give you an opportunity to connect with your innermost self, and practically implement the teachings of heart center, following your highest excitement, and the commitment to walking the inner path in the modern world of creativity