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Human Design Reading:

Find Your Purpose & Align With Your True Self


What Is Human Design?

Human design is a tool that gives us each our power back to express our natural & unique individual self.

Like systems of astrology, numerology or other personality systems it reveals and gives a clear picture into your unique individual self – while grounding it into our practical human experience – giving absolute clarity & direction.

Human Design is an assimilation of the I-ching, Astrology and the Chakra system – giving a complete look at your physical, mental and spiritual self. The beauty, is that this system is new, fresh and was made directly for the these times we are living in.

Who Is A Reading Great For?

  • Those looking to dive deeper into understanding themselves, others and the world around them. Creating deeper empathy, compassion and intimate connections with life.
  • Those looking to connect to their inner guidance to be able to easily make decisions in their life, and live in a more consistent flow.
  • Those looking for a map into their personal design and unique make up so they can better interact with the world around them.
  • Individuals who have had experience with astrology, numerology and personality tests and would like to go into a more comprehensive & practical system for their everyday life.
  • Facilitators, coaches, counselors, healers and those working with clients in the realms of personal growth, wellness and spiritual development.

What Are The Benefits You May Experience?

  • A clear sense of direction in your life and how to navigate the next steps of your path.
  • A feeling of confirmation and acknowledgement for who you are, the life you have lived, and the potential of your future.
  • Release from past situations that left you confuse, judging and questioning yourself.
  • Healing of parental, guardian and teacher influences & conditioning that has created a negative impact on your life.
  • An clear reason to LIVE your life exactly as it was meant to be lived – in alignment with your natural & true self!
  • A sense of purpose in the next steps of your life – even within times of heightened uncertainty and confusion.

What Others Have Had To Say About Their Reading Experience

“Corey really helped me understand aspects of myself that maybe I knew on some level, but had not fully realized. I felt a shift in myself after this reading and now am more in tune with how to move with situations in a way that better serves me and those around me. His knowledge of the human design system is amazing. ”



““Working with this body of information has been so transformative in my life. There are such subtleties to the simple practice of following strategy & authority – practicing this continues to open up clarity in my daily decision making & relationships. Human design has helped me to accept & embrace who I have always naturally been, without judging myself based on previous conditioning. Coreys support has added such a depth to my experience & my being – Deeply grateful brother””



“I feel like it’s the first time in my life I am understood at a new level thanks to The human design and Corey’s knowledge of it.”



“I’m grateful to have stumbled upon the human design reading at this point in my life. Even though I was making positive improvements in my day to day (ex: steady workout routine, enrolling in a counselling program, mindfulness ect.) I still felt disconnected from myself. The human design reading is a strong confirmation of who we are and what our purpose is. It answers all the unanswered questions I’ve encountered through my experience with meditation and psychological exploration. It Is nice to have someone to help guide you through it, someone who can relate. I was surprised to discover how the human design strengthened my compassion for others. Now, Based on my personal experiences and the human design reading I can confidently answer the question “Who am I?”



Reading Packages


For any questions or if requiring financial support through a “pay what you feel” method, email @ awakensheikh@gmail.com or on instagram @infinitesheikh

  • Human Design Reading Basic
    $144Regular $195
    • 75-90 Minute Human Design Reading
    • 3 Hour Intro Video Course
    • Follow Up Email + Resources
  • HD Reading Activation Package
    $222Regular $450
    • 1x 75-90 Min Human Design Reading
    • 30-60 min follow up Sesssion
    • 3 Hour Intro Video Cours
    • Follow Up Email + Resources
    • Patreon Access
  • Complete Certification Package
    $388Regular $788
    • 2x 75-90 Min Human Design Reading
    • 1x Follow Up Integration Sessions
    • Exploration of PHS and advanced elements of the chart
    • 3 Hour Intro Video Course Access
    • Follow Up Email + Resources
    • Patreon Access

A Message From Sheikh


In my time doing these readings, it has been quite remarkable to see the accuracy of these charts. Generally I can get a pretty good intuitive read on someone before I even see them in these sessions, then the design chart brings a whole new layer of info and accuracy to the reading. Having done these as well with individuals that I have known for years, the system is one of the most accurate tools in providing a clear look into an individuals life.

When we receive a reading there can be a great sense of confirmation and acknowledgement that one experiences. To feel “seen” is ultimately one of the most fundamental human needs. To be acknowledged for who we are – AS we are is such a gift, as it gives us the permission to become who we were meant to be (and truly, already are). Then through this process, we begin to de-condition our false self tendencies, and can be who we truly are!

I have worked with many different systems over the years and HD continues to be at the top of my list for providing true long lasting fulfillment.

Looking forward to exploring this with you 🙂


Spiritual Guide, Emotional Energy Healer, HD Reader, Visionary Entrepreneur

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