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  • Awaken To Abundance
    • 10 Video Lessons
    • Extra Bonus Material + Techniques
    • Telegram Group
    • Discounts on 1on1s
  • Awaken To Freedom Course
    • 11 Video Lessons
    • Extra Bonus Material + Techniques
    • Telegram Group
    • Discounts on 1on1s
  • Sacred Sexual Energy
    • Full Video Course
    • Additional Reading, and linked Material
  • Awaken To Freedom Course
    • 11 Video Lessons
    • Extra Bonus Material + Techniques
    • Telegram Group
    • Discounts on 1on1s

Note: All My work is given out as a gift, so for those who would like to “Pay What You Feel” this is acceptable.

4 Video Course Complete Bundle + 1on1 Session

Includes all 4 video courses + a 45 min – 1on1 Session for Integration & Additional Guidance.

Lesson Breakdown of Each Video Course


LESSON 1:  Introduction to Purification & Detox – Returning to Source Energy through the Elementals – The Full Spectrum Diet
LESSON 2:  Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Less is More – Becoming Light By Becoming Lite – The Return To Our Natural State
LESSON 3:  The Stages of Purification & Consumption – An Overview & Assimilation of The Many Different Approaches To Purification
LESSON 4:  The Golden Elixir – An Introduction To Orine Therapy – Balanced approaches to understanding the pharmacy within.
LESSON 5:  The Process Of Purification and Healing – The stages, the cyclical & phased approach for long lasting results
LESSON 6:  The Emotional Healing Process throughout Purification
LESSON 7:  The Simple & Practical Steps to Multi Layered Purification
LESSON 8:  The Sexual & Creative Force – How to cycle & Move this energy through our body, breath, relationships and creative pursuits.
LESSON 9: The Keys to the movement & healing of energy through Breath & Awareness
LESSON 10:  Navigating the journey through a lens of compassionate discipline – the proper foundation for long term results.

LESSON 11: Redefining detox symptoms, facing the healing crisis and navigating challenge.


LESSON 1: The principles of money & abundance
LESSON 2: The Origins of Money & The vision of the future.
LESSON 3: The Physics of the gift economy and the golden rule – Living, Sharing, Exchanging from the HEART of Love.
LESSON 4: Coming Into Symbiosis with one another – the true test of practical Abundance
LESSON 5: Practicing the art of Less is More
LESSON 6: The Money Awareness Practice.
LESSON 7: Abundance In The NOW – Investing in what will stand the test of time!
LESSON 8: The Balanced Nature of Navigating Our Creative Purpose, and providing value to creation
LESSON 9: The Manifestation Process & Main Technique

BONUS: Complete Manifestation Process Workshop and Discussion


Lesson 1: What is Sacred Sex & Sacred Energy Exchange?
Lesson 2: How we create & how we consume. How to transform Sacred Sex Energy
Lesson 3: Depogramming & Deconditoning modern Sexual distortions & Sexual Misery Programs
Lesson 4: Developing a new relationship with the orgasm & sexual peak experience.
Lesson 5: How to resolve, heal and transform sexual shame.
Lesson 6: A complete look at Sexual Energy cultivation
Lesson 7: Partner based sexuality, Karezza & the non-orgamsic approach to sex.
Lesson 7B: Angelic Dual Cultivation
Lesson 8: A Practical approach to non-ejaculation & retaining the sacred seed.
Lesson 9: Sacred Sex as our creative life.
Lesson 10: What to navigate from here…
BONUS Lesson 1: How to heal the throat & sacral chakra & activate your creative potential
BONUS Lesson 2: The connections of Sex, Money, Food and how these all manifest in similar lives within our life


Tenative Topics
  1. The Path of Returning to our Eternal Self
  1. What is the journey of Awakening? What is Enlightenment
  2. What is Our Eternal & Infinite Self – NO MIC AUDIO ON THIS ONE
  3. The premise behind all healing – identity – who am i?
  4. The Eternal Energy Body Anatomy
  5. Traversing the anatomy through awareness
  6. The Awareness Healing Method
    1. Identifying Triggers, Trauma, Energetic Miasms
    2. Locating them in the body
    3. Moving through the energetic Onion
  1. Unconditionally loving acceptance
  2. How to become ones own healers
  3. The advanced levels of awareness healing & self-realization
  4. The Awareness Healing Process (Guided Meditation)
  5. The Awareness Healing Journaling Process
  6. How to apply this within many other forms of Meditation.
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