LOVE Currency Exchange

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I am an open vessle for spreading the message of truth, and receiving the gifts that all of those around me display, provide and exchange.

In the "industry" of personal development, spiritual teaching, and wellness the type of financial exchange, pricing etc. can range from HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars on one end, and donations on the other. Many times, equal results being produced in both cases.

In my experience, individuals who have worked with me have experienced life changing results in which one could say is "priceless".

Although I do utilize various pricing models for some of my services. When it comes to that in which I share openly and available to all - Social Media posts, videos, live Q&A's, transmissions, etc. I open to a free flowing LOVE EXCHANGE.

Put simply, you decide what you would like to exchange for what you have received value from. This can be money, connections, services, whatever you feel most called.

Providing A Donation

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Or Through Paypal

An Exchange of Resources / Services

This has infinite potential. It can be in the form of time, connections, special opportunities or other means to further our missing of awakening the full potential of every human that comes across this message.

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