Awaken To Freedom Detox & Purification Video Course

This is an introductory video course that outlines the core principles of detox & purification. Here we will explore all of the fundamental elements to beginning, continuing or deepening on the path of cellular regeneration, hydration and purification. This is a multifaceted approach that is highly individual, so we hope that the principles covered give a foundation for the inner exploration to continue. The recommendation for a 1on1 consult is also there for those looking for individual attention/ discovery.


This video course has the following core lessons:

LESSON 1:  Introduction to Purification & Detox – Returning to Source Energy through the Elementals – The Full Spectrum Diet
LESSON 2:  Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Less is More – Becoming Light By Becoming Lite – The Return To Our Natural State
LESSON 3:  The Stages of Purification & Consumption – An Overview & Assimilation of The Many Different Approaches To Purification
LESSON 4:  The Golden Elixir – An Introduction To Orine Therapy – Balanced approaches to understanding the pharmacy within.
LESSON 5:  The Process Of Purification and Healing – The stages, the cyclical & phased approach for long lasting results
LESSON 6:  The Emotional Healing Process throughout Purification
LESSON 7:  The Simple & Practical Steps to Multi Layered Purification
LESSON 8:  The Sexual & Creative Force – How to cycle & Move this energy through our body, breath, relationships and creative pursuits.
LESSON 9: The Keys to the movement & healing of energy through Breath & Awareness
LESSON 10:  Navigating the journey through a lens of compassionate discipline – the proper foundation for long term results.

LESSON 11: Redefining detox symptoms, facing the healing crisis and navigating challenge.



Before Watching, Consider The Following:

  1. Join the Telegram Community Group for discussion HERE
  2. Take your time, some videos are short and to the point, some have exercises or contemplations. Use this entire course as an ongoing contemplation – journal if you can, meditate, explore the methods – maybe watch the videos a few times.
  3. Take a read of this V1 Guide that we have up (Version 2 that coincides directly with this course will be ready soon) – Go HERE
  4. The Techniques outlined are to be practiced consistently, that is the only way consistent results will come!
  5. There will be an added written component coming + likely some bonus videos – this is a BETA version of the course (which is still potent) though feedback is always welcomed!
  6. Book a 1on1 Session if you would like to explore your personal journey with more depth – send me an email –


The video lessons are in the below Private Youtube Playlist HERE


Also in Downloadable form on Dropbox HERE

The Video Lessons

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