Self Realization Ottawa Project. The first of Its Kind.

May Sessions OPEN To ALL

Experience the famous INFINITE Awareness "Heart Centered Transmission" from Corey through his Discourses and Meditations for the entire month of May through Donation Basis.

This new series of teachings are completely focused on the journey of Self-Realization (finding inner peace) with a profoundly simple and direct system. The sessions incorporate meditaiton, discourse and connection with like minds.

The discussion around spirituality has become very complex, confusing and paradoxically at times stressful. Sheikh looks to resolve these paradoxes by bringing fourth these supremely simple methods of realizing the nature of oneself. Answering the question "Who Am I".

Sheikh is focused on developing a core center of devoted practitioners to seed a more practical and modern form of self realization based teachings.

Looking to create a non-dogmatic, modern and practical spiritual and personal development based center. Encompassing the aspects of inner discovery, body healing, relationship connection and purpose driven creation.

This will look to further develop a community of like minded individuals focused on creating the world of tomorrow through a life lived by example of how one would want to see change being made.

Suggested Donations, and regular memberships are are all found below, though Corey's intention is to create ZERO barrier to entry for these experiences.

His life is devoted to assisting others in connecting with their heart space and realizing the nature of themselves. Answering the question WHO AM I. 

His teachings are take a very modern and pragmatic approach to modern spirituality, personal optimization and life creation

ALL Donations are going towards this Initiatives various first wave of projects in which are coming fourth. Regular Prices for suggested donation and membership is all HERE.



6:30- 8:30PM - EST - May - 14, 17, 22, 25, 31

12:00-1:00PM EST - May - 19, 24 

10:00AM-12:00PM EST - May - 21, 28


35 Grove Ave .

Old Otawa South