“The First Step to Optimizing Your Brain is Imaging your Brain, seeing where your Brain is really at” 

For an exclusive group we are offering this service up here in Ottawa Canada between June 10-11th 2017.

Get a FULL Picture on what is going on within your brain.


What is QEEG Brain Mapping?

In short, this brain mapping procedure is generally done in Hospitals for thousands of dollars. Its main purpose is to give you a complete breakdown on how your brain is functioning. The difference with our specialists is that they can give you a complete holistic wellness and optimization plan to assist you in bringing the brain back into balance. Giving it the powerm energy and clarity to function at its highest potential.

Imagine being able to clearly identify the the consequences of holding on to certain beliefs, habits and thought patterns?

Connecting the dots between thought and emotion?  Now all of a sudden repressed emotion is seen with so much more clarity :)


Awaken Your Potential. Literally...

Now if you are looking for a more in depth and "big word" description... here you are... 

QEEG Brain Mapping is a Precise form of Brain Imaging, which measures the functioning of your Brain in real time, millisecond by millisecond. The Brain Mapping measures the electrical activity and brainwaves of over 20 cortical surface brain regions, as well as the connectivity, coherence and function of deeper brain networks. In essence, THE BRAIN MAP SHOWS THE FUNCTIONING OF YOUR BRAIN LIKE A MAP OF THE WORLD, across the frequency spectrum. Thus it is a major part of The Neuro-assesment to see where your Brain is at mechanically, neuro-chemically and electrically, and shows where any imbalances may be.

The Brain Mapping provides a precise visual of 1. Brainwave Activity of Surface Brain Regions and a Visual Representation of the Activity of your Brain across the Frequency Spectrum (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, High Beta).

With a Brain Map of your Brain, we can see how to Precisely and Most Effectively Optimize your brain with Neuro-technologies, Brain Training, Neurolinguistic Programming & Neuroplasticity Exercises, Brainpower Nutrition, LifeStyle Hacks, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Qigong, Tai Chi & Other Bio-Optimization Modalities. 

Each Brain is unique and with a Clear Picture of your Brain, we can design a Customized Neuroplasticity Protocol that is uniquely tailored for your Brain & Body’s Needs.


For an exclusive group we are giving away a FREE follow up scan that is incorporated into the regular programs.

By doing our Before - and - After Scanning, you will have the chance to see the changes that unfold as you deepen into practicing what is recommended through your first scan.

This special group will:

  • Receive a before and after scan (either full or basic)
  • Access to special Facebook group to provide support for application of techniques and protocols.
  • Will be given recommendations as to the best approach for their specific situation.

See below for the options.

FULL 1.5 Hour QEEG Brain Map and Optimization Plan


  • Full QEEG Brain map
  • Breakdown and Analysis of everything that is going on in the brain.
  • Full optimization plan an options for continuing support.
  • Ability to ask any specific questions
  • Discounted rate on workshop.

Cost: $350 ( Thousands in Hospital - using similar equipment)

Limited Spots. Reserve your appointment by selecting the session you desire in the booking calendar.

30 Min Basic - QEEG Brain Map and Optimization Plan


  • Basic QEEG Brain map
  • Breakdown and Analysis of everything that is going on in the brain.
  • Tips and techniques for optimization



Cost: $95

Limited Spots. Reserve your appointment by selecting the session you desire in the booking calendar.