Conscious Heart Centered Manifestation Video Course

This video course will give the tools, perspectives and contemplations to navigate a journey of coming into limitless abundance. This abundance in the new paradigm returns to its original intention & definition, remembering ourselves as conscious co-creators with source, perpetually provided within the loving arms of nature & the universe.

The intention is to support in individuals coming into a new perspective of the topics of money, resources, manifestation and a balancing of needs & wants. A return to the original desire, so that all other desires may be brought back whole & into balance with the natural way.


This video course is broken down into multiple lessons, they are as follows:

LESSON 1: The principles of money & abundance
LESSON 2: The Origins of Money & The vision of the future.
LESSON 3: The Physics of the gift economy and the golden rule – Living, Sharing, Exchanging from the HEART of Love.
LESSON 4: Coming Into Symbiosis with one another – the true test of practical Abundance
LESSON 5: Practicing the art of Less is More
LESSON 6: The Money Awareness Practice.
LESSON 7: Abundance In The NOW – Investing in what will stand the test of time!
LESSON 8: The Balanced Nature of Navigating Our Creative Purpose, and providing value to creation
LESSON 9: The Manifestation Process & Main Technique

BONUS: Complete Manifestation Process Workshop and Discussion

For those with this link, you have access to this initial course launch at a “Pay What You Feel Rate” (Regular / Suggested $44)  – can do so through the button below.

Before Watching Consider the following:

  1. Join the Telegram Community Group for discussion HERE
  2. Take your time, some videos are short and to the point, some have exercises or contemplations. Use this entire course as an ongoing contemplation – journal if you can, meditate, explore the methods – maybe watch the videos a few times.
  3. The Techniques outlined are to be practiced consistently, that is the only way consistent results will come!
  4. There will be an added written component coming + likely some bonus videos – this is a BETA version of the course (which is still potent) though feedback is always welcomed!

The videos are linked in this Playlist Here:

Link to the whole playlist >>>> HERE <<<<<

You can also DOWNLOAD the videos in Dropbox >>>> HERE <<<< 

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