Self Realization Ottawa Project. The first of Its Kind.

The Fastest and Most Direct Path to Enlightenment.

Self Realization or Enlightenment is in simplicity, answering the question Who Am I?

What comes from this is a new foundation of complete inner peace and realizing eternal bliss.

As the source of all happiness is love, and one's very nature is love itself, by coming back to one's nature, the supreme goal in which all people are seeking, is realized.

The Self Realization Ottawa Project in its simplicity is providing local seekers with an opportunity to Realize one's true nature in the most efficient, direct and fastest way. Based on the lineage of the Masters who have guided Sheikh, he brings fourth a Modern application to Ancient Wisdom

It will be presented in two main forms:

  • Weekly - Wednesday Evening Meditation, Discourse and Q&A with Sheikh. (See Dates Below) 

  • Complete 3,5 and 7 Day INFINITE Awareness Immersion

Experience the famous INFINITE Awareness "Heart Centered Transmission" from Corey through his Discourses and Meditations for the entire month of May through Donation Basis.

This new series of teachings are completely focused on the journey of Self-Realization (finding inner peace) with a profoundly simple and direct system. The sessions incorporate meditaiton, discourse and connection with like minds.

The discussion around spirituality has become very complex, confusing and paradoxically at times stressful. Sheikh looks to resolve these paradoxes by bringing fourth these supremely simple methods of realizing the nature of oneself. Answering the question "Who Am I".

We are at a point in our time-line on planet earth where a great transformation is occurring  What was once kept secret, what was once only for a select few, is now available to all who are ready and willing. All old paradigms of it needing to take several years are becoming less and less applicable with the availability of these teachings and a guide who can translate them accordingly.

For anyone who is in a space of deeply connecting with the path of Self-Realization, seeing that Enlightenment is not some far off distant "thing" but a living reality for one who is willing to walk the path with deep sincerity and Humility.

What would life be like if...

  • You were in a direct experience of peace, bliss, love and contentment the majority of the time. Seeing it as a complete possibility and simple your very own nature.
  • You were a master of your emotional space, able to experience with grace and love any emotional situation that arises
  • You truly understood the teachings of all ages. That in which has been spoken, through the great teachers of all times. Through every religion and spiritual path.
  • You were able to practice the "Most direct means to self-realization"
  • You truly undersood the "Golden Rule" - Treating all beings just as you would yourself- seeing everyone as your brother and sister.

Led by modern spiritual guide and teacher Corey Sheikh. Continuing from the launch of this project this past spring, Sheikh has been working deeply on further refining the teachings and making them accessible to ANY seeker who is simply willing, open and ready to dive deeply inwards

Sheikh is focused on developing a core center of devoted practitioners to seed a more practical and modern form of self realization based teachings. Creating a non-dogmatic, modern and practical spiritual and personal development based center. Encompassing the aspects of inner discovery, body healing, relationship connection and purpose driven creation.

This will look to further develop a community of like minded individuals focused on creating the world of tomorrow through a life lived by example of how one would want to see change being made.

His life is devoted to assisting others in connecting with their heart space and realizing the nature of themselves. Answering the question WHO AM I. 

INFINITE Awareness School Weekly Meetings


Wednesdays - 6:30- 8:30PM - EST - Nov 8, 15, 22, 29

11:00-1:00PM EST - May - 19, 24


BodyMind Wellness Studio

Old Otawa South