We will be combining the following 3 Paths of the INFINITE Teaching Curriculum.

INFINITE Awareness The path of Self-Realization - In english, finding inner peace... that lasts.

A unique blend of discourse, meditation, breath work and awareness practices to connect one more deeply with their inner potential, purpose and heart space. Assisting individuals in releasing from stress, anxiety and lack of clarity, utilizing core techniques to assist them in their self discovery, uncovering their inner potential.


  • Connect with the infinite space of inner awareness (that’s alot of awareness)

  • Learn the difference between mind and intuition ( good luck)

  • Dive deeply into the self inquiry - "Who am I"

  • Expand awareness around core obstacles (kind of like giving them a big hug)

INFINITE Awakening The path of Self-Actualization - In English, optimizing the performance body and mind.

A section of the workshop focused on the process of actualizing your potential through mastery of your brain mechanics and emotions. This section will give you the tools and strategies to optimize your brain and bring you to optimal states of performance on all levels of your being, mind and body.


  • let go from specific emotional trauma that is causing repeating cycles in your experience. ( so you can take a break from the hamster wheel for a moment)

  • Optimize the brain to a level in which brings a more natural pace to your life - equating to the stress free of experience….of releasing from the inner tazmanian devil.

  • Release from repetitive cycles of specific obstacles, bad habits and limiting beliefs holding you back from experiencing the life in which you desire. (did we just repeat ourselves?)

INFINITE Creation -  The path of creating a life from the HEART - In English, well, its quite simple.

A deep dive into the actualization process of creation and entrepreneurship. A teaching on the recognition of oneself as a heart centered conscious leader and their responsibility in stepping forth in this intention through their daily life, entrepreneurial creations and relationships.


  • learning responsibility as a conscious heart centered entrepreneur (wtf does that mean?)

  • Creating a lifestyle of sustainable balance ( lock it in…)

  • Learning Exploration through creation - the inner search of entrepreneurship

  • The Co-creative community (yes,we can still be social…)